Supernatural Sisters

The sisters Alison (17) and Macy Gordon (16) are inseperable. They were raised together by their foster parents, after their birth parents died from a car accident when Alison was 3 and Macy 2 years old.

But when Alison dies from a similar accident as her parents, she mysteriously comes back to life as a vampire. Finding this out turns Alison's and Macy's lives completely upside down, and soon the two sisters start to discover more and more things they would've never known if Alison didn't "die" that day. Alison and Macy find out that they're in fact not real sisters and don't come from the same family, and that neither of their parents died from a car accident. Alison also finds out that her family is related from the original vampires, which makes her not a full vampire and ensured that she'd become a vampire if she ever died, and Macy also seems to have strange abilities.

Before they even realize, the sisters are stuck between the worlds of the humans and the supernaturals.


1. Proloque: The accident

It was a boring Saturday afternoon when my foster parents Jessica and Jay, my sister Alison and I were driving to the city mall. It was foggy outside and it was raining. I watched how the rain dripped against the window. "Hey Macy," Alison said, who sat left from me. "Are you planning on buying something in the mall?" "It depends," I answered. "I brought my money, so if I see something I want to buy, I'll buy it." "Hmm," Alison thought. "But are you not gonna buy that pink skirt with the flowers on it? You remember, the one we saw at Zara. That skirt will definetely look stunning on you!" "I'm sure it does, but that skirt was a hundred dollars!," I said. "I'm not that rich, Ali." Alison looked dissapointed. "Then at least buy that purple striped T-shirt?," Alison asked. "I won't make any promises now, but I'll think about it," I answered. Then I looked at my watch. Half past two already! "Are we almost there, mom?," I asked Jessica. Jessica and Jay were not my real parents, but Alison and I always called them mom and dad. "I think it's ten minutes from here, sweetheart," Jessica replied. "Okay," I said. Now what was I going to do in those last ten minutes...? Appearently Alison was thinking the same, cause we both looked up at each other and opened our mouths at the same time. Alison smiled. "You first." "This may sound a bit childish, but shall we play a game?," I grinned. "What game?," Alison asked. "Ehm, I don't know...," I said. "What about that game were you guess what celebrity I have in my mind?" "Okay, whatever," Alison said. "You start." "Okay, ehm..." I tried to think of a good celebrity. Ah! "I've got someone," I smiled. "Eh, is it a 'she'?," Alison asked. "Yes," I answered. "A girl?" "No." "Is she American?" "She lives in America, yes." "Is she an actress?" "No! Haha." "A singer then...?" "No..." "A host?!" "No, not a host." "Huh? Is she a... politician?" "Yes!" "Oh, eh..." Alison was thinking. "Is she dark-skinned?," she then asked. "Yup," I said. "Ah! Is it Michelle Obama then?," Alison laughed. "Yes, good guessed, haha!," I said. "Okay, now you go." "Yes yes, just let me think, I..." While Alison was speaking, Jessica lost control of the car and slipped across the road. I wanted to scream but there came no sound out of my throat. I saw how another car drove right in our way, and then everything went black.

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