Supernatural Sisters

The sisters Alison (17) and Macy Gordon (16) are inseperable. They were raised together by their foster parents, after their birth parents died from a car accident when Alison was 3 and Macy 2 years old.

But when Alison dies from a similar accident as her parents, she mysteriously comes back to life as a vampire. Finding this out turns Alison's and Macy's lives completely upside down, and soon the two sisters start to discover more and more things they would've never known if Alison didn't "die" that day. Alison and Macy find out that they're in fact not real sisters and don't come from the same family, and that neither of their parents died from a car accident. Alison also finds out that her family is related from the original vampires, which makes her not a full vampire and ensured that she'd become a vampire if she ever died, and Macy also seems to have strange abilities.

Before they even realize, the sisters are stuck between the worlds of the humans and the supernaturals.


3. Cremation

I looked at the clothes on my bed. Jessica had picked them out for me. It was all dark and black. I knew you were suppoased to wear dark clothes to a Cremation, but I still didn't want to wear them. I've always hated dark clothes, and I knew Alison did, too. Dark colors made me sad, and bright colors made me happy. Alison would've wanted me to wear colors. "Knock knock." I heard Jessica, but I was not in a mood to answer. Jessica opened the door. "Macy?" Again I didn't answer. Jessica walked to me and grabbed my hand. "Macy, are you ready?," she asked. "Does it look like I'm ready?," I said, angry. "Our taxi arrives in half an hour. Make sure you're ready, okay?," Jessica said. She wanted to walk away, but I stopped her. "I don't want to wear these clothes," I said, determined. "Look, Macy, I know it's not your style, but all of your other clothes are not suitable for a Cremation...," Jessica sighed. "I don't care," I said. "I want to wear colors. Don't you think that's what Alison would've wanted?" Jessica sighed again, because she knew she couldn't change my mind. "Fine then," she said. "But hurry." Then she left my room. I opened my closet and looked for my most colorful clothes. A green T-shirt, flower-printed trousers, a yellow jacket and red AllStars. That would do it. I started to throw the clothes Jessica put on my bed away, until I noticed she gave me Alison's hairpin. I recognized it immediately: it was a big, dotted one - Alison's favorite. I stared at it for a minute, and then I put in my pocket. It felt wrong to wear something that belonged to Alison.

After putting on my clothes and finishing my hair, I walked downstairs. Jay and Jessica were already standing in the hallway. Jay had coambed his hair and was wearing a black-and-white suit, his arm around Jessica, who has her hair pinned up and was wearing a black lace dress. I saw Jessica looking at my hair, that I put in the curler. "You look stunning," she said. "Too bad Alison can't see it." "Alison knew how I look. She didn't need me to wear make-up to see if I'm pretty or not," I said. On that moment our taxi arrived and I realized that it was really happening. We were really going to Alison Gordon's Cremation. I felt the tears coming back and looked at my feet. I almost stumbled while getting in the car. Jay paid the taxi driver and then the doors of the taxi closed. There was dark foil on the big windows and I couldn't see anything, which did not make me feel any better. And then I was I sitting between Jay and Jessica, too. It was like I was stuck in an elevator with more people than the elevator could hold. It felt like the trip took hours, but the taxi driver said we only drove for twenty minutes. When we finally arrived at the crematorium, I couldn't wait to get out of that taxi. Jessica wanted to thank the taxi driver, but he was already gone. "Come on," Jay said. "Let's go inside."

When we were inside the building, I realized how cold it was outside and started shaking. My aunt Grace, who was married to Jessica's dead brother Phil, noticed and walked towards me. "Oh, poor dear!," she said in her posh Scottish accent. "I'm so, so, sorry to hear about Alison. It's so tragedic, isn't it? I mean, I knew you two very close and of course, as her aunt, I always loved the little thing..." Normally I would've got mad at Grace, cause she never cared about Alison and always thought more of her as some sort of disease, but today I really didn't care. But since aunt Grace was the last person I wanted to talk to today, I gave her a short "yes" and walked away. I didn't know what else to do, so I already sat down in my seat, in front, close to Alison. And I just sat there, crying, and staring at my sister's coffin.

An hour later I heard noises and I noticed that there were people coming. Jessica walked towards me and sat down in the chair on my right, followed by Jay, who sat down on my left. "It's starting," she whispered, and she grabbed my hand. Slowly on more and more people came in the room. First the family, then Alison's best friends, her classmates, her acquiantances, and even lots of people I had never seen in my entire life. I saw aunt Grace and the rest of Jessica's six siblings, and uncle Brent, Jay's brother, with his wife, Liz. On the row behind them, I spotted Brent's and Liz's three children: the fifteen-years-old Carl, twelve-years-old Anna and nine-years-old Mindy, along with my other cousins. Another row back, I saw Alison's best friends: the always happy Melanie, the prissy Britney and the down-to-earth Devonne, who was also one of my best friends. She smiled at me when she saw me watching, but her eyes were sad. The room was fully packed. I noticed how a man fully dressed in black, probably from the crematorium, suffered an anxiety. He probably wasn't used to crowds this big. Alison had always been popular. Nobody knew as many people as she did. I turned around when I heard footsteps on the stage in front of me. It was the man in black, who grabbed a microphone. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. I am Todd Campbell Today we are all here, in memory of Alison Zoe Gordon. Daughter of Jason Gordon and and Jessica Gordon-Levitt. Sister of Macy Gordon. Granddaughter of Will Gordon, Abigail Gordon, Jonathan Levitt and Maria Levitt-Barnes. Cousin of Brent Gordon, Liz Gordon-Williams, Rose Hill-Levitt, Tom Hill, Grace Levitt-Watson, Courtney White-Levitt, Patrick White, Amanda Levitt, Liam Levitt, Emma Levitt-Johnson, Nick Levitt and Jada Berry. Niece of Carl Gordon, Anna Gordon, Mindy Gordon, Laura Hill, Tyler White, Brian White, Kate Levitt and Josh Levitt. Best friend of Devonne Millington, Melanie West and Britney Henderson..." I think he kept calling names until he mentioned everyone in the room, since it took an eternity. When he was finally done, Jessica walked on the stage to read out her speech. With red eyes she grabbed the microphone. "Alison Zoe Gordon...," she said, softly, "that was my daughter. And now... she is... g-gone... We will m-m-miss her... so... much... a-and..." That was all that she could get out of her mouth, before she shut down completely and the tears started to stream down her face. My aunt Courtney, Jessica's closest sister, hurried her way on stage to comfort Jessica. "Shall I read it?," she whispered, so that only the people front row could hear it. Jessica nodded and gave her the letter she held in her hands. I could see the places where her tears made wet spots on the paper. While silence surrounded the room, Courtney read Jessica's speech in her beautiful voice and the tears started to stream down my face, too. But it wasn't Courtney's voice that made me so emotional, it was Jessica's wonderful speech. Jay put his arms around me and pinched in my hands. I wiped my tears away, while Grace walked towards the stage to take Jessica's place. It was an incredibly fake, exaggerated speech, and she kept saying how much she always loved Alison, although she had never said that before. After Jessica and Grace, more people took the stage. Devonne talked about how Alison was always there for her when she needed her, my 17-years-old cousin Tyler talked about all the fun he had with Alison and even my science teacher, Mr. Mason, held a little speech about all the times that Alison had teased him and distracted his class. Then Todd came back on the stage and closed the Cremation. When he made my uncles Brent, Liam and Nick bring away Alison's coffin, I wanted to ran behind them, but Jay stopped me and I realized I had to let go. But I just didn't want to realize I would never see my sweet, pretty, friendly sister again. The last few days that coffin had been all I had left of Alison. And now it was gone.
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