Supernatural Sisters

The sisters Alison (17) and Macy Gordon (16) are inseperable. They were raised together by their foster parents, after their birth parents died from a car accident when Alison was 3 and Macy 2 years old.

But when Alison dies from a similar accident as her parents, she mysteriously comes back to life as a vampire. Finding this out turns Alison's and Macy's lives completely upside down, and soon the two sisters start to discover more and more things they would've never known if Alison didn't "die" that day. Alison and Macy find out that they're in fact not real sisters and don't come from the same family, and that neither of their parents died from a car accident. Alison also finds out that her family is related from the original vampires, which makes her not a full vampire and ensured that she'd become a vampire if she ever died, and Macy also seems to have strange abilities.

Before they even realize, the sisters are stuck between the worlds of the humans and the supernaturals.


4. A reunion

The sun was shining. I was on a square filled with crowds and I just kept hearing someone saying my name: "Macy." And it kept going harder. "Macy. Macy. Macy." Then, suddenly, one of the crowds opened. There was a girl in the middle. She was shining bright in the sunlight. Her green eyes sparkled in its reverbaration and her long, blond hair waved through the wind. She lifted her head up and smiled at me. "Alison...?," I asked, speechless. "It's me," she said, and she spread her arms toward me. And then I opened my eyes and it all dissapeared. I realized I had been dreaming again. The same dream had been stalking me for the last few days. It almost seemed like a vision... I thought I had let Alison go more by now, but my dreams seemed to have proven me wrong. I yawned and streched my body and then looked at my clock. 6.55. That meant my alarm would go off in less than 5 minutes. And yes, five minutes later, my clock started playing "Skyscraper", as it always did. I didn't want to shut it down, cause I just loved that song so bad. "Macy!", I heard Jessica shouting from the bathroom. "Sorry," I said, and I shot my alarm down. After taking a shower, putting on clothes and having breakfast, I cought my bus and arrived at school. I already expected everyone to be extremely worried about me, since this was the first time I went to school after Alison's death, and, of course, my expectations were true. All of my classmates, my ex-classmates, my teachers, even older students I didn't knew... I was glad when I finally had some rest. And they all asked me the same thing. "Hey, are you okay?" My sister just died, do you think I'm okay, I wanted to say. But instead of speaking out my thoughts, I only said "fine". I was glad when I finally arrived at my locker. My best friend Tori was waiting there for me. When I walk towards her, she immediately spread her arms around me and hugged me, and for the first time since Alison's death, I actually felt comfortable. Tori was such an amazing friend, she just understood me like no one else did. "Hey," she said, when she finally let me go. "Do you want to talk?" "That's just it, Tori," I sighed. "I don't know whát I want." "I think talking will help you," Tori said. "It helped me when my grandmother Sophia died. But it's your choice, of course." "It's okay, I'll talk," I said. "Where do I start?" "It doesn't matter, I guess," Tori said indifferent. "Wherever you want." "But I don't know where to start," I said, sounding more desperate than I was. "Start about how it happened," Tori proposed. "Nobody really knows how Alison died, because nobody had the guts to ask you." "It's not that complicated," I told her. "It was just a car accident. My mom lost control of the car, and then another car crashed to ours. I was in a coma for three days, Alison died immediately." "Oh, I hope your mom's not feeling guilthy!," Tori said, startled. "These kind of things happen to anyone, I promise!" "I know, don't worry," I calmed her down. "She won't end up like some sort of psychotic case. She's already seeing someone." "Good," Tori said. Then the bell rang. Tori pulled on my arm. "Come on, let's go."

Though I'd never liked school, today I didn't like it when the final bell rang and we were out. School was the perfect distraction for me. I hadn't thought about Alison the rest of the day. Now it all came back. "Hey, is everything alright?," someone asked. I turned around and saw a tall girl with curly brown hair and crysthal blue eyes. Devonne. "I'll survive," I said. "Oh, I have no doubt you will," she said. "But you look like you could use a girls night." "A girls night?," I repeated. "Yes, you heard me," Devonne said. "I'll meet you at my place. Seven o'clock." "Wait - who else will be there?," I asked. "I could invite some of your friends, if you want to?," Devonne said. "Tori Payne, or that other girl - Jessie?" "No - not her," I said. "But you can invite Tori." "Okay, then I'll see you at seven," Devonne said. "Toodels." "Bye Devonne," I said, softly. Normally I always called her Didi, but I couldn't get that name over my lips since Alison made it up.

After dinner, I went upstairs to get dressed for Devonne's 'girls night'. I looked in my closet. I had nothing to wear. Only an ugly green dress from Jessica and a red top with black skirt that I'd already wearn before. "Oh God, what must I wear?," I sighed to myself. "Well I'd go with the green dress if I were you, but it's your choice, of course," a voice behind me said. I turned around. I couldn't believe what I saw. I looked at her, from head to toe. No, this couldn't be true! "Alison...?," I asked. Alison smiled. "It's me." "No - this isn't real," I said. "Oh, it's perfectly real," Alison said. "Here, give me your hand." She didn't wait for me to give it and took my hand and pinched it. "Aow!," I yelled. "See?," Alison said. I looked at her, speechless. "But how can you be alive...?," I asked. "You were dead. We put your body in the coffin. I was there!" Alison's smile dissapeared immediately. She walked to the door and closed it. "You must promise me you won't tell anyone - not even mom or dad," Alison whispered. "I won't, I promise," I said. "Okay, but you have to believe me!," Alison said. She sat down on my bed and looked me in the eyes. "Macy, I'm a vampire."
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