A Life Cut Short

A little girl by the name of Maria Weston has a perfect life, one that any little girl could ever ask for, but on the day of her 10th birthday, her life starts to fall apart and she finds out what kind of person her so called "perfect mom" is.


4. The Police Station

         At the police station the officers took Sara to a holding room, where they started there interviews, asking her tons and tons of questions. She sat there answering as many as she could with a terrified look on her face. She finally shouted out enough questions already, I’ll tell you the truth...She sighs... I was about 10yrs old, my mother made me do bad things with men or they’d beat me, she made me go into dirty hotels and have sex with nasty men for money.

         This happened over and over for 3 yrs till I turned 14. On my 14th birthday my mother decided to have a party and invite a bunch of men over for it but before the party even happened, I fought back, I told her no over and over again, that I wasn’t going to cooperate and do those awful things any more, my mother got furious with me and decided to rear back her hand and slap me across the face. She beat me repeatedly until she thought I was down and couldn’t get up, that’s when I ran as fast as I could to the kitchen while doing that I was shoving every object I could find in her path, just to keep her from catching me.

        I ran to the kitchen counter where I saw the butcher knife sitting and I grabbed it and threw it so hard at her that it stabbed her in the throat killing her instantly, the police officers stood there with a horrified look on their faces. Sara continues… after that I managed to take her body to the very back part of yard where it was nice and dark and I dug a grave deep enough to bury her in. 

    Then I cleaned the house and the bloody mess in the kitchen making sure that the house looked normal and neat and tidy again. Wait...One of the officers said how did you manage to dig a grave and get your mother to the back yard and bury her in it? He asked. Sara said... I don’t know, I guess I had so much anger and hatred built up that I was just able to do that. Anyways, I then called my aunt and she called the police you guys and then that was it, or so I thought. Well you know what we have to do next right? We have to arrest you for the murder of your mother even if it was in self defense as you describe in your statement to us. Yes sir, I know Sara replied.

         Sara spent the next few nights in jail until her aunt arrived in Canada to help her husband with their daughter so that he could find out what they needed to do as far as a case.  Harold got to the jail and talked to his wife once he was inside after going through security checks. He asked her, so … is this all true what they’ve said? Yes Sara said. What happened that made you do it her husband asked her. My mother was very abusive and sold me to men for sex so she could make money, one day I got enough nerve up to stop her from doing it and she tried to fight me because I disobeyed her and I killed her by throwing a butcher knife at her and it hit her right in her throat.

Oh honey, Harold said…I’m so sorry you had to go through all that, but why instead of informing the police what really went on and what had happened that night did you run away? Well I was young and scared and wasn’t thinking rationally. Well her we’ll figure something out. I’ll talk to the lawyer and see what will happen, and your aunt is here, she is going to be our lawyer and she will visit you in the next day or so, she’s helping out with our daughter for the time being.

    She misses her mommy and wonders why mommy isn’t home, I don’t know what to tell her still yet she’s so young and won’t understand it all. I’ll figure something out with her, I love you honey, I have to go now they only allow a 10min visit for now with you. Please be strong and know I love you and will be here for you no matter what, we’ll get through this together. I’ll try Sara said to her husband in a vague and shaky tone, I’ll try. The next day Sara’s aunt came to see her, they chatted for a while about what would happen with the hearing and then possibly the trial if they have one.

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