A Life Cut Short

A little girl by the name of Maria Weston has a perfect life, one that any little girl could ever ask for, but on the day of her 10th birthday, her life starts to fall apart and she finds out what kind of person her so called "perfect mom" is.


5. Sara's Last Days

Sara’s Aunty had left after chatting with Sara and on the way out she stopped to see the warden. Please keep an eye on her... she asked. What seems to be the problem miss Weston? The warden said. She seems really depressed and UN stable, we need to keep her on a suicide watch, her aunt replied. Alright we’ll do our best to watch her, when’s her hearing? November 15, 2012, hopefully we can just have the hearing and get her home before thanksgiving.

    Ok, the warden said, we’ll watch her until then and hopefully things go smoothly. I’ll be back two weeks prior to that day to discuss the hearing with her and I will visit every weekend before that as will her family. As the days and months went by Sara became more and more unstable, even with her family visiting, even they noticed the unstableness. They tried anxiety medication, anti depressants but seems like she’s the same every time they visit with her. Sara’s husband visited with her one last time 3 weeks before the hearing and told her as he always does, I love you and I’ll be here for you waiting. No! Sara replied with a shout; please don’t do that to yourself and our daughter. What? He said, what do you mean? I don’t think I’m going to make it home she said. Sara what’s wrong? What are you talking about? Why are you saying this to me?

        Please, don’t wait for me, find another woman suitable for our daughter and get married to her, I don’t want you waiting for me, I don’t think I’m ever getting out of here and I don’t want you suffering on my account. Just please promise me you’ll take care of our little Marilyn and treat her as good as you have me. I love you, I have always loved you since the day we met and nothing will change that, but you must go now I need to be alone. But Sara, Harold called out to her….no! Go away! She shouted, leave me alone now! She ran back into the jail and asked to go back to her cell because she wasn’t feeling well.

   He left in shock and was sitting in his car crying wondering why, Why was she feeling this way? He asked himself. He called her aunt and told her what had happen and she thought to herself I knew this was going to happen… what’s going to happen? Harold asked. Never mind that you get to the house and watch Marilyn the neighbor will see to her till I get back,  I need to get to the jail I’ll speak with you when I get back. What is going on? Harold Asked. Nothing its fine I will get there and sort things out with Sara and then talk to the warden about getting her on some stronger meds.

     Oh god, she’s not going to do what I think she’s going to her husband replied. No at least not at the moment I don’t think she will, she just needs better meds now get to the house. I’ll be there in a minute and sort it out, you can’t because you’re not her lawyer and she doesn’t want you there anymore. Ok I’ll be there in a minute. As Marilyn got to the jail, she tried to rush through and still had to go through security and was begging them to hurry up her niece was in trouble something terrible was going to happen to her. They rushed as fast as they could but when they got there, it was too late.

     Blood was splattered everywhere, there was a piece of metal on the floor shaped into a sharp point like a knife. Sara laid in the bed covered in blood, the guards poured into her cell in a hurry checking to see if she was still alive, but she had no pulse and she wasn’t breathing, they started C.P.R. and tried and tried and kept trying to get her breathing again, but almost 2min went buy and they still couldn’t get her going again.  Her aunt watched as they stopped trying and she knew there was nothing else they could do, she cried holding Sara’s hand wondering why she wanted to kill herself instead of wanting to see her child grow up. Sara was still so young, only 30yrs old. On the bed next to her was a note that read:



They held Sara’s funeral two weeks later and that was the end of it all.

     Sara’s husband had done as she asked and married a woman suitable for their daughter as a mother. He visits Sara’s grave from time to time, but this time was different, he sits and talks to his late ex wife and tells her about his new wife and that she didn’t have to worry any more.  Marilyn was a happy little girl, and one day when she is old enough he’ll tell her, her mother’s story and that they are ok now, and that he finally has some closure and is ok with everything. 

Then he tells her he loves her, he gets up says goodbye, walks to his car and drives away


The End





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