A Life Cut Short

A little girl by the name of Maria Weston has a perfect life, one that any little girl could ever ask for, but on the day of her 10th birthday, her life starts to fall apart and she finds out what kind of person her so called "perfect mom" is.


3. Panic Sets In and she makes a life altering move


       Maria thought to herself, what am I going to do? I never thought about what would happen later on after killing my mother and burying her, I just thought that was it and it was over. This is all coming back to haunt me now. My whole life is over, but I still need to tell my aunt the truth maybe I can get her to help me out and it won’t be so bad on me; it was after all in self defense. Maria spent the next day at home, she had called in sick at work and told her boss she wouldn’t be in for at least a week, she had a week’s vacation coming to her anyway so she just used those days.

         She was contemplating on whether or not to tell her aunt what had happen or if she should just run away and leave everything behind she’d worked so hard to achieve in her life since that tragic night. What if she told her aunt and her aunt would think differently of her and only bout the fact that she had killed her aunt’s sister. What kind of person would she think I was Maria asked herself.   Maria thought more and more about just giving it all up and leaving everything she had a big decision to make and contemplated with herself...should I stay? Do I risk losing everything by telling the truth and even going to jail? Or do I leave and lose everything anyways and starting a new life someplace else. Hmmm she thought to herself, which would be the easiest way out of this?

       Maria then chose to leave town instead of again doing the right thing and telling the truth.  She never told her aunt she was leaving, which had been a very hard thing for her to do because they were so close, but she didn’t want to hurt her aunt by telling her what she knew really happened. So that is what Maria did, she left town and moved to Canada where she thought no one would ever find her, she changed her looks, her clothing style and most important her name and had gotten a whole new identity there. She was now Sara Darling. She started working for a husband and wife team owned diner called Canada’s best home cooking and indeed it was... People came from all over to eat there, but Sara felt safe there and thought that no one would ever find her there.

         The family that had run it was David and Francis Charles and their son Harold Charles whom Sara had fallen in love with. Sara and Harold finally got married in 2010 and had a daughter, she thought she had finally come to some kind of normalcy in her life and was very happy with it and she thought the past was behind her.  That is at least until her daughter Marilyn’s 1st birthday, she named her daughter after her aunt. As they were setting up the party and all the guests had already gotten there ready to celebrate little Marilyn’s birthday, the door bell rang. Coming! Sara shouted, be right there! When she got to the door and saw who it was through the beveled glass window Sara felt ill but managed to keep it together and answer the door...

      Hello officers, how can I help you? Maria Weston? The officers asked, no I’m sorry but you must have me mixed up with someone else. May we come in for a minute ma’am? Yes please do stated Sara as she looked of fright and had turned pale. What seems to be the problem? May we see your id and birth papers? Again I ask, what seems to be the problem?  Well, the officers replied there was a murder some years ago and it led us here to Canada where several folks say Maria Weston was spotted and one of our leads led us here to your home, now please may we see your papers and id. Yes give me just a moment and I’ll get them, won’t you have a seat please, were actually bout to start my daughter’s 1st birthday party.

      Well ma’am sorry to interrupt and we won’t be too long. ok, I will go get those papers now, just then Sara’s husband walked into the living room where the officers decided to have a seat at and asked what was going on and why they were there, and as they explained there story to him, he had an utterly awful look of disappointment, anger and hurt in his eyes.  The officers then asked Harold “how long have you known your wife sir? And when did you two meet?” We met Sara back in 2008 when she came to us from New York, and she needed a job so we gave her one, she and I met that same year after I got back from college and have been together since. That sounds about the right time frame that Maria Weston had gone missing or “on the run” she is a suspect in her mother’s death.

       We can’t go into detail as you know it’s still an open case and we can’t have any problems with evidence or false information. Sara had seen her husband’s face and started to lose her composure and started almost crying as she was coming back to the living room with her papers and id to give to the officers but still yet managed to not show the fear on her face one bit. “Sara” called her husband, what is going on? Do you know something?  No she replied. I have no idea of what is going on, I’m just trying to do as they ask and be of much help as I possibly can. Ma’am the officers said, you’ll have to come with us to the station and answer some more questions. There seems to be a problem with your paperwork. We’ll explain more when we get there. Do you want me to go with you? No she said, you stay here and celebrate our daughter’s birthday, I’m sure I’ll be back in no time; it’s probably just a mistaken identity.

       Okay he said; I’ll have an attorney meet you at the station just in case. Okay she said, “I love you” and I love you too her husband said, and the officers took Sara out to the car, put her in the back seat and started to leave. As the police car started to drive away Sara stared out the back window almost in tears again watching her husband wave good bye to her. She knew she wouldn’t be coming back home that easily, she was devastated.

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