A Life Cut Short

A little girl by the name of Maria Weston has a perfect life, one that any little girl could ever ask for, but on the day of her 10th birthday, her life starts to fall apart and she finds out what kind of person her so called "perfect mom" is.


2. A New Life

     Maria and Marilyn finally got back to New York and Maria settled right in. When Maria had gotten to New York, Maria had started a fresh new life, new school, new family and new friends. Things couldn’t be going better; she was very happy and content at least for the moment.

          Maria was attending college finally after finishing high school; she was achieving her goal in becoming a health care professional as a Registered Nurse. When she graduated she had started working at a hospital near her aunts place, that way she could save up money to live on her own finally and be an independent person.

     When she finished college and started working she had started to make enough money to eventually move out on her own. She was doing everything she ever dreamed of. But she couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened back home, the guilt from killing her own mother was building up inside her. She wondered if anyone actually bought the house or even rented it.  Maria wondered if anyone had known her mother’s body was buried in the back yard and so on… the guilt of it all was eating away at her so much that she was having a hard time concentrating on anything. She was so scared and feeling so guilty that she just couldn’t deal with it anymore.

       Maria had gone to her aunt Marilyn’s place to visit with her for a while, she tried to talk to her aunt about what happened but couldn’t find a way to get the words out, it was like she was voiceless and her aunt noticed how she was acting and asked her Maria my dear are you alright? Yes I’m fine, just not feeling so well today; maybe I’m coming down with something. Marilyn said ok and then started asking questions about their home life, what it was like, and what kind of mother she was and so on;

      Maria looked pale in the face and felt as if she was going to throw up. All Maria could remember was killing her mother, she replayed the scene over and over again in her head, and her aunt had kept on with the questions, She had asked about what her mother was doing and how she could just abandon her daughter like that.  Marilyn had mentioned that the police were still looking for her and had come up with some leads, and told her that it may have been a possible homicide.  Maria turned and looked at her aunt with a deathly terrified look on her face and asked in a somewhat shaky voice…

A Homicide...Why would they think she was murdered? she said to her aunt. Her aunty looked at her and said well I didn’t want to alarm you but they had found some sign of struggle in the house. After we left there they went through and searched it for any evidence as to why she would just disappear like that. Maria ran to the bathroom and shut the door and proceeded to get sick and started having a panic attack, her aunt came pounding on the door, Maria! She shouted, and again she shouted Maria! Are you alright?

        Maria finally opened the bathroom door after her aunty was pounding on it for at least 10 min. Maria her aunt said, you scared me, what is going on? Why are you so ill? We need to get you to the hospital she said, and Maria shouted NO!  Marilyn stood there with a scared look on her face, but what’s wrong with you? I’m fine Maria said, just a panic attack I guess. Well alright as long as you’re ok, but you do need to see a dr. and see if we can’t do something about those panic attacks. 

        Maria just stood there, yes ma’am she said; with a faint look on her face, her aunt asked her again, you sure you’re going to be alright?  Yes I am going to be just fine Maria answered, even though Maria knew she wasn’t going to be just fine, she was far from it.


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