A Life Cut Short

A little girl by the name of Maria Weston has a perfect life, one that any little girl could ever ask for, but on the day of her 10th birthday, her life starts to fall apart and she finds out what kind of person her so called "perfect mom" is.


1. A little girl decieved by her mother

            Maria Weston a beautiful little girl, with burnet colored hair down to her waist, and almost porceline skin, and vibrant green eyes. She and her mother lived in a very nice neighborhood in L.A. They had a one story home perfect for her and her mother. It was a two bedroom 1 bath home with a den and fire place in the living room. The house had a great big brick wall around the property for privacy, the previous owners were very private and quiet people. It had a large back yard, part of the very back yard was extremely dark, but the rest of it had a gated swimming pool, a play area perfect for Maria and nice garden area for her mother. It was the perfect home for Maria and her mother, it was close to the schools and shopping centers.

            Maria thought they had the perfect life; she also thought she had the perfect mother, one whom any daughter would love to have. They did every thing together; Shopping, mother daughter events at school and so on. She really thought it was  a perfect life. That is until Maria's 10th birthday came along...she then found out what kind of person her mother really was, the day her whole life came crubling down and was changed for ever.  

           This is her story:

           Maria's mother was setting up Maria's birthday party but it was not the kind of birthday Maria was expecting. Her mother had invited several men to the home and took Maria into her room and told her that she was to let these men do what ever they want with her. Maria was frightened, had a look of horror in her face toward her mother and started crying. Her mother smacked her accross the face, you will obey me and do as your told! she said, Maria shaking and crying shook her head yes.  The men made her do things, awful things, they had sex with her, one right after the other, they made her suck there penis's and they beat her profusely if she didnt cooperate. They made her lay on the bed while they took her two at a time and raped her repeatedly. Maria just laid there crying when the men had finished what they had done to her and the day was comming to an end. They paid her mother and told her she was real good they wanted more so the mother set up more deals with them. Maria just laid there crying and shaking after the men had all left and her mother came into the room: you did good she said, we made a lot of money off of you. Maria couldn't beleive what she was hearing, or what had happened to her. She asked her mother why? why would you do this to me? of course she didn't get any response, except that the mother told her this is how her life was going to work out and that if she didn't obey, she would beat her and so would the men.   

           Maria's mother kept making deals with men, only they made her meet at the hotels they had picked out which were mostly nasty dirty hotels, had filthy rooms with lots of bugs and dirty sheets...basically the cheep kind of hotels you were able to rent by the hour, which suited the men, they were just as dirty. This happend for 4 yrs of Marias life, up until her 14th birthday at least. That was the day she figured she was old enought to fight back.

          Maria's mother was setting up another birthday party just like all the others, but before anyone got there plans were changed and they set up to meet at the hotels again. Maria's mother told her to go get ready and Maria looked at her mother, just stairing with a vague look on her face; She finally got the nerve up and shouted at her mother " NO I WILL NOT DO THIS FOR YOU ANY LONGER!" and her mother reared her hand back and slapped Maria accross the face.   Her mother proceeded to beat her until  Maria couldn't get up any more but, Maria was able to get up after her mother started to walk away from her and Maria started to run to the kitchen. Her mother tried to catch her but Maria was throwing things in her path to keep her from doing so, she got to the kitchen counter and then found a butcher knife on there. Maria picked up the butcher knife and threw it at her mother while her mother was finally running at her into the kitchen, Maria's mother fell to the floor as the knife struck her in the neck, it gashed her neck wide open and blood spilled out onto the floor and her mother died instantly.

           Maria stood there in shock, stairing at her mother's dead body just laying there continuously pouring out blood. After a while she soon came out of shock and after doing so, she had an over whelming calm come over her. "Finally, it's all over, "now I can move on with my life". said Maria.

           But Instead of doing the right thing and calling the police, and letting them know what happened…at least right away, she somehow at the age of 14 managed to drag her mother’s body to their back yard where they had a large open space, she somehow was able to dig a large deep grave, pushed her mother’s body into it and buried her in it.She cleaned up the mess of blood in the kitchen from her mother’s blood, made sure the house was in order and looked like there was no struggles, fighting or anything out of the ordinary, she then went and showered to get the blood and dirt off of her.After she got changed into some clean clothes, she then took the bloody dirt soiled clothes she had on and threw them into their fire place and made sure they burned up and packed her suitcases and called her aunt Marilyn that had been living in New York that they had kept in touch with whenever her mother needed money.

          She had called and told her aunty that her mother had left her and never came back, so her aunty had came out and let the police know that the mother had abandoned her niece and she wanted to adopt her so she could take care of her and she could live with her.  She had no one else to go to. Her mother told her that her father was dead, so she had no one but her aunty to be with.


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