First Indulgence

A poem about a girl losing her virginity and the emotional impact it has on her.


1. First Indulgence

Your tongue feels so rough on my skin,
So sweet, so wet, so right. 
I hold you in my embracing warmth,
With my hands stroking through your hair.


I couldn't but have my voice project,
Such sounds of pleasure and indulgence.
I couldn't have held it back,
Not anymore.


I have been bound to these chains,
Of such resentment and self loathing.
I never again want to see the face in the mirror,
The face of my enemy.


Some things will never change,
This experience is imprinted into me.
The change you've made inside me,
Will never fade out of my existence.


You've shown me my life,
It escaped me for a while.
I forgot to live and love,
But now that's all changed.


You have unlocked the shackles,
You've set me free.
I'm finally out of this prison,
The bird I've wanted to be. 


For you I am forever grateful,
To you I pledge my loyalty.
I'll never see no other Man,
Just your deep blue eyes.

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