Life according to Ash.

Really, just a Diary about a girl.. Life's hard but also great. I guess you live and learn, well in time anyway.. This is about Ash.


1. 8/10/12

Dear Diary, 

                Today was horrible.. Well some was okay.. I guess. I mean other than probably been called a Goth three times and given like 3 mucky looks.. School = Place to kill people slowly and painfully... Yeah, it sucks... 

I mean, I guess some things were Okay, like RE, that was SO funny like always.. Eran telling jokes and making me laugh all lesson.. RE is also so funny, some how Eran makes it fun.. Plus, I sit on a table with everyone I actually like.. The only bad thing about that lesson is that 2 bitches are in it.. Chelsea and Lucy. But they got sent out, so that was all good.. Life's kinda weird.

Now the rain is washing you out of my hair,

And out of mind.

Keeping an eye on the world,

So Many Thousands of feet off the ground,

I'm over you now and at home in the clouds.

-All Time Low

-Remembering Sunday.<3<3


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