Forever With You

Vanessa and Harry are living together. But when Vanessa spills a secret, Harry and her fight. And Vanessa dies in a car accident. How will everything turn out in the end? Will it be happily ever after, or will tradegy strike again?


5. 5


I sit in the room where Vanessa's body lays. I don't move. I can't move. Everyone else sits outside the room, I hear their whispers and murmurs. "How will he handle this?" " I don't think he will." "We might need to get him some help." They hurt me, even though I know they're true. The sunlight pouring into the window, reflects off of the ring, and the diamond sparkles. The doctors take Vanessa to be prepared for her burying, but I still don't leave the room. I kiss her on the forehead, and they whisk her away somewhere else in the hospital. I begin to cry again. But I stop after a few short moments. Louis drives me back to my flat. Me and Lou sit at the kitchen table, an awkward silence between us. Finally Louis speaks. "Hey, mate. I know the next few month are going to be hard for you, and for all of us. Just promise me you won't do anything stupid, and know that you can always talk to any of us... Seriously Harry, you have to talk to someone if you feel you can't handle it, okay?" Louis says. I soak up his words and nod my head. "No Harry. Look me straight in the eyes and promise me." he says, a little bit of anger in his voice. I just burst in to tears. "Harry, come on.. Don't cry please. Your making this really hard for me." he says, and his voice cracks at the end. "What did everyone send you so that you could talk to me? Did-" I say, anger boiling up inside me, but Louis cuts me off. "Harry, I'm fucking doing this for you. So that you don't get some stupud idea that you would be better off dead, and you might commit suicide." he says, and he begins to cry with me. "I care about you, okay? So, fucking promise me that you'll never do that." Louis says, raising his voice. I look up, "I can't promise that." I say, knowing it's the truth. "I know you can't and I was afraid you would say that. Harry just don't-" I cut him off. "You don't get it. Louis I had a fight with her, then I saw her die right in front of me. I could have prevented that. Fuck, Louis..." I say, and sob. I sink to my knees, and put my head on the floor. Sobs rack me body, but the cold kitchen tiles feel nice against my burning face. "Harry.." he says, rubbing my back. "Where's the tough Harry I know?" "He died with Vanessa." Silence fills the room. I only hear Louis' crys mixed in with mine. His are more subtly, rather mine are a mix of yelling and hiccuping and uneven breaths. When we cry ourselves out, Louis leaves. I go to my bedroom. It's filled with all the memories of me and Vanessa, and I would rather forget them if I'm going to get over this. I feel the anger from before, bubbling up inside of me. I take a picture frame. Inside it is a picture of me and Vanessa kissing, and I smash it against my wall. I pick up frame after frame and throw it against the wall, or smash it against the ground. Then I take a piece of glass from my floor, and make a deep cut on my wrist. I'm falling apart already. It must have been a really deep cut, because I black out. Liam's POV I go to check on Harry, and when no one opens the door, I have to say I got a little worried. I search the flat and call Harry's name but he doesn't reply. I walk past his bedroom, then take a second glance into the half openes door. Harry lays on the ground, unconsious. There's a deep gash in his wrist, and glass all over the floor, pictures scattered everywhere. "Oh my God." is all I can muster. My jaw is dropped open. I can hardly breath at the site of this. How could he do this? I call the ambulance, and they arrive in minutes. After they take Harry away, I call the boys and tell them to meet me at Harry's flat. They also arrive in a few minutes. "Liam?!" I hear Niall shout. "Harry's room!" I answer, and I hear them running. They probably know something serious happened. "What the fuck happened?" Louis says. "I guess Harry did this.." I say. "Where is he?" Niall asks. "The hospital. He had a cut on his wrist, and he blacked out." I say, still looking at the broken picture frames. "But, I don't get it. I was here less than an hour ago. How could this happen?" Louis says. "I don't understand it either. But, we should go to the hospital... and be there when Harry wakes up." I say, and Louis drives us there. There isn't the usual joking around and laughing, while we wait for the doctor to tell us we can see him. We are all thinking everything over in our minds. There's the occaisonal, "I still don't get it." But other than that, no one talks. Finally the doctor comes. Harry lies on his bed, and his eyes flutter open a bit. "Haz?" Louis says. His eyes open fully, but they aren't the usual colour. Now they're more grey, then anything. His fists ball up, "Wh-where's Vanessa?" he says, stumbling on his words a bit. He starts trying to get up. "Harry, calm down. Your all doped up, okay. Just lay down." Louis says. "Where's Vanessa?" he says, raising his voice. We all look at eachother and I know what to do. "Harry, Vanessa died yesterday." I say, gently. A little beeping noise starts sounding from one of the little machines near his bed. A bunch of nurses rush into the room, and one of them sticks a needle in Harry's arm. "Don't worry. That'll just knock him out for an hour, at most." one of the nurses says, and then they all leave. We all start joking around and trying to get our minds off of everything that's happened in the past 24 hours. Then, about an hour later, just like the nurse said, Harry's eyes start to flutter open. "Harry?" Niall says. "Why am I here?" he says, his voice sounding urgent. "Just, lay down amd relax. Ok?" Louis says, but we see Harry's shoulders tense up. "Where's-" but Zayn cuts him off. "Harry! How could you do that?! Do you know how stupid that was? And don't pretend you don't know, because you know exactly what I'm talking about." he says harshly. Harry starts to cry. "I just need to go home." he says. "Well, they told us you can go home as long as you don't decide to do something stupid and get yourself ended up in the hospital." Louis says. His voice sounds dissapppinted. So, about a half hour later, Louis drives Harry to his flat, and we all drive back to ours. We said we would call him every hour, and if he didn't pick up, one of us would drive over and check out what's happening.
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