Forever With You

Vanessa and Harry are living together. But when Vanessa spills a secret, Harry and her fight. And Vanessa dies in a car accident. How will everything turn out in the end? Will it be happily ever after, or will tradegy strike again?


4. 4


"I'm sorry, Vanessa didn't make it." The words hit me like a brick, and I feel the pain instantly. Tears well up in my eyes. My voice shakes, "C-can I see her one last t-time?" "You may." I follow the doctor into Vanessa's room. She lays there; so still, so peaceful. Her eyes are closed, and her arms are at her side. I take out the little box. I place the silver ring, with the square diamond in the center, on one of Vanessa's delicate fingers. I put her finger inbetween the spaces of mine. And I sob. I try to calm down, but that starts another wave of tears. I bawl, and I sound like a child again, the occasinal yell when tears come to a halt for a millasecond. She was my everything, and I was going to be a father for the first time. And I ruined it all. I look up behind me after a while, and I see everyone standing there; the boys, with their fiances and children and wives. I try to smile, but it probably looks fucked up because I'm to busy crying. One of Zayn's girls, Daisy, runs up to me and hugs me. I can't help myself. I cry. Daisy curls her hands around my neck, and rubs my back a bit. She was only three, but she was very smart. "Uncle Hawwy?" she says, not being able to promounce my name properly yet. "Yes Daise?" I say. I try to control the shaking in my voice, and I succeed for now. "Wanessa is wif the angels now." she says. "And she will sing wif them." I hug Daisy tightly. I look up and everyone has tears in their eyes. I let go of Daisy and she runs back to her daddy. I could've had a child like that, if I hadn't fucked everything up.
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