Forever With You

Vanessa and Harry are living together. But when Vanessa spills a secret, Harry and her fight. And Vanessa dies in a car accident. How will everything turn out in the end? Will it be happily ever after, or will tradegy strike again?


3. 3


 I run into the pouring rain. My tears mixing with the rain hitting my face. I get into my car, but Harry runs fast enough to get into the car with me.  " Get out." I say, my voice shaking. "No." he says, crossing his arms. "You don't want the baby, that's fine. I understand. Now, get out." I say, raising my voice a bit.   Harry's POV   "So where are you going to go? If you haven't realized, your family doesn't want you anymore, and I really doubt they'll take you back when your pregneant." I say. Vanessa's head drops right when the words escape my mouth. She starts sobbing, "Harry, get the fuck out of here." she says.  "Fine, goodbye." I snap, and I get up and slam the car door. I see her drive away, not even 30 metres and a car slams into hers. I see her go flying out of the windshield, and her car lands on top of her.  I don't know how to speak anymore, or walk. The only thing that escapes my mouth is a wretched scream, and I fall to my knees.  And, I realize that last thing we did together was fight.. I didn't even get to kiss her goodbye. Everything becomes a blur now. I hear sirens blare, and I see lots of people crowded around. 
I feel a hand on my shoulder, someone speaks, and I regocnize the voice as Louis', but I don't understand what he says. I cry, and sobs rack my body. I scream, and yell untill my throat begins to ache.

"The last thing we did was fight, Louis... She told me that she was pregnent." I say finally, my voice barely a whisper. Then it hits me. If Vanessa doesn't survive.. neither will the baby. I regret everything I said during that fight, little did I know, it would probably be the last words she ever heard. I begin to cry, and I wonder how I have any tears left. After my sobs turn into a random hiccup here and there, Louis pulls me up, and says, "Alright, let's go Harry. Come on, up, up, up." He talks to me like I'm a child. I'm weak, and I feel like a child again. Out of place in the real world, and uncertain of what to do next. Louis drives because I'm a little unstable at the moment. I feel a small square bulge in the pocket of my jacket. I pull out the box, and inside of it is the engagement ring.
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