Forever With You

Vanessa and Harry are living together. But when Vanessa spills a secret, Harry and her fight. And Vanessa dies in a car accident. How will everything turn out in the end? Will it be happily ever after, or will tradegy strike again?


1. 1


 It's a rainy day when I wake up, and instantly I feel miserable. I hate rainy days. I feel his arms around my waist and I feel safe, and maybe waking up to him every morning isn't to bad. I rejected him for a long time, and I guess I was now really appreciated all he did for me, and how much he really loved me. He said those three words the first time three days ago, and I knew right then that I loved him. We've already been living together because of certain things that happened to both of us in the past, and we couldn't bear to live with our families. Not to mention, the guy I'm talking about is Harry Styles.     One Direction have already released their fourth album, yesterday, so we all went to celebrate. Including, Eleanour, whose married to Louis, and is expecting a child. Danielle, who's having her wedding next week with Liam. And Perrie, who's married and has two beautiful twin girls with Zayn, named Rose and Daisy.  I realize I have a massive headache from all the alcohal from lastnight. Harry's arms tense around my body, then his eyes flutter open for a second and his body relaxes. Without even opening his eyes, he says "Goodmorning beautiful." I kiss him lightly, and then try to get up, but he pulls me back down, and I land on top of Harry.                          He tickles my sides and I giggle, he knows that I'm probably the most ticklish person on earth.  "Harry?" I say. But whatever I was about to say gets lost in my head, and I press my mouth to his, because I know. that kissing him will distract me from everything.  He kisses me back. His hand starts on my cheek, and brushes over my side, fitting to the bend of my waist, curving over my hip, sliding to my bare leg, making me shiver. I press closer to him and wrap my leg around him.  My head buzzes with excitement, but the rest of me seems to know exactly what it's doing, because it all pulses to the same rhythm, all wants the same thing : to escape itself and become a part of him instead.   His mouth moves against mine, in the same rhythm: urgent and insisting. His hand moves to the hem of my tanktop and explores my back, a little moan escapes my lips.  Harry kisses my neck, and I grab his shoulder to steady myself. His hand reaches the top of my back and curls around my neck. Our kisses become desperate, insisting.  We come up for air, "I love you." he whispers, "I love you." I whisper back, kissing him again.
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