Ehlle gets the chance of a lifetime at her first One Direction concert, but is it really all what it's cracked up to be? Follow her through her love triangle, and heartbreak. Each chapter created new moments that she will cherish forever.


4. The Last Evening

   *Ehlle's P.O.V.*

   Harry has been acting weird lately. I don't really know how to explain it, but it worries me. I always catch him staring at Eddie and I as if it hurts him to watch. Eddie interrupted my thoughts,

   "Are you alright, love?" he asked, "You keep zoning out."

I had completely lost track of where I was. Eddie had taken me out to dinner while the boys went to a premier. Guilt flooded through me as I realized Eddie must have been talking to me while I was lost in thought. I smiled at him,

   "Ya, I-I'm fine, just thinking." I said.

   "About what?" Eddie asked.

   I shrugged, "Nothing really.."

Eddie's eyes shot through me, "Tell me." he said kind of harshly.

I was taken back by the tone of his voice. He must've seen the shock on my face because he quickly said, "I'm sorry, babe. I'm just worried about you. Please?"

I took a deep breath. I could trust him couldn't I? He was Harry's brother, maybe he knew what was going on.

   "Eddie.." I started, "Have you noticed anything odd going on with Harry?"

   "No. Why? Did he say anything?" Eddie shot back fiercely.

   "N-no?" I said. Why was Eddie so defensive? "I've just notices him staring at us lately. He looks at us like he's in pain, and I was just wondering why. You wouldn't know anything about this would you?"

Relief flooded across Eddie's face, "No," he said, smiling, "But let's not worry about him tonight. I'm leaving tomorrow to visit my mum for a week, and I don't want our last night to be full of us worrying about Harry."

I smiled back. He was right. A week without Eddie seemed like eternity. What was I going to do when he left?

   "Come on, " he said, grabbing my hand and standing up. "Let's get out of here."

We went back to the apartment. The boys still weren't home. Eddie turned to me,

   "Would you like to dance?" he asked me, his eyes twinkling.

   I giggled, "But Eddie," I said, "There's no music."

He grabbed my hand, and pulled me closer to him, "Love, we don't need music to make magic tonight."

My heart raced, and butterflies swarmed inside me. Eddie started leading us in a dance. I put my arms around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder. He moved his hands around me waist. Everything seemed perfect.

   "I love you, Eddie," I whispered.

   "Ditto," he said, softly.

I looked up at him. His hazel eyes glowed in the dimmed light. He leaned in, and our lips met. We stopped dancing, and our kissing grew passionate. Suddenly, I felt Eddie tickling my side. I stepped back, laughing.

   "Eddie!" I screamed, "Stop!"

But he didn't, and I was laughing so hard I fell to the ground. Eddie was on top of me, proping himself up with his hands. He leaned down and kissed me again.

   "You're an animal!" I said, still laughing.

   "Oh am I now?" he said, mischief gleaming in his eyes.

Eddie sat up, and took off his shirt, exposing his bare chest. I didn't too, but I must've stared.

   "Like it, do you?" He asked, teasingly.

   "I guess it'll do." I smirked back.

Eddie pouted, acting hurt, but I just grabbed him, and pulled him back to me. Neither of us noticed the door opening, but what got our attention was the gasp we heard. Eddie looked up, and I turned my head on the floor to see who it was. My eyes were met by two emeralds, staring daggers into me. Pain, as clear as day, radiated through them.

   "I-I'm sorry," Harry stuttered out, and started making his way towards his room.

   "Harry.." I called out trying to stop him, but Eddie silenced me with another kiss.

   "Let him go, love," he said, "We just surprised him."

Eddie tried to bring back the romance, but my mind was long gone. My thoughts followed Harry into his room, despite my body being with Eddie.


   *Edward's P.O.V.*

Typical. Harry would ruin it. I was so close with Ehlle. She always says she doesn't want to have sex, but I know that eventually, the right moment will take those thoughts away. I don't know what her problem was anyway. Everyone has sex. It's normal. I realized Ehlle wasn't focused on me anymore. It was my last night before my week with Caggie, and you'd think I'd get some action from her, but no. Ehlle thought I was going to visit my mom. I honestly think she'll believe anything. I got up from the floor.

   "Where are you going?" Ehlle asked.

   "I'm gonna shower," I said, "Long flight tomorrow."

   "Oh..okay." she said, slightly disappointed.

I turned to leave, not waiting to help her up. She got on the floor herself; she can get back up too.

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