Ehlle gets the chance of a lifetime at her first One Direction concert, but is it really all what it's cracked up to be? Follow her through her love triangle, and heartbreak. Each chapter created new moments that she will cherish forever.


3. Secrets

   *Harry's P.O.V*

    "She made us watch this movie and she fell asleep before it is even halfway through!" Louis complained.

I smiled and looked down at Ehlle. She had fallen asleep on my shoulder, but I didn't mind.

   "You know, Louis," I said, "You can always turn it off."

   "Well she got me interested.." he said, "But if she hadn't of made us watch it in the first place.."

Liam, Zayn, and Niall walked through the door.

   "Hey guys," I called out to them, but the look on their faces worried me.

   "Harry we need to talk." Liam said.

   "Can we maybe do this in the kitchen?" Niall imputed, "I haven't eaten all day."

I gently moved Ehlle's head and rested in on a pillow, and followed the boys to the kitchen. Everyone was in there except for Louis. He obviously liked that movie a lot more than he would dare admit.

   "What's wrong?" I asked.

   "You need to talk to your brother." Zayn said.

   "You know I try to avoid that at all costs."

   "This isn't a joke,  Harry," Liam said, pulling out his phone.

He handed his phone to me.

   "We took that on our way here," Niall said, his face full of food.

I couldn't believe it. I was looking at a picture of Edward, making out with my ex, Caggie.

   "You've got to be kidding me." I said.

   "I wish we were." Liam said. "Are you going to tell Ehlle?"

I didn't answer. I honestly had no clue what I was going to do. Fire burned in my throat. I couldn't stand Edward. He always did this. He stole Caggie from me, and now Ehlle? He knew I loved her, and so he took her too. He didn't even like her. He just had to have what I wanted. I grabbed my jacket and stormed out of the kitchen, ready to find Edward. I ended up knocking over Ehlle in the process. I fell on top of her.

   "Ehlle.." I said embarrassed, "I'm so sorry."

She started laughing. Relief flooded through me, and I couldn't help but laugh with her. Suddenly the door opened, and Edward walked through the door. The site of him sucked all the laughter from me. I stood up and helped Ehlle up.

   "Looks like you two had fun," Edward said, raising his eyebrows.

Ehlle was about to say something but I cut her off, "Hey, we need to talk."

   "Would this be the apology you owe me from this morning?" Edward tried.

I shot him a glare. I wasn't in the mood to play his games. I didn't wait to see if he followed me, I met the other boys back in the kitchen. This time, Louis was with us. Once Edward walked in, I pinned him against the wall.

   "You're such a jack-"

Edward pushed me off of him before I could finish. "Don't you ever touch me." Edward growled back. "What's your problem?"

I couldn't even find words. I just threw him the phone.

   "You're not going to say anything to her about this." Edward said after a few moments.

   "I'd love to see you try to stop me." I said back.

   "If you tell her, I'll just throw out the my-brother-is-in-love-with-you card. You really think she'll believe you once I give her your motif for breaking us up?"

   "We have proof." I said back, "Liam got a picture."

   "What picture?" Edward said innocently, throwing us back the phone.

I scanned the phone. He had deleted the picture.

   "You son of a -"

   "Now now, Harry," he said, "You know Ehlle hates those words. Now if you'll excuse me, my girlfriend is in the other room, and I wouldn't want to be rude by making her sit out there all alone."

Edward walked out, a smirk on his face. He was right though. Ehlle wouldn't believe me once she knew how I felt. I just hoped, somehow, she would see the real Edward.

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