Ehlle gets the chance of a lifetime at her first One Direction concert, but is it really all what it's cracked up to be? Follow her through her love triangle, and heartbreak. Each chapter created new moments that she will cherish forever.


2. Life

 *Ehlle's P.O.V*

   "Babe, are you ready yet?" Eddie called out to me.

I sat by the water, letting the waves roll over my feet. Eddie hadn't wanted to come to the beach today, but somehow, I convinced him. That didn't stop him from complaining the whole time, though. Eddie and I had been dating for almost 2 months now, but sometimes it felt a lot longer. I loved Eddie, and I knew he loved me, but sometimes..

My thoughts were cut off by Eddie's whines. I sighed and got up. As I got to Eddie, he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. As his lips met mine, I felt sparks. he wrapped his arms around my back, making his way to my tankini straps. Once I realized what he was doing, I pulled away.

   "No, Eddie," I said, quietly, "You know how I feel about that."

   "You'd think two months would be long enough by now." he muttered under his breath.

I pretended not to hear. He intertwined his fingers with mine, and we made our way back to the car. I twirled my purity ring with my fingers as we walked. Eddie thought it was stupid that I believed in abstinence, but after being an accident baby to my mom at 17, I knew it was important. Eddie didn't talk much on the drive back. I assumed he was still irritated with me. I didn't wait for him once we got back to the apartment we shared with the rest of the boys. I went straight up to the room to shower. When I walked in, Harry and Louis were sitting on the couch playing video games.

   "Hey, Ehlle," Harry said to me as I walked in.

I wasn't in the mood to talk with him, or anyone for that matter. I ignored him and went straight to the bathroom to shower. As I turned on the water, I heard Eddie come in.

   "What'd you do this time?" Harry said bitterly at him.

   "Shut up, Harry," Eddie said back, "It's none of your damn business."

I got in the shower to block out their arguing. It wasn't a secret that Harry and Eddie hated each other. Anne had made Harry take Eddie with him on tour. She thought it would help mend their broken relationship, but if you ask me, it was only making things worse.

   When I was redressed, I joined the boys in the living room. I sat by Eddie, who grabbed my hadn.

   "Ehlle," he said, "I'm so sorry about earlier."

   I smiled at him, "It's okay"

Eddie's phone vibrated, interrupting our conversation. He got up.

   "Where are you going?" I asked.

   "I'm gonna go pick up some coffee. I'll be back in a bit."

I stood up, "Let me come with you."

   "That's okay, love. It's gonna rain, and I don't want you getting sick. Harry will be here till I get back."

I sat back down, this time next to Harry. We'd gotten close, Harry and I, ever since I joined them on tour. Once Eddie had gone, we decided to watch a movie.

   "Harry," I said whining, "Can we PLEASE watch The Notebook?"

   "Do you honestly think that whining will make me give you what you want?"

   I stared at him through big puppy-dog eyes. Finally he gave in.

   "Fine!" he said.

I smiled at myself, and put the movie in.

   "You're weak, Harry," Louis said, "Just weak."

I smiled at Louis, "You know you want to watch it, Lou. You don't have to act manly."

   "Harry," he began to mock me, "Can we PLEASE watch The Notebook? Ryan is just so.."

He proceeded to fan girl dramatically. When he was finished, I turned to him and said,

   "Feel better?"

   "Quite, actually," he said matter-of-factually.

I quoted the movie under my breath, and Harry just laughed at me. The last thing I remember before dozing off was Noah saying, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird."

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