Forever And Always

A 1D fanfic about two average 18 year old girls named Rosalie and Lucy who had always been dedicated directioners and one day their lives changed forever...

N:B-Tis is my first fanfic so please leave some comments and I will probably update weekly! :)


8. Surprise Visitor

"I hate that girl. She must suffer. Bad." Lucy said to herself. "I know, I'll get her precious Harry Styles until she admits I'm the better singer."
Meanwhile at Rosalie's house, "So what should we do?" Rosalie asked. "Truth or dare!" Louis shouted. "Okay! Niall truth or dare?" Rosalie asked the Irish boy. "Dare!" "I dare you to do a little dance for the rest of us!" "Ooh! Does someone have a crush on Nialler?" Louis taunted. "No! I only have a crush on Hazza!" She retaliated while kissing Harry's cheek making him blush bright red like Rosalie did when they first met. "Aww! Look at the two lovebirds!" Zayn cooed, "Anyway, we need to watch Niall's dancing" Niall started dancing around to LMFAO's album, Sorry For Party Rocking. The boys and Rosalie couldn't stop laughing at Niall being so hilarious. At the end, Niall sat down and said, "Right, time for revenge-Aaahh!" "What is it?" Rosalie asked worriedly. "L-l-look!" He trembled pointing at the window where Lucy was standing holding a knife and had an evil grin on her face. "Oh.My.God." Was all Rosalie could say.

(sorry this ones so short! I wanted to end it on a cliffhanger!)
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