Forever And Always

A 1D fanfic about two average 18 year old girls named Rosalie and Lucy who had always been dedicated directioners and one day their lives changed forever...

N:B-Tis is my first fanfic so please leave some comments and I will probably update weekly! :)


2. Meeting The Boys

About 15 minutes later it was Lucy and Rosalie turn and because the boys were 10 minutes ahead of schedule they could spend more time talking to the fans. "Hey girls sorry about the wait." Liam said to them. "It's okay we've been keeping each other company!" Rosalie said cheerfully. "So what do you want us to sign?" Niall asked. "Umm, we've got these CDs, and these books." Lucy said awestruck by the fact that she was talking to One Direction. "Oh! And I've got the Up All Night Tour DVD could you sign that for me?" Rosalie asked. "Sure, anything for a cutie like you." Harry said while winking making Rosalie blush as red as a cherry. "Thanks." she said almost as a whisper whilst looking at the floor. After all of their stuff was signed Rosalie and Lucy walked to the VIP section and watched One Direction perform.

During the show,
"This show is amazing! Literally the best performance I have ever seen! Including the Olympics closing ceremony!" Rosalie shouted at the top of her lungs. "I know right! I'm so glad you won that contest!" Lucy shouted back. "Me too!" They carried on dancing throughout the concert and as they were about to leave Paul came up to them and asked them to go backstage to talk to One Direction more. "Oh. My. God. One Direction asked to see us backstage!" Lucy said. "I know! I can't believe it!" Rosalie told her. They followed Paul and went into their dressing room to find the 5 flawless boys chilling out on a large sofa. "Hey girls!" Louis shouted whilst jumping up to hug them. "Hi!" Lucy and Rosalie replied in unison. The other 4 boys got up to hug them, Harry seeming very eager to get close to Rosalie. "I loved your poster that you made!" Niall told the girls. "Oh thanks." Rosalie told him. "It must have taken you ages!" Zayn inferred. "Yeah it did, because I was so desperate to make the poster I hardly did any homework and research for when I do my a levels in a few months." Rosalie told them. "Don't let us ruin your education! Concentrate on your schoolwork!" Liam scolded. "Sorry Liam. I promise it won't happen again." "Good. Haha!"
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