Forever And Always

A 1D fanfic about two average 18 year old girls named Rosalie and Lucy who had always been dedicated directioners and one day their lives changed forever...

N:B-Tis is my first fanfic so please leave some comments and I will probably update weekly! :)


13. Holiday Time!

Rosalies POV:
It's been 8 months since the incident and we're all going on holiday to..........................Florida!! The sunshine state! My close friend Ashley is coming too and she's got a massive crush in Niall so maybe something will happen there! I packed all my bags and drove to collect Ashley and get to the boys' place. Oh, I almost forgot! Remember how Harry offered me the record deal? Well..I have recorded my first album!!! And the best part is it got to number 1! I could not be more thrilled. I even have a tour in about 4 weeks! The album is called Sunset Borderline named after my favourite song on the album. Anyway, back to the holiday!!

Harry's POV:
These past 8 months have been amazing. I have spent 8 whole months with the most perfect person on the planet. But the sad thing is Rosalie has a tour soon and will be gone for 4 months and get back just in time for our 1 year anniversary. I'm really gonna miss her. Thats why I'm going to give her a promise ring when we're on the beach at sunset. I can't wait to spend 2 weeks in Florida with her and the boys. Oh, and her friend Ashley. I think Ashley likes Niall but I'm probably wrong because at first, I thought Rosalie liked Zayn more than me but I was way off! I'm so excited for this holiday because its the first time I'll see Rosalie in a bikini which should be very interesting..;)

Ashley POV:
We're all off to Orlando in Florida!!! My home from home. My parents bought a 7 bedroom villa in Orlando when they won the lottery so we could invite other people to come with us on holiday. Oh how I love my parents and their luck. Ever since my dad won a competition to win your weight in chocolate he has entered loads of stuff like that and won nearly every one. The bad thing is loads of people call me a snob just because I have a lot of designer clothes and I can't help it if my dad won a £500 gift card for Superdry or Jack Wills or something like that can I? Oh well, I'm not gonna worry about that. I'm just gonna worry about finding out if Niall likes me or not.

Nialls POV:
2 weeks. Orlando. Me, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis, Rosalie and Ashley. Could not be better. I really like Ashley and the fact that I'm going to be able to see her in a bikini for the next 14 days is even better. Plus the villa that Ashley's parents own and letting us borrow is literally next door to 2 restaurants!! Bring on the food!

Rosalies POV:
We all got to the airport an hour before our flight was due and went straight to security so we wouldn't have to worry about too many fans. We had 3 security guys with us but still, it's not fun being harassed by a load of crazed fans. Although, last year I was one of those fans so...

After security, Niall went straight to the mini nandos...typical Nialler. Once I tried to pinch one of his chips..I almost lost my hand. *Note To Self-NEVER steal Nialls food...unless you want to die.*
He's like the Volturi from the twilight saga. You don't touch his food or ask to share his food unless you want him to kill you. Harsh I know but still, it's true.

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