Forever And Always

A 1D fanfic about two average 18 year old girls named Rosalie and Lucy who had always been dedicated directioners and one day their lives changed forever...

N:B-Tis is my first fanfic so please leave some comments and I will probably update weekly! :)


3. Hanging Out With The Boys

Hours passed until it was 9:00pm and Rosalie and Lucy had to leave. "Aww! Please don't leave!" Harry moaned. "We have to, we've got a big performance at school tomorrow and we can't lose any sleep otherwise we might mess it up and then lose out on getting a good grade in performing arts." Lucy told the boys. "Oh okay. We don't want you to miss out." Zayn said. "What's the big performance thing you're doing?" asked Niall. "It's this big annual event that all seniors must participate in; some people sing, some dance, some do strange talents. It's all really fun!" Rosalie explained. "What are you girls doing?" Louis asked curiously. "We're performing a song that we wrote called 'Watch Me'." Lucy said emphasising the word 'wrote'. "Sounds great!" Liam exclaimed, "Any chance we can hear any if it?" "Sorry we've got to go. Hey, why don't you stay over at my place and watch the big showcase tomorrow?" Rosalie asked. "Sure. Why not?" Harry said. "We'll have to split in the car though. Who's going with who?" It ended up being:
Rosalie, Lucy, Harry and Niall in Lucy's car and Liam, Zayn and Louis in Louis' car.

When they got to Rosalie's house, the boys said their goodbyes to Lucy and piled onto the sofa in Rosalie's apartment. "Okay, so for sleeping arrangements there is a double bed in the spare room and there's the sofa in here. Or we could get twice mattresses from the two bedrooms an put them in here to sleep on." "Get all the mattresses in here!" shouted Louis and Zayn. "Anyone gonna help me?" "I will." Harry volunteered whilst standing up and following Rosalie to her bedroom, "Nice posters." he joked. "Oh, yeah, I kinda forgot about those." she said blushing a bright red. "Don't worry I think it's adorable that you've got 5 posters of us and 1 of me right next to your bed." Rosalie said nothing and just blushed an even brighter red. The two of them took the mattress into the living room while Liam and Niall went into the spare room and got the mattress from there and Zayn and Louis got the two quilt covers and found some blankets. During the night, they all stayed up chatting about different things until about 2 in the morning when they decided to sleep since Rosalie had school the following morning.
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