Forever And Always

A 1D fanfic about two average 18 year old girls named Rosalie and Lucy who had always been dedicated directioners and one day their lives changed forever...

N:B-Tis is my first fanfic so please leave some comments and I will probably update weekly! :)


10. A Quick Escape

The five ran towards the yell the that most likely came from Harry. They could hear a girl cackling-Lucy- and a muffled yell-Harry. Rosalie and the four boys crept to an enclosure where Lucy was taunting Harry. "So Harry, you're here under my control. Anything to say?" "Mphphmhggh." "Oh that's right, you've got a gag on so no one can hear your petty little screams and pleas for help." She teased, "Now, where shall I hurt you first. Leg? Or arm? Such a hard decision." Lucy pondered for a minute and then said, "I'll be right back so don't go anywhere. Oh wait, you can't! Hahaha!" She laughed.p whilst walking off into a foresty area. Rosalie darted out and tried to untie the ropes on the chair that pinned Harry down. "Don't worry Harry me and the boys will get you out of here." She comforted him. "And what do you think you're doing here?" "I'm here to save my boyfriend from my phsyco ex best friends." "Is that so? Well, good luck. You'll need it." "I'm not scared of you. Do you wanna know why?" "Go on then. Why? Bitch." "Well first of all you're all talk and no show. Second, you are just a little rat who has nothing better to do than torture other people and thirdly, you're at a large disadvantage because my dear friend, you have no black belt in karate, you have no medals or trophies you just have low self esteem which is nothing to be proud of and also, you're outnumbered." "Do you really think you and those four little boys are gonna stop me cause if ya do then you must be an airhead!" "Get ready to eat those words." And with that Rosalie slapped Lucy hard across the face making her fall over. "Boys! Quick! Come and untie these knots while I deal with this!" As Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn attempted to free Harry, Rosalie and Lucy just kept fighting and clawing at each other, hurling insults like old sweet wrappers until eventually Lucy fell on the floor, too tired to get up-or so they thought. The six started to leave when Harry fell to the floor with a knife in his back. "Harry!" "I told you I would get my revenge and this is just the beginning so watch out before I get my hands on the others and then you." Lucy threatened whilst walking away into the bushes. Liam had 999 on the phone and called for an ambulance and police car so they could hopefully get Lucy arrested for attempted murder. "Harry! Harry! Are you okay? Speak to me Harry!" Rosalie screamed with tears falling down her cheeks. Harry coughed and barely whispered, "Don't worry about me, carry on with life and forget about me. You will be fine." And then nothing, he closed his eyes and the ambulance took him away.
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