The Never Ending Games

The capital is hungry for more districts and tributes for their games and invade England and Ireland, adding districts 14 and 15. Niall Horan must win the games but one of his best mates, Louis, is also in the games. They must face the dangers ahead in order to win. Will their friendship be able to survive the games?

Bri has missed her best friend who supposedly died in the war. But when she becomes a tribute in the games, does she find out the truth? Read to find out.

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9. Unexpected turn of Events

~ Cynda's P.O.V ~

I heard a rustling in the bushes behind me. Bri grabbed my wrist and we ran away not stopping until we were out of breath and leaning over panting. When we felt safe we sat down on a log and sat in silence. We looked at each other still unable to believe what had just happened.

"You're alive." She whispered breaking the silence. "They said you were dead. I didn't want to believe them but you never came back. I just_ I just gave up hope." She stuttered.

"But I'm here now." I gave her a hug. "I thought I would never see you again." I whispered.

"Where were you?" She asked.

"England. The capitol took me with them when they were defeated. I was trapped in District 15. I couldn't go back." I said sadly.

~ Niall's P.O.V ~

Me and Louis were fighting against the career that attacked Louis friend. He had a knife and was slashing at us in anger. I watched in horror as Louis fell to the ground in pain. The career had stabbed him in the leg and blood was pouring out of the wound. The career hovered above him but before he could hurt Louis more I shot an arrow at him.

It went straight threw his neck and he fell to the ground dead. I took a deep breath. I was only in the arena for a few minutes and I had already killed two people. Did Bri have a right to be scared of me? I dropped my bow and ran to Louis' side.

When he had run into me I was shocked to see him. We had shouted and screamed and hugged, but then he realized the girl tribute from his district was in trouble. He begged me to help him and I agreed because I would have done the same for Bri.

I looked at Louis' wound. It wasn't that deep and he seemed to be recovering quickly. He was able to stand up but he couldn't walk as fast. I saw brown and blonde hair disappear into the woods. Was it Bri? I had to find her!

"Come on, Louis!" I yelled to him. Louis ran as fast as he could and I matched his pace, trying not to get too far ahead. We ran to where I saw Bri run into the woods. When we reached the trees we stopped and looked around. Ahead of us through all the leaves I could see two girls one with light brown hair and the other Blonde/ brown.

"Bri!" I shouted at the same time Louis shouted Cynda. We made our way through the bushes but the two girls had run away before we could reach them. Louis was panting and I decided we better find a safe place to stop. Here wasn't safe enough. It was too close to the Cornucopia.

"Come on, we need to find a safer place to stay." I told him. We slowly made our way through the woods, trying to make as little sound as possible. We soon came across a cave that was sort of hidden. It would have to do for now. Me and Louis went inside and it was a lot bigger on the inside than it looked form the outside.

"Whoa it's big in here." Louis said.

"Yeah" I replied. We sat against a wall and I looked at Louis's leg. He had lost more blood from the walk here. His pants were ripped where the career had stabbed him. I touched it and he winced. It was to bad I didn't pay very much attention when Katniss was telling us about herbs that could be used to heal wounds.

Louis had fallen asleep already and I took a breath. Reunited. One of my best mates were here with me in the games. Too bad only one of us would 'could' come out alive. Both of us might die and neither of us would win. I tried not to think about it. Instead I found myself thinking of Bri. The dread I had felt when I saw Bri clearly afraid of me. She forced herself out of my embrace and it hurt. My heart broke when she ran and vanished into the woods.

I looked at Louis asleep against the rock. He had nothing with him. No weapon, no food, not even a backpack full of helpful stuff. All we had was my bow. I decided to go and look for water and something to eat.

My feat crunched on the crisp snow on the ground. I sighed out of all the settings the Capitol could have chosen, they chose snow. I hated snow. It made too much noise when you moved in it and it was harder to see things in it. Nothing good could come out of snow.

I finally came to a stream that unfortunately was frozen. I broke the thin sheet of ice and dipped my hand into the cold water to take a drink. The water numbed my fingers and I shivered. However, it felt cool running down my burning throat. How was I going to get some back to Louis? I heard snow crunch from somewhere near me and I ducked behind a bush.

I readied my bow ready for an attack. A girl stepped out looking around. She dipped her hands in the stream like I had. She looked oddly familiar. She was the girl me and Louis had saved! A loud boom echoed through the woods. The girl jumped scared. I counted the cannons seeing how many tributes had died at the Cornucopia. I stepped out of my hiding places and she turned around in  surprise.

"There only the cannons marking how many people died." I explained to her.

"Don't hurt me!" She whispered not recognizing me.

"Don't worry I won't. If you remember I believe I saved you from a blood thirsty tribute earlier?" I said smiling.

She seemed to relax once she recognized me. Then she seemed to brighten up. "Do you know where Louis is?" She asked hopefully.

"Yes." I replied cautiously. "Why?"

"Well umm, I was wondering if he was okay. Did the career hurt him?" She asked worried.

"Yes. He got stabbed in the leg." I told her.

She gasped. "Is he okay? It's all my fault! If only I hadn't gotten in the careers way in the first place!"

"Calm down! From my understanding he wanted to help you." I told her. "He begged me to help you." She blushed.

"Could I see him?" She asked.

"Do you know anything about herbs and medicines that could help him?" I asked. She shook her head. "Then no. I don't want anyone near him. You might hurt him more." I told her.

She looked angry at my answer. "What if I found someone who could help?"

"NO! I'm not trusting some stranger! The only person I am going to let lay a finger on him is Br_" I trailed off, she wouldn't help me.

"What were you about to say?" She asked surprised.


"You were about to say Bri! O my gosh! Your the District 14 tribute! You know Bri!" She said loudly.

"SHH!" I glared at her.

"Sorry." She whispered.

"You know Bri?" I asked.

"She's my best friend! Well we were when we still lived in Ireland." She explained.

"Wait you lived in Ireland? Then why are you in District 15?" I asked.

"Long story. I tell you it some other time." She replied.

"What makes you think there will be another time? I'm not taking you to Louis." I warned her.

"Yes you are, cause I know where Bri is."

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