The Never Ending Games

The capital is hungry for more districts and tributes for their games and invade England and Ireland, adding districts 14 and 15. Niall Horan must win the games but one of his best mates, Louis, is also in the games. They must face the dangers ahead in order to win. Will their friendship be able to survive the games?

Bri has missed her best friend who supposedly died in the war. But when she becomes a tribute in the games, does she find out the truth? Read to find out.

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3. Train to our Death

~ Bri's P.O.V. ~

I stood in a room alone. pacing back and forth. What was I going to do! I had no talent that would keep me alive in the games! At least Niall knew how to use a bow. I thought it was ironic that Niall and I were chosen. I mean we were both just talking to each other early that day. I sighed and slid down the wall and sat in a ball on the floor. I was defenseless. I couldn't win. There was simply no way. I had nothing to help be survive.

The door opened and I looked up. My sister ran into the room with my mom and brother close behind. I hugged her and cried.

"Bri don't go!" She cried.

"I have to, Kristi. I'm so sorry." I replied. She let go and let Mitchell talk to me. He looked to the ground.

"I should've volunteered as tribute so that I could help you in the games." He said sadly.

"No. You should not have. What would happen to Kristi if both her siblings were put into the games? You need to help mom take care of her." I whispered to him.

"I will." He whispered back. I hugged him then turned to mom.

"Promise me you will try to win?" She asked me.

"Mom, you know that isn't going to happen. I can't even hurt a fly if i tried." I told her.

"Promise me you will at least try?" She asked again.

"Of course mom." I told her feeling a tear drop down my face. She pulled me into a hug and then a peacekeeper pulled them away from me. He shoved them out the door and I yelled before he slammed the door.

"Stay Safe!" I yelled to them.

I fell to the floor again crying. I tore at my hair not knowing what else to do. Was Niall feeling the same pain as me? Was he dying inside knowing there's a chance he won't ever see his family again? A group of peacekeepers marched into the room and took me to the main room where Isabella and Niall were already waiting. We followed the peacekeepers outside where we boarded a train.

I had never been on a train before. We had them in Ireland but I had never imagined them to be anywhere near as fancy as this one. The interior was well decorated with expensive furniture and the smell of fresh goods was fresh in the air. I breathed in and made a small twirl. It was so wonderful in here! Much better than District 14! It was like nothing I had ever seen before.

Niall made a small smile as I twirled. "How can you be so happy when we are on a train to our death's?" He asked.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just trying to forget where the train is leading to." I replied.

"Don't think of it as the train to your death! Think of it as a train o new opportunities!" Isabella told us. I rolled my eyes and Niall laughed. "O! And I forgot to tell you something about this train. "Since you're a new district,along with 15, you don't have mentors yet, so you will be sharing this train with Districts 12 and 15." Isabella told us. 

"Your mentors will be Katniss Everdreen and Peeta Melark." As if on cue two people stepped into the room.

"Hello, I'm Peeta." Peeta held out his hand to me. I shook it and he did the same to Niall. I looked at Katniss who was leaned up against the door frame.

"I'm so sorry you had to be forced into a district. And then forced into the games." She told us. Peeta shot her a glance. She shrugged and stood up straight. "Only telling the truth." She said calmly.

I noticed Niall staring at Katniss with a hint of hatred. What did she do? He only just met her. It looked as if he was remembering something. I looked at Katniss. She seemed to notice Niall's behavior too. "She walked over to him and  whispered into his ear. I couldn't make out what she was saying though. Peeta looked at me with curiosity. I just shrugged my shoulders.

~ Niall's P.O.V. ~

*Flash back to the war*

I ran across the field to where my father was chucking rocks at peacekeepers. I noticed that not only were peacekeepers fighting against Ireland but so were other people that I assumed were from the Districts. I saw a girl in a black suit with her bow drawn. She was firing at innocent people and when I saw my dad in the same field as her, I just had to worn him.

I ran as fast as I could trying to reach my father before she did. As I got closer I realized she was about to fire at my dad. I ran at her instead knocking her over before she had time to lose her arrow. We rolled on the ground. She was strong for a girl and she pinned me to the ground. She looked sad and sorry but she drew and arrow and was about to shoot me when my father knocked her of of me. He turned around to help me but then she shot the arrow. Strait through his back. He fell to the ground gushing blood and I screamed.

How dare she! I would get her! But she was already running away she looked back and her face was sad but I didn't care. I hated her. She killed my father. I would find her one day and fulfill my revenge.

I stared at Katniss trying not to show my hatred towards her. I notice Bri looking at me confused. I only ignore her. I'm intent on Katniss' cool and collected face hating every inch of her. She walked towards me and whispered in my ear.

"I'm sorry. I had to. I was controlled by the Capitol." She whispered sadly.

"Controlled by the Capitol or not. You still killed my father." I whispered back with hatred. She stepped back then left the room.

"Ok! Well, I will be your mentor along with Katniss. We will also be joined by Districts 12 and 15 later." He said ignoring Katniss as she walked by. He left the room silently.

"What was that about?" Bri asked me.

"What about?" I said trying to calm down.

"You and Katniss." She replied.

"Nothing." I said.

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah right." Couldn't she understand that I didn't want to talk about it? I sighed. I wasn't going to let my anger out on her. She was only worried.

"It's nothing really." I said relaxing a little.

"Okay, whatever." She said.

She walked over to a table full of sweets. It looked good so I joined her.

"So how are you planning on winning the games?" I ask her, not wanting an awkward silence.

"I'm not." She replied. Her answer surprised me.

"What do you mean?" I ask her.

"I mean, I don't plan on winning the games." she told me.

"But don't you have a family back in District 14? Don't you want to stay alive?" I question her.

"Of course I want to stay alive and yes, I do have a family back home. But look at me. I can't win. I don't have any talent that could help me win the games." She said back calmly. I don't know how she managed to stay clam. I thought she would have been in tears.

"You got to have some defense." I tell her. She shook her head.

"Nothing. Unlike you. You can hunt. You can use a bow." She was still clam.

"You don't know that." I tell her. She looks at me sadly, practically excepting the fact that she is going to die.

"Please, don't tell me you don't have skill with a bow. I've seen you hunt. You are amazing!" As soon as she said it she covered her mouth.

"You've seen me hunt?" I ask her.

"Well umm, kinda umm, well I've seen you sometimes in the woods." She fumbled for words.

"How come I've never seen you?" I asked.

"Simple, I hide." She said.

"Well that's one talent." I tell her. "You can hide from other tributes. I've never found you until today."

"Yeah right, like that's much help."

"It could be the difference between life or death." I tell her. She thinks about it in silence and I let her. We snacked on sweets until the train came to a stop.

Isabella came in and told us that we had stopped in district 12 to pick up this years tributes. "Why haven't we been to District 15 yet?" I ask her.

"We picked them up before you." She replied.

"Then how come we haven't seen them yet?" Bri joined the conversation.

"Well there's a new rule in the games. The first time you meet your opponents is in the Arena." She told us.

"But what about the Opening ceremony and the three day training session with the other tributes? We'll meet them then, won't we?" I ask.

"Well they took that part out."

"Then how are we supposed to impress the people in the Capitol and get sponsors?" I ask.

"That all depends on your attitude in the arena." She said simply then walked out so we couldn't ask any more questions.

The train started moving again. I laid down on the couch and took a nap.


I woke up and saw Bri staring out the window. "It's Beautiful!" She whispered. I stood behind her and looked as well. There was a blue, shimmering lake and tall glass buildings. We stared in awe. We went trough a tunnel and it was dark for a few seconds then the train lit back up and through the window we saw a crowd of Capitol people. They were waving at us and so we waved back.

The train twisted down it's track and stopped in front of a marble building. We exited the train after the District 12 tributes were inside so that we couldn't see them and then 15 went after us. We entered the building were we met with a group of Capitol people. A girl stepped out of the crowd and introduced her self. "Hello! I'm Fushia! I Will be getting you ready for the opening ceremony. these are my 'helpers'. they will also be getting you ready." She announced.

"But, I thought there wasn't an opening ceremony anymore?" I asked.

"No there is but it will be different. Set up so that you can't see the other tributes." she replied. "Now I want to get you ready as soon as possible so follow us and we will get started!" She cheered. Me and Bri hesitantly followed her to the back of the building.


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