The Never Ending Games

The capital is hungry for more districts and tributes for their games and invade England and Ireland, adding districts 14 and 15. Niall Horan must win the games but one of his best mates, Louis, is also in the games. They must face the dangers ahead in order to win. Will their friendship be able to survive the games?

Bri has missed her best friend who supposedly died in the war. But when she becomes a tribute in the games, does she find out the truth? Read to find out.

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5. Necessities

~ Niall's P.O.V. ~

"Since there are other Districts to train as well, Katniss is with District 15 for now. We will both be training you, but for now I will be your mentor. Unfortunately for you Haymitch will also be one of your mentors." Peeta explained.

"Who's Haymitch?" I asked.

"He is an old drunken guy that used to be my and Katniss' mentor." Peeta replied truthfully. "He isn't the nicest person you will meet but he is also very helpful at times. After all he did keep both me and Katniss alive." He continued. "You will be trained both one on one and together for the next four days. You will mostly be facing each other but you may also have to challenge your mentor."

"We all know how this is going to turn out. I'll lose every battle." Bri muttered.

"And you will most likely lose every battle with and attitude like that." Peeta told Bri. "If you don't believe you can win, you won't. Plain and simple."

"So when are we going to get started?" I asked.

"Anxious?" He asked.

"No, terrified." I replied.

"You should be. We can start as soon as you are ready. Go up to your rooms. Your training outfits should be on your bed." he dismissed us and we left. Me and Bri took the elevator up to the 14th floor where our rooms were located. "Why did you say that?" I asked.

"Say what?"

"That you would lose every battle." I replied.

"Cause I will. I don't exactly have talent." She said.

"But why except the fact that your going to die? Peeta is going to teach us. He one the games once." I told her.

"But will it be enough? We only have three days, Niall" She replied sadly. "I'm going to die, by the end of the games. There's nothing else to it."

"You won't die if I can help it." I said ending the conversation. The elevator door opened and we stepped out. We went opposite ways to our bedrooms. When I was in my room I found the training outfit Peeta was talking about. I put it on and it felt a lot different from the cloths I had on. It was more tight, yet it was still more flexible and easier to move in. It was almost completely black but the sides were red. I stepped out of my room and into the hallway. I met up with Bri and then we both headed back to the elevator.

We found Peeta in the same spot we had left him. "Now, Niall, what is your strength?" Peeta asked me.

"I can use a bow." I replied hesitantly. He laughed.

"Then your all Katniss'." I will help you with your weaker abilities."

"What do you mean I'm all Katniss'?" I asked feeling my anger level rise a little.

"She's talented with a bow. She will be able to improve your skills there." He replied. Crap. I didn't want to be stuck with Katniss. "What about you?" He turned to Bri. She looked to the ground. I knew what she would say. "She is great at hiding! You can never see her when she is in the woods. She has hidden from me plenty of times and I couldn't find her." I told him before she could reply.

She looked up at me in shock. Peeta seemed to have a spark of interest in his eye. "Like camouflage?" He asked her.

"No,umm not really."

Then how else do you hide?" He asked.

"I don't know. I just do." She said.

"She is really silent. You can never hear her when she is hidden." I add in. I tried to make so that she didn't seem useless. I know she had to have some talent.

"That's good. You will be able to hide from other tributes easily, but what about offense abilities?

"I don't have any." She said before I could think of something to say.

"Don't worry. We'll find something." Peeta told her. She frowned at the ground.

~ Louis' P.O.V. ~

I listened as Katniss demonstrated how to make a trap. She explained that it was good for catching animals to eat and it could even trap a human. She told us the story of how her friend Rue was in the games with her and she had to cut her out of the net. "Now you try." She demanded us. It was harder than it looked and my fingers got in a tangled mess. Cynda however was a pro. Her fingers worked like Katniss'. Fast and accurate, however that was where there similarities ended.

Cynda wasn't talented with a bow like Katniss was. She could use one but not nearly as experienced as Katniss was. I was the same way. I could definitely shoot one and stuff like that. But I wouldn't hit the target every time.

She also showed us how to build a fire. "This fire is designed not to give out a lot of smoke. It is very helpful." she explained.

"Why does it mater how much smoke is released?" I asked.

"People will be able to see the smoke and can locate where you are easily. They could be on top of you in a mater of minuets with a knife in their hand." She told me.


I felt someone standing behind me. "Wasn't that a good lesson?" An obviously drunk voice said behind me. I turned around and saw a middle aged man with long blonde hair. He didn't look very healthy and I guessed he almost never stops drinking.

"What a pleasant surprise to see you Haymitch." Katniss growled at the guy.

"Nice to see you too!" He said back with equal sarcasm.

"This is Haymitch." She introduced us to the drunk. "Haymitch, this is Cynda and Louis."

"Right, so sorry that cruel fate chose you to be in the games. It must be awful being taken away from your country then dumped here in the Capitol to fight to your death." He said a little too sympathetically.

"Now if you don't mind, I have a lesson to teach." Katniss dismissed Haymitch. He ignored her.

"I see that Katniss hasn't learned anything from when I was her mentor." Haymitch scoffed. "If she would have remembered my wise words she would have told you to NEVER light a fire."

"Why not?" Cynda asked.

He laughed. "It will guarantee your death. The other tributes will find you and kill you, sweetie." He replied.

"I lit a fire in the games. Do you see me dead? No." Katniss yelled at him. "Would you let me just do my job?"

"Your must be pretty good at it if your giving these kids false information!" He yelled back.

"And who exactly did I learn from?" She asked.

"I already told you that you didn't listen to a thing I said back then!" He growled.

"What makes you think I will listen now!"

"Whoa!Whoa! I think it's time to switch districts for now." Peeta walked in breaking the arguing mentors apart. Haymitch why don't you go back to District 12 for awhile? And Katniss, I told District 14 you would be there in a few minuets." He told her.

"I would gladly go." She replied to Peeta while glaring at Haymitch. She left and so did Haymitch.

"Sorry about them two." Peeta apologized to us. "They never get along."

~ Bri's P.O.V. ~

Peeta had left and we were waiting for Katniss to arrive. I was practicing the trap that he had taught us. Niall came over and sat by my side and reached over to help me. "Don't help. I need to learn how to do it on my own. So that I know how to do it in the arena." I told him.

"But I'll be helping you in the arena. So I'm helping you know." He replied.

"What?" I ask.

"Your not going to be alone in the games. I'll be by your side the whole time." He told me.

"That's really nice but, you don;t have to do that. I'll be holding you back." I tell him.

"Maybe, but what if I want to help you?" He asks still helping me with the trap. Just then Katniss walked in and interrupted us.

"That's all sweet and stuff, but you can't expect to be by her side every minute of the games. The gamemakers might want to separate you for some reason. You never now what will happen in the arena." She told Niall.

He was about to say something but she interrupted him. "I see you are practicing what Peeta has taught you. That's good. You need to use every bit of spare time for the next three days to practice what you are learning." She said.

"What has Peeta taught you so far." She asked me.

"Well umm, this trap and how to build a fire with the least amount of smoke possible." I replied.

"Typical. He follows the same routine as me. I just finished teaching District 15 those. I brightened up.

"Who are District 15's tributes?" I asked. She looked at me.

"Nice try, but I'm not allowed to tell you. the first time you meet_." She was interrupted by Niall.

"_Is in the arena." He rolled his eyes. "We have been told that a  million times already."

"Good. Then don't ask anymore questions about it." Katniss replied calmly. "Now I would like you to follow me" We did as we were told and followed her to a pile of ropes. "We will be learning how to tie various knots." She said,

"This is really fun and all, but I thought we were training for offense." Niall said.

"Sorry, this is going to be a slow day for you. Today is all the necessities that will help keep you alive. Offense doesn't start until tomorrow." Katniss replied losing her patients. "Now if you don't mind, I would like to teach a few more lessons before we lose daylight."

Niall was a really nice guy. Patient and calm. But when ever Katniss was in front of him, He like became the hulk; insulted by everything she says and won't quit trying to annoy her. It was like me and my sister when we were still in Ireland. Constant fighting going back and forth.

Me and Niall were practicing the knots that Katniss had taught us. Remembering the last time I brought up the hatred Niall had for Katniss, I decided not to bring it up again. "So about what you said earlier. Why would stay and help me?" I asked. "You could easily survive and win without me to take care of."

He looked at me. "I think that we should stick together. We're stronger together. What's the point of going on your own? It would be lonely." He replied. "We would be helping each other."

I smiled. "Thanks." I said.

"For what?"

"Making the decision to stay with me."

"Of course." He replied.

We practiced in silence, but not an awkward silence. When it seemed we had the knots that we were given perfect, Katniss came and stopped us. You will be practicing these knots more later but for now we are going to move on. I nodded and followed her to another station. We passed by an area with lots of paints and brushes and stuff. "What is that stuff for?" I asked.

"O that's more of Peeta's area of expertise." She said. "I'll let him explain it to you." She led us back to the trap section. I haven't seen you do these so I want to you to do it now. I think It's Peeta's turn again." She said "I'll go get him.

"But what about Haymitch? Peeta said some guy named Haymitch was going to mentor us as well." Niall said.

"He can stay with District 12 for now, for all I care." She replied walking away.

"Well we might as well practice again." I told Niall. "Alone this time." I laughed.

"You're probably right." He laughed too. We practiced the trap. When we had finished assembling our projects we would through a stick into the trap to see if it worked. When I threw the stick the trap caught it. It made me feel good that I could actually do something.

When Niall tested his out, however, it didn't work. He fake pouted and I laughed. I looked at it to see what he did wrong. "You put this in the wrong place." I moved a stick that he was using in his trap. We reset the trap and this time it worked.

"Your pretty good at this." He said smiling.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"That is a very good training technique. I should teach it to future tributes." Peeta came up behind us and complemented us. "I never thought of throwing a stick into the trap to see if it actually worked."

"Well, Katniss told me that you were curious about the camouflage station." He turned to me. "I might as well show it to you know before we leave for dinner. He led us back to the station we had passed with all the paints ans stuff. "Here you will learn how to camouflage yourself with mud and other elements that you could find in the wilderness." He explained.

It seemed really interesting. All the detailed strokes Peeta made with the brush. "You won't have paint brushes in the arena so you will have to learn how to use other things later, but for now paint brushes work. He showed us how to make our hands look like tree bark and showed us what it looked like up against a tree. It was amazing! It blended in so well!

After that detailed piece of work he told us about a lot less detailed work. "Simply rolling in mud will make you blend in better in the forest, swamp, or other similar settings. " He informed us. "And you can do that in other places to, but with a different element. Like snow for instance you can roll in a snow bank every once in a while and you blend in much more than if you hadn't at all."

"I've kept you long enough, you can go back up to your floor and eat." He dismissed us. I was grateful I was getting tired and hungry. Niall and I went back up to the 14th floor and ate dinner with Fushia and Isabella. Peeta also joined us and it was delicious! It was like nothing I had ever tasted before.

Once we had finished I went to my room and got in the silky PJ's that were laid out for me. I got in bed thinking about all I had learned today.

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