The Never Ending Games

The capital is hungry for more districts and tributes for their games and invade England and Ireland, adding districts 14 and 15. Niall Horan must win the games but one of his best mates, Louis, is also in the games. They must face the dangers ahead in order to win. Will their friendship be able to survive the games?

Bri has missed her best friend who supposedly died in the war. But when she becomes a tribute in the games, does she find out the truth? Read to find out.

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7. Late Night with Ceaser Flickerman

~ Niall's P.O.V. ~

The last few days had gone by quick. Me and Bri were about to get assessed by the game makers. We were practicing real quick before our turn and I had stopped what I was doing to watch Bri. She had improved a lot with the knife in just 4 days. She was surrounded by a 'dummy army' and she slid threw them one by one 'killing' each one.  It was fun to watch her twist and turn 'battling' the army. When she was finished and proud of her success she walked over to me.

"You're a pro already! You'll be able to kill anybody who come near you!" I cheered for her.

She frowned. "I don't want to though."

"I know but you probably will eventually."

"I know." She said softly. I knew what she meant. It was uncivil to murder each other just to be crowned victor.

"Bri Faherty? Please follow me." A short lady walked in and greeted Bri. Bri followed her and looked back at me.

"Good luck!" I shouted before she disappeared.

~ Later That Day ~

Fushia looked at us in the mirror. "You look perfect!" She complimented her handy work.  I was dressed in a green tux with my hair in a quiff. Beside me Bri stood in a short green dress to match my tux. It had ruffles from the waist down and sparkly gems at the top. She had green tinted make up and her hair was curled. She looked great unlike me. I felt like a leprechaun!

"How exactly do these outfits support our district?" I asked Fushia.

"Your Irish, remember." She told me. I rolled my eyes green wasn't the only thing that represented Ireland. Did she make me look like a leprechaun on purpose? I laughed at the thought. No, Fushia's impression of a leprechaun would include orange hair and pot of gold!

We waited for our turn to be announced. We were having the interview together; another difference from the other games.

"Give a round of applause for District 14!" I heard Ceaser Flickerman's cheery voice. We were told to go onto stage and when we did it was bright. I could only see the first two rows of the audience. Bri walked across the stage to where Ceaser was sitting with confidence. I followed her more slowly knowing we were on national TV. He got up to shake our hands and told us to take a seat. We did as we were told smiling the whole time.

"Aw look! They're showing their Irish Spirit!" Ceaser laughed at our matching outfits. "You look quite nice in that tux." He told me.

"Not as beautiful as Bri in her dress." I replied smiling.

"Don't let me take all the glory!" Bri said back at me. "Ceaser's right. That tux was made for you." I laughed. She really did remind me of Harry when ever she complimented me.

"Tell me, What did you feel when your names were drawn at the reaping?" He asked.

"Shocked. I didn't know exactly what to think." I replied.

"I bet." He said shaking his head. "What about you Bri?" He turned to her.

"I don't really know. I knew the moment my name was drawn, that I wanted to win. To win for my family and my new district." She replied.

"That's good, pride for your district! So what special talents do you have to help you win the games?" He asked another question.

"I can use a bow." I said.

"ooh, sounds interesting. And what weapon do you use, Bri?"

"Knives and blades." She said proudly.

"She has gotten really good over the past few days." I told the crowd. "I wouldn't want to be near her with a knife in her hand." The crowd laughed and Bri blushed a little.

"One more question for you. Did you two know each other when you were in District 14?"

I looked at Bri. "No, not really we went to the same school and I saw him every once in a while. But other than that I don't think so." I replied.

I looked at her again. "We actually met the morning of the reaping. We had run into each other in the woods. I was hiding from him and he threw a rock at me." She explained laughing.

"Well then! What a surprise that must have been!" Ceaser laughed.

"It didn't mean too! I thought it was animal or something." I laughed. 

"I just thought it was ironic that later that day we were both chosen in the reaping." Bri said still laughing.

"Yes, what a coincidence!" Ceaser said. "Well there you have it. District 14!" He cheered. We stood up and did a little bow then left the stage with the crowd cheering behind us.

~ Zayn's P.O.V ~

I was watching the interviews on the screen in time square. I had begged Harry and Liam to come but they refused. I told them they had to come but didn't have to watch. They had stayed at the edge of the crowd staring at the ground whispering to each other. I had moved closer to the screen to see better.

As the District 13 tributes got of stage Ceaser Flickerman cheered for District 14 to come on. I held my breath a pretty brunette stepped out in a green dress. A few seconds later the male tribute stepped out after her in a green tux. I starred at the blonde hair and the familiar face. My draw dropped and my heart stopped.

I ran back to the edge of the crowd where Harry and Liam still stood looking at the ground. I grabbed their arms and ran back into the crowd dragging them with me. I could here Ceaser's laugh and ran faster.

Once we had reached my original spot I had stopped and looked back up at the screen. "What was that about!" Harry complained. Liam sat in silence looking up at the screen with shock written all over his face. Harry continued complaining without noticing the figure on the screen

"HARRY! Look at the stupid screen!" I yelled at him. He shut up and did as I had told. His face drained all color and His eyes got bigger.

"Niall." He whispered. Niall was still alive, and in the Hunger Games.

~Louis' P.O.V. ~

I sighed when would all this dressing up stop? It was like all the Capitol cared about. I was once again put in an unusual outfit by Ivy. It was a baby blue tux with sparkles EVERYWHERE. I felt gay once again. Cynda, of course, was in a short blue glittery dress and her hair curled and flowing down her shoulders. I sighed. Would she always look better than me?

There was no time to complain though. District 14 was getting of stage and we were told to go on.  Me and Cynda walked over to Ceaser Flickerman side by side. We sat down in the chairs and he introduced us to the crowd he asked us a few questions about our district and ourselves then we were done. It went really fast. All this preparing and a fancy outfit and stuff for a three minute interview? What ever, it was over with now.


~ Note ~

Sorry for the short chapter. I hope you like it anyways! :)

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