The Never Ending Games

The capital is hungry for more districts and tributes for their games and invade England and Ireland, adding districts 14 and 15. Niall Horan must win the games but one of his best mates, Louis, is also in the games. They must face the dangers ahead in order to win. Will their friendship be able to survive the games?

Bri has missed her best friend who supposedly died in the war. But when she becomes a tribute in the games, does she find out the truth? Read to find out.

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6. Harder Than it Looks

~ Cynda's P.O.V. ~

I woke up with the sun shining brightly in my eyes. Another morning another training session. Katniss had already taught us how to build a fire and make a trap. On top of that Peeta had come and showed us some camouflage techniques and different types of knots. It felt like my mind was crammed with survival stuff already, and it was only the first day. I huffed out my breath, still 3 more days of training.

After eating breakfast with Louis, we headed out to the training area. We met Haymitch there instead of Katniss or Peeta. Great. We had to spend the day with this old drunk. I looked at Louis and he looked uncertain. I shrugged and walked over to Haymitch.

"So, Peeta said we are going to start our  offense training today." I told him.

"He also got brainwashed by the Capitol. Don't listen to him." Haymitch muttered.

"What?" Louis asked.

"Never mind. Before we get to violent, I want to talk to you." Haymitch changed the subject.

"About what?" I asked.

"Survival tips." He replied. "We will start from the beginning of the games. DON'T step off the pedestal a moment before the gong rings." He warned us.

"Why not" Louis questioned.

"You will be blown to bits" He said quickly.

"Okay then. A bit vague but you don't have to tell me twice." I replied.

"Not funny. I'm not kidding. They have landmines buried around your pedestal. They get deactivated the moment the clock hits zero." He explained.

"Okay, don't step off the pedestal too early. Got it." Louis muttered to himself.

"Next, when the gong rings, book it. Don't stop for anything. Head for water. Your gonna need it."

"How do we find water?" I asked.

"Don't ask me. I don't care how you find it, just do." I rolled my eyes at his response. Louis added this step to his mental check list.

"And hide from everyone. Don't trust anybody, not even each other." He continued.

"Why not?" I asked looking at Louis. I was planning on staying with him.

"The Capitol will only have on victor. They won't fall for any tricks. Not after Katniss and Peeta's games." He answered.

"What happened with Katniss and Peeta?" I asked, curious.

"Focus on the future not the past." He told me. "If you get to attached to your alliances, your going to be sad when they die. Katniss knows plenty about that."

"What do you mean?" Louis was just as curious as me.

"Stop asking questions and listen!" He shouted. He calmed down and continued talking. "Do you understand everything I just told you?"  We shook our heads. "Good, cause here comes Peeta." We turned around and saw Peeta heading towards us.

"I'm going to take over from here." He told Haymitch. I silently thanked him. "Go help District 14. Katniss is with 12. Haymitch silently walked away.

"I'm going to start you off on your offense training." He sold us excitedly.

~ Bri's P.O.V. ~

Haymitch had finally finished telling us his survival tips. Some of them were helpful like finding water and not stepping of the pedestal too early. But the other ones I wasn't sure of. Would I get to attached to Niall if we stayed together? What if one of us died? What would happen to the the other? I wasn't sure.

Katniss had taken Haymitch's place and we were about to start training. "I personally am trained with a bow." She told us. "So that is what I will show you first." I looked at Niall and frowned.

"Niall, I have heard you can use a bow?"

"Yeah a little." He replied.

"Good. Show me what you can do." Katniss let Niall grab the bow of the rack and step into the shooting range. There were like 10 dummies with targets on them. Niall readied the bow and took a deep breath. He shot at all the dummies as fast as he could, trying to be as accurate as possible. He hit most all of them dead center on the target, only missing two or three.

"Your turn." Katniss handed me the bow.

"Umm. I'm not very good at it." I mumbled.

"That's ok at least try." She told me.

"You can do it." Niall whispered in my ear. I calmed down and took the bow from Katniss. It was different than the ones in my district. It was heavier and made of metal, unlike the wooden ones in the district. I found it easier to control this bow but It still didn't feel natural.

I shot the arrow at the dummies trying my best. I looked at one of the dummies and kept my eye on the target, but when I shot the bow my hand slipped at the last second. The arrow went out of control hurtling past Katniss. She ducked just in time.

"Well, We can definitely improve." She said slowly.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!" I apologized.

"No one got hurt it's fine." She said. I tried to clam down and took deep breaths.

"Try this." Katniss walked over to me and helped me with the bow. "Hold it like this." She explained as she repositioned the bow in my hand. "Now take a deep breath and keep your eyes close to the bow. Keep your eye on the target." I followed her directions as best I could and when she told me to shoot, I actually hit the dummy.

I smiled. "See, that was much better." She smiled at me. "Niall can help you improve later, but I'm going to move on." She told me. She walked us over to a rack of weapons. "I am determined to find both of your strengths. Niall I think you can use a bow to show the gamemakers, but Bri I think you should use something different. I nodded my head in agreement.

"We have spears, clubs, tridents, mallets, knives, blades, etc. Choose one and begin." She motioned her hand across the training area. I took a breath and picked up a spear. Might as well start somewhere. "All you have to do is throw that spear and hit a target." Katniss told me. I looked at one of the dummies and shrugged. Didn't seem too hard. I threw the spear but it spiraled out of control just missing the dummy.

"Not your weapon. It's ok there's plenty more." Katniss stated. Niall tried the spear him self and didn't hit the target.

"Bows are so much easier." He whined.

"But there is a chance you won't get a bow in the arena. You need to learn to use other things as well." Katniss told him.


I tried the trident and clubs and other things but they didn't work either. It was a lot harder than it looked. There was only one more thing to try. The knives and blades. I realized how easily the knife fit in my hand. My dad used to be a taxidermist. He used knives all the time. He had taught my brother how to hunt with bows and stuff and me how to use the knife to do the taxidermy.

I slid the knife into my hand. I stepped in place ready to throw the knife. Katniss and Niall watched me as I was about to throw it. I steadied my eyes on the target and breathed in slowly. If this didn't work I had no weapon that would help me survive the games.

I slowly raised my hand and then threw it with my eye still on the target. I opened my eyes and saw that it hit near the middle of the target, only inches away from the bulls-eye. I jumped up and ran towards Niall. I had never realized that what my father had taught me would actually help in the games.

"You did it!" He cheered hugging me.

"I did it!"

"Congrats. Now that you have some sort of talent with a knife, I can help you improve." Katniss came up behind me. Now me and Niall had a weapon we could use.

Katniss calmed us down and talked to us. "While trowing knives is quite dangerous. You still need to know how to fight with them in close range to a person." She told me. "And not only will you need to shoot your bow at animals but also humans. Shooting humans is a lot different than shooting animals." She told Niall.

The rest of the day I worked on using knives and blades while Niall practiced with the bow. Even though I was better with a knife than any other weapon, I still had a lot of work to do. I watched as Katniss demonstrated a move with the bow to Niall. She was amazing! She was truly talented with that weapon and I wondered if Niall would learn to be just like her.

I practiced throwing the knives until Katniss and Niall came over. "You may head back upstairs for today." She told me. "You both have done well today." She dismissed us and we gladly went upstairs to eat.

Once again we were accompanied by Peeta at diner with Fusia and Isabella. We talked about training and how well we were doing. I shared how I learned to use a knife and commented on Niall's skills. He blushed. "You're doing really well with the knives. I sure wouldn't want to be near you if you had one in your hand." He told me.

"Thanks, my dad used them along time ago." I told him.

"Well we found your talent!" He winked at me.

I laughed. "I guess so." Once we had finished I went to bed in the silky pajamas that were once again laid out on my bed. I thought about what the arena would be like and who the District 15 tributes were. I hope Cynda was ok. Were ever she was.

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