The Run Away Children

Elizabeth was young and fullish. She had a fight with her parents and decided to go and live her own life, she didn't realize that that drastic measure could change her whole life.


6. The plan

© BlueSunset


That day I spent most of the time avoiding Nic. Mostly because I was furious with him, about him kissing Amy and then kissing me, as though that would change my mind. What does he think I am? Stupid? I'm not weak, I don't just fall for pretty compliments and kisses. It didn't matter how much I thought about what an idiot he was and how he wasn't worth it anymore, I still felt in love with him, the kiss had made my feelings stronger but I couldn't just play 'happy families' with him and pretend everything was OK after that, as though he loved me all along when actually Amy and him are practically eating each other's faces off.

When all the boys were off hunting, I went over to all of the head girls in each cabin and told them to come the next day in our cabin with their eldest boy to have an announcement and that they had to come after midnight. Midnight was the perfect time, the guards would always snooze off and no one would realise all of the eldest would be rounded up and having a meeting.

The next day, Grace dropped the children off at Cabin 8's, where there was a 13 year old who would look after them and they would sleep better than having twenty-four young  adults discussing stuff.

Then we both prepared the cabin, making it look better than what it was. Cleaning the floor so the others could sit without having mud on their bums. We cut more wood to have it a little bit warmer.

Midnight passed and our door was knocked on every few minutes, the cabin soon filling up with people. Whispers were flooding the room, giggling and laughing as well.

Once everyone had arrived, I stood up on top of our table to have everyone's attention. Soon, everyone began to lower their voices.

'Welcome, everyone.' I said nervously, I never really liked talking to crowds even though they weren't a huge one. 'I know you have all been wondering why we've told you all to come, especially so late... The truth is, after such a long period of time losing hope... We have found something that has given us hope again.'

There was a long silence. People gazed at me, their eyes wide open in the dim light. The door opened as Amy and Nic came in, which made my nervousness vanish and only made me more confident.

'Last Sunday, Grace and I found something we didn't intend to find. We found a large gap in the fencing that runs through the middle of the lake.' I paused as people gasped and began to chatter. I spoke louder to get their attention once again. 'However. This oppertunity must be meticulously planned, as anything can go wrong. If anyone tries to escape unsuccesfully tomorrow or the day after, they will discover the gap and therefore no one else will be able to escape. For that reason, I have got a suggestion-'

'Who says we need to hear your suggestion?' a voice said. 'Are you suddenly the leader or something.'

There were voices of rage rushing through the room until Grace stood up on the table and yelled.

'She's not the bloody leader, she's giving a suggestion. It isn't like you lot have had any ideas about escaping, you're here clueless. Now bloody listen to what she has to say, then complain.'

Everyone fell silent as Grace slowly went off the table with assurence, smiling.

'Thank you, Grace.' I cleared my throat. 'I only want to give my opinion, my suggestion on what we should do in order for all of us to escape and believe me, I've been thinking about this ever since I found that hole.' Well, that was a bit of a white lie, really.

'Tell us your plan then, lass.' a voice from the back said.

'My plan. My plan is, next Sunday. Next Sunday we gather all our things together, food, clothing, water... Everything. We need to be prepared to survive. We put our things in boxes or fishing nets or baskets, whatever. But the basic thing is, we need to set fire to the camp.'

Everyone began to protest.

She's gone mad. We're all doomed. We're never getting out of here.

'Guys, guys.' I said, trying to hush them down again. 'Burning our homes would be a distraction to the guards. They will all be trying to get people out of the cabins and putting out the fires, therefore... No guards will be keeping an eye on anyone who is trying to escape. We can all escape.'


© BlueSunset


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