The Run Away Children

Elizabeth was young and fullish. She had a fight with her parents and decided to go and live her own life, she didn't realize that that drastic measure could change her whole life.


4. Holy Day is Washing Day

© BlueSunset


Two weeks had passed. The weather was getting colder and colder. We'd wake up to frost and mist. We'd only drink hot water to keep our bodies warm, but it didn't taste nice at all.

Many people were falling ill, but Grace went over to visit each cabin to see if she could help. I would go and play with the children, running to keep them warm. We never saw Nic and Amy that much, only at supper time.

Grace and I went offto talk to Marcus to fetch us some wool. Marcus was the only goodie boy we  trusted, he helped many people get medicine and stuff. Though, when he got caught he'd get a beating and wasn't seen for a week. But he didn't care, as long as he helped others. He provided us with wool every week. We made clothes for the young ones and made our quilt. When he'd give us wool we'd both give him a kiss that would make him blush in the cold.

On Sundays, we were alowed to stop working until midday and do whatever activities we wanted. Apart from escaping, of course.

Grace and I would take the kids and give them a wash in the lake while we would wash our dirty clothes. We too would have a wash, but when no one was around. We didn't want anyone to observe us.

We would also go to the woods and cut some wood for our cooker. We'd try and make things out of the wood too, things like boxes and chairs. We made our table ourselves.


One cold Sunday, after the kids had bathed and were sent to the cabin to warm up infront of the fire, Grace and I were left in the cold lake. We were spalshing about and diving under water. I opened my eyes to take her by the feet and make the fall and we'd giggle together. Grace stood next to the fencing that was in the middle of the lake and smiled.

I leaned against the fence and gazed at her.

"What do you think Amy and Nic are up to?"

"I don't know, I can't believe Nic can fall for such a cow." I said angrily.

"She isn't that bad."

"I don't like her at all, the way she treats the kids is awful."

"She told  them a story the other day." Grace said, trying to make out that Amy was such an angel.

"Yeah, about her going to Paris and living the life of Riley."

Grace looked at me and smiled. "You're jealous, aren't you?"


"Yes you are! I know you too well, you've had a crush on Nic ever since. Don't try to deny it!"

"I don't!"

"Yes you do!" She then splashed me.

We started splashing, giggling. Grace then pushed my head down underwater. I opened my eyes. There was a gap in the fence! Enough for one person to get through! That's how animals get to the woods, through the lake!

I forced my head up out of the water. Grace still giggling but stopped.

"What's wrong? What's happened?!"

"There's a hole in the fence."

Grace's face lit up. We both hugged each other and jumped. That was it, we could get out of there!

We both swam out of the lake and put our clothes on, we then ran off to our cabin to tell Nic, but he was no where to be seen.

The kids were sleeping on the bed. I woke Sam up to ask him where Nic was, but he said that even he hadn't seen him all day.

I told Grace to stay in the cabin and that I'd go and look for Nic. I was so happy, we could finally get out of this dump. We could finally be a family like we wanted to be. We'd all live in a beautiful apartment, we'd have enough food to eat and a warm house! Everything would be beautiful, just how we'd imagined it to be.

I looked around the forrest and asked everyone if they'd seen Nic. I was starting to get worried, but at the same time I was over joyed.

I was about to walk to Cabin 7 to see if they'd seen Nic when I heard a noise coming from the outside toilet. I hesitated if I should open the door or not. I opened the door slowly and peeked through. I was gobsmacked and began to cry a little. Nic had Amy's legs around his waist and they were passionately kissing. Surprisingly, they weren't naked. Still, it hurt. I didn't just have a crush on him, but I loved him. I fantasized on us being together and looking after everyone, being madly in love, escaping together and growing old together. Just seeing that made me die inside.

I slammed the door shut and sprinted off. I could hear Nic calling my name, telling me to stop running. I ran to one of the trees by the lake and sobbed. How could he not notice that loved him, not her. wasn't the one who was playing the one who was playing with his feelings, she was.

I crawled up into a ball and cried myself to sleep.


© BlueSunset

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