The Run Away Children

Elizabeth was young and fullish. She had a fight with her parents and decided to go and live her own life, she didn't realize that that drastic measure could change her whole life.


3. A new arrival

© BlueSunset


I woke up just before the irritating sound of the camp's alarm went off. I'd been up for about an hour because of the cold. The cold breeze came through the cracks of the front door and the rain leaked out of the roof. The water literally dropping at the bottom of my toes.

We all got up and got dressed in less than 5 minutes, if you were late you would be forced to work until late hours when everyone else would be in their cabins.

Nic went off to section 7 with Grace and Sam,I went off with the others to section 10. The labour consisted in just moving rocks and mining around. The goodie boys were aloud to keep an eye  on everyone and make sure no one tried to escape.

No one had ever escaped out of that place. Well, at least without getting caught or shot. Katherine May escaped a few months ago, they found her in less than a week lerking by trash cans looking for food. She never came back to the camp, no one had heard from her since. But everyone knew that she was dead.

No one understood what we were meant to find thereor what we were doing. Rumours said that they were preparing us for WWIII, incase they needed people to make tunnels for saving the wealthy from the invaders. Although, I honestly thought that they thought there was some kind of rare diamonds in those rocks. No one knew what they were looking for, they just thought that if they worked, some day they'd be free.

We were moving stones from one side to another when suddenly we were called to go to our cabin immediately.

We were forced to sit on the wet ground in front of our cabin with obese idiots infront of us. I had no idea what was going to happen. Neither of us did.

Tommy put his hands around mine and leaned his head on my arm, his body shivering. "It's going to be okay, I promise." I whispered in his ear. I tried to comfort him when even I was scared of what wasgoing to proceed.

A black car turned up at the gate and a familiar pale woman came out. The woman was called Lucretia. She was the so called "spokeswoman" of the owners of the camp. She had short red hair and a weird tast in fashion. She'd usually have this evil smile with her yellow teeth that made her look like a psycopathic clown.

"You might be wondering why I've called you over here." She began with her rusty voice. "I've got a little surprise for you."

Two of Lucretia's body guards opened the door of the car and stook a tall blond girl out. She was practically dragged by the men. She began kicking and screaming, cursing the guards, struggling to get herself out of their grasp.

"You've got a new room mate."

Well, this is great! I thought to myself. We can hardly feed ourselves and now we have to provide for some new girl.

I didn't say anything because I didn't want to get into more trouble, I thought that if I kept a low profile, they wouldn't expect me to escape again.

The guards pushed the girl to the ground and stood next to their mistress.

"Have fun." Lucretia said, walking off to her black van.

We were forced to go and finish our work, we didn't have the chance to present ourselves or anything. Not that I wanted to. I was more focused on getting us out of there than presenting myself to some girl.

5 o'clock came and the alarms went off again. We were all sent to our cabins and Nic was sent off to hunt.

We walked into the cabin to find the girl laying comfortably on our bed. She tood up and gave a smirk.

Grace came close to the girl and gave her infamous smile. "Hello, I'm Grace."

The girl turned her head and gave another smirk.

"And this is Sam, Katie, Melissa and Tommy." Grace said, trying to encourage the girl to speak.

The girl stood up and looked at Grace. "When's food? I'm starving."

"Nic is hunting now, so we'll be eating at about six or seven." Grace replied.

The girl nodded and layed back on the bed.

The kids were exhausted and they always got a nap as soon as we were back in the cabin. I was furious that that egoistic idiot would be so selfish.

"Can you get off the bed?" I said rudely.

"No, I'm resting."

"Well, could you please rest somewhere else because there are other people who want to rest who need it more than you do."

"They can sleep on the floor, can't they?"

My desire to slap her almost overcame me. "Look you self-centered cow. You get off the bed right now or I'm going to throw you off it."

The girl stood up and walked off outside. "Uh, touchy touchy."

I didn't want to make a scene in front of the kids, so I just put them in the bed and put the covers over them. They were asleep in no time.


Nic came in with the girl an hour later, chatting away. I kind of figured out that he'd like her. Over the months I noticed that he was into those girls. Blond, long hair, skinny bodies, big boobs, selfish personalities.

I stared at them as they giggled and chatted away. I was there, cooking with Grace. Stabbing the rabbit, imagining it was her.

We then all ate around the cooker. Tommy half asleep on my lap.

"Amy was a child star, you know? She's worked with Disney and Universal, amazing isn't it?" Nic said, his eyes shinning.

"When did you start, Amy?" Grace asked enthusiasticly.

"Oh, I was about eight years old. I had always wanted to be an actrice, so my Mum set me up at an agency and then my career began. Last year I'd just started modelling for big brands. It has been really exciting."

"Amazing. You must get so much attention from everyone." Nic said.

"Yeah, I do. But I tend to get lonely. Sometimes I just wish I could wake up next to someone everyday who loves me."

Nic was beaming. You could notice he was falling for her. I couldn't stand the flirting, so I just tucked Tommy in bed and told the little ones to go to bed too.

Grace and Nic were talking to Amy all night. Chatting about Amy's success and adventures in the big world.

When we went to bed, Amy huggled up to Nic and took all of our knitted quilt for herself and him. Leaving the kids cold.

Was this how it was going to be? Our family was perfect before that girl came. Was our whole lives going to evolve around her?


© BlueSunset

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