The Run Away Children

Elizabeth was young and fullish. She had a fight with her parents and decided to go and live her own life, she didn't realize that that drastic measure could change her whole life.


1. The failed escape

© BlueSunset


I had my hands tied back with an itchy rope, I was being dragged by the fat deformed soldier. I kept my head down, not because I didn't want to see the sweaty, obese, devil's face, because my spine was hurting after being whipped.

The camp wasn't a nice place. Children who had run away from their homes had been snatched to this rat infested place. Boys were crying on the dirt floor, their muscles aching painfully after working hard in the boiling sun. Girls cried themselves to sleep, wishing they hadn't abandoned their loving families and their warm homes.

I had been stuck in that hell hole for 4 months. Kids in the camp looked up to me because I never cried when I was hurt and in pain, I never moaned when I was struck with the whip. I didn't cry because I had no tears left. Since I arrived to this wicked place, I cried every single day for a week. I stoped crying, not because I wanted to, but because I became so dehidrated that my eyes didn't offer tears anymore.

"You little bitch. Try escaping again and we'll cut your left hand off." the sweaty oger shouted in his squeeky voice. A boy who tried to escape 3 months ago cut the fatty's testicles with his pen knife, ever since he's had a high voice.

"If you cut my hand off I won't be able to carry your damn rocks." I mumbled. I was in enough trouble, I didn't need anymore whipping.

I'd tried to escape 7 times before, I'd been caught in all of my chances. Whether it was by the hounds or one of the goodie boys taddle-told the fat ogers.

The last time I'd tried to escape it took one of my friend's lives. She tried to get through the gate's gap but one of the ogers saw her and shot her in the head. Ever since then I promised myself that I would get out of that evil place with as many children as possible and tell her parents what happened to her. They deserved to know.

"Here you go, lass. And don't you go tryin' to get out again, I will have you killed."

The fat sweaty oger pushed me into the mud and locked the gate. As I got up, everyone stared at me. Some people with amazement that I hadn't escaped, some people with disgusted faces as if I had just done a crime. I put my head up and walked off to my cabin, my five little disciples following my footsteps.


© BlueSunset

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