Untitled Project

Det var sådan set skrevet for sjovt, men folk så ud til at nyde det, og bad rent faktisk om at læse mere. Så det er en historie, jeg er begyndt at skrive på. Ved ikke hvad den ender med, da jeg bare tager et kapitel ad gangen.
Men den handler om det typiske zombie udbrud, og hvordan folk prøver at overleve.


1. Prologue

The city had been silent. Too silent. It resembled the nuclear testing’s in the 50’s. Empty houses with shattered windows, mangled furniture and distorted mannequins in scorched housewife dresses; frightening and unreal. None of them had expected this would happen or even could happen. When science fiction becomes reality… you know you’re in deep shit.
14 hours ago the city was a warzone. Screams filled the buildings that were now empty apart from the occasional body torn limb from limb. They had come with fury and hunger. Not even the 400 troops were able to hold them back. Like a nuclear bomb they left the city in ruins. All you could hear now, if you listened very carefully, were footsteps. Someone was running but it was not them…

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