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Det var sådan set skrevet for sjovt, men folk så ud til at nyde det, og bad rent faktisk om at læse mere. Så det er en historie, jeg er begyndt at skrive på. Ved ikke hvad den ender med, da jeg bare tager et kapitel ad gangen.
Men den handler om det typiske zombie udbrud, og hvordan folk prøver at overleve.


3. Chapter 2.

Chapter 2.

”His fever is rising.”

She took a wet hand towel, folded it and put it on his forehead. Eli could tell that she was worried. Then again, she was always worried. But this it was a different kind of worry, as if she knew, this wasn’t going to end well.

“I just don’t understand how you could let this happen, Eli!”

Through her frustration, she was now pointing fingers at him. Their son is sick, so naturally it’s his fault. He took their son out for a fieldtrip to the city. He wanted to go to the zoo to see the tigers. What kind of a father would deny his son that?

 It was Saturday; the weather was warm so he took the opportunity to spend some time with Douglas. Douglas was ecstatic, when they finally reached the zoo. The entire drive there involved the mandatory behavior of a six year old going “ Are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET? AREWETHEREYET?!”  Though it was annoying, Eli enjoyed seeing his son be so excited about something. It was the first time Douglas was going to the city, it was his first trip to the zoo, so Eli wanted to make it a day Douglas would always remember. He hadn’t been there much for him, and Eli believed it was a way to make it up for him.

When they reached the city, the streets seemed awkwardly quiet. Maybe not quiet, but definitely quieter than usual. Traffic was always horrible on Saturdays, but not today. There were a few cars in front of him. No lines, no jams. He wondered what was up; maybe there’s a huge concert at the dome, and people have gone to that? He hadn’t heard of any, but then again, he had lost contact with the city after he had moved back home to be with Douglas and his wife. He still hadn’t gotten used to living in the suburbs and sometimes missed the city. The street musicians. The cars. The constant yelling of hobos and drunkards. The fighting on the streets and every other type of noise the city was able to make.   

But today, it was quiet. People were walking with blank stares. He noticed some of them looked sickly. Not all of them. But the ones he could pick out from the small crowd of pedestrians, he could tell they weren’t doing so well. It was probably flu season. That’s the downside of living in the city. When an epidemic of the flu begins, sooner or later everyone catches it. He began to worry about Douglas, hoping they wouldn’t catch anything; his wife would kill him if he brought home a sick son. He turned on the radio and tried to forget about her and his normal fatherly worries of sickness and “what if’s”.

The drive hadn’t taken long, but Eli was relieved when he saw the parking lot and the entrance to the zoo. Something in him set of an alarm, he wasn’t sure of what it was, but didn’t feel right. The lot was empty. He sighed in frustration. It was just so fucking typical that the day he decides to take Douglas out and go to the Zoo, they’re closed. What fucking luck! He still decided to park his car and go up to the booth. Maybe they weren’t closed. Maybe … maybe people just decided to leave their cars at home. He knew it sounded ridiculous, but was not about to give up. As he unbuckled Douglas’s seatbelt he thought about a Plan B; maybe they could go to the park instead, he did want to disappoint Douglas, and he really needed to spend some time with him without her nearby leaning over the both of them like hawk. Why was he with her again?

When they reached the front gates of the zoo there was a laminated piece of paper hanging there. He read it while mumbling to himself. Apparently a lot of the animals had gotten sick, so they decided to close the Zoo. “FUCK!” he thought, just his luck. An entire zoo filled with sick animals.
His inner alarm should have screamed at him to just go home! , but he was too stubborn and decided to opt for Plan B instead.

“I’m sorry Douglas. But we can’t go to the zoo today. They’re closed. The tigers are really really sick. You know, like when you’re sick and you have to stay in bed all day to feel better? Well,  so do the tigers.”

He could see disappointment all over his sons face. There’s nothing more devastating than letting your child down. But he reassured Douglas that they would still have a great time. He left his car at the parking lot, took Douglas by the hand and went to the park.




It had all happened so fast. He wasn’t even sure how it had happened, but he was pissed. He had shouted at the woman to control her fucking brat and that she wasn’t fit to be a mother. What kind of lunatic does that?! She was shocked, naturally. She didn’t expect a reaction like that from a full grown man, but then again , it was the city; there a lunatics lurking in every corner.
He grabbed Douglas and flipped her off. Douglas wasn’t crying. He didn’t even seem to care about what had just happened. He just wanted to go back and play on the swings again. Eli got down, took out a paper handkerchief and wiped Douglas’s face.
“What kind of a retard sneezes someone in their face?” he said to himself. In the midst of his own teenage bitchfit, he forgot to ask Douglas if he was alright. It didn’t matter to Eli, because he wasn’t alright.

“Okay, kid. I think it’s time we head on back home. Mom’s waiting with dinner.”  Douglas was making a fuss about it, as kids usually do, so Eli picked him up and started heading for the car.
While getting him the car, Eli noticed that Douglas was starting to look a little pale. “Great, that fucking little retard from the park infected him with the flu. Just what I need right now; Douglas getting sick and her on my back about it. I’m really shit out of luck these days.” He started laughing, because that was the only thing he really could do.
He got in the car and drove home. In the rearview mirror, he could see that Douglas wasn’t doing too well. He was really pale now and quiet. Douglas was never quiet, even when sick. He would always find energy to talk Eli’s ears off. Always. Eli started to think about the people on the streets in the city. They looked just like Douglas. He hoped it was just the flu and that it would be all over in a couple of days




“His fever is rising.”

“I know that Clare! You keep telling me that every goddamn minute! What do you want me to do?! Tell me and I’ll do it! Do NOT make this my fault. I did nothing wrong, I just wanted what was best for Douglas. I wanted him to have some fun!”

“Oh, maybe you should have thought of that before you fucked that girl and left us, Eli! You did nothing wrong?! YOU DID EVERYTHING WRONG! And now you’ve brought a sick son home to me. You don’t care about anything, do you? How could you let this happen?!”

The fights. That was what their entire relationship had amounted to. You wanted to communicate with her, you needed to scream it at her, or otherwise she wouldn’t listen. Constructive criticism was only taken, if you degraded her first. This wasn’t about Douglas being sick. It was about their relationship being sick. Maybe he should just leave her again. Maybe they’re both better off, if he just wasn’t living with them anymore. He shook his head and looked at her,

“This isn’t the time, Clare. Look at him. I’ve never seen the flu do something like this to someone. I think we need to take him to the hospital.”

Douglas was sleeping. Eli couldn’t help but think that it looked like Douglas was dead. A horrible thought coming from a father, but there was something extremely wrong. He touched Douglas and he was burning, but not moving. He looked at his sons chest; not moving.

He had tuned out Clare’s voice, while looking at Douglas. She was mad at him and had ranted on and on and on about all the things he had ever done wrong.

“Clare, shut the fuck up and look at your son.”

So she did. She sat beside him on the bed and touched his forehead, he was still burning. She didn’t know what Eli was talking about. She had rested her hand on Douglas’s chest, and just as she was about to say something to the man that had abandoned her, she realized what he meant; their son had stopped breathing.




He didn’t know how much time had passed. It seemed like days even though everything went in slow motion. She had freaked out. Became hysterical. Started hitting and crying how he had killed their son. It was his fault, all of it. He had grabbed her. Comforted her. For the first time since he was a kid, he had cried. It didn’t even occur to them to call for an ambulance. Somebody had to come and pick Douglas up. Somebody had to take him away. He had sat with her on the edge of the bed, this was the closest he had felt to her since the day he had met her. He looked at his watch, a couple of hours had gone by with them just sitting there. In the same position. Not moving. Together.

Finally, he got up. He got out his cell phone and with his teary vision he dialed 911. He had to step out for a minute. Suddenly, he couldn’t be in the same room with them. Her.
He wanted to leave, to just run away and leave everything behind. It was his fault. He couldn’t deny it. He didn’t want to deny it. It was all him.

He got through to dispatch, and just as he was about to tell them what had happened, he heard he screaming. Not like she usually does when she’s angry. This was out of pain. He ran into the room and was paralyzed by what he saw.
She was frantically throwing herself around the room, screaming in pain, there was blood everywhere on her. He didn’t want to believe what he was seeing. It was a bad horror movie. It wasn’t real. Douglas was hanging on her, like a ragdoll. His arms around her neck, clawing into her chest, while devouring pieces of her neck. His six year old son, was eating his own mother. Strips of flesh was hanging down his chin as he made gurgling noises.


Eli didn’t know what to do. There was so much blood. She was all over the room. She feel down to her knees, with Douglas still hanging on. His face was unrecognizable, red with blood, covered in flesh and muscles. When Eli had finally found the strength to move, she had stopped. Lying on their bedroom floor, with their son on top of her. He did what no father should ever have to do.
He grabbed the heaviest object near him, a statue of an infant in the arms of its parents. What irony.

 His mind had gone blank. Every thought was gone. No sound. No emotion. Only action.
He lifted the statue and hit Douglas in the head with it.

As he bashed his skull in, all he could scream was “ I’M SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!”
He would never forget the sound of the cracking, as his sons head started to cave in.  He stopped. But Douglas didn’t. As Eli took a step back, realizing what he had done. His little monster of a son came leaping at him with vengeance. Again and again, Eli smashed the statue into Douglas’s head. Until there was nothing more left of it, than pieces of skull and brains scattered all around him.

When silence finally hit. He dropped the red alabaster statue. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. But he knew it was the only right thing he could have done.


It would later occur to Eli that he had only done two things right in his life: having his son and killing him.

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