This is a Twilight slow moving (realistic) slash Alice/Bella fic.

"I ran harder and faster, there was something inside of me that was urging me to drive myself to the fullest, something inside of me that wanted an out…And so I let it."Wolf Bella, Shiftier Quileutes,Vampire Cullens. Follow Bella as she battles to become apart of society again after an unthinkable change happens in her life.You wont find anything like this elsewhere, I guarantee it. **RATED R FOR SAFE REASONS**


1. The Run


Disclaimer: Any and all Places or people that are familiar or similar to the Stephanie Meyers twilight series are hers. I'm just borrowing them and take no credit for using the min my story. Any characters and places that are unfamiliar are mine.

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A/N, So just a heads up the first parts of the story Is in Bella’s point of view. Then we will get to see what’s happening with Alice during the same time. This will continue until they become friends. There will be two OC's in this story, one is a Main and the other a SubMain. This story is slightly AU (Alternate Universe) meaning that  I follow only some of the key points that Stephanie Meyer used in her series.

The Run

I’ve always been like this, okay not really always but it’s been a very long time. It’s been long enough for me to come to the conclusion that it’s who I am, what I am. I never thought anything of it. Two years in this form, in this once foreign body, is nothing but normal to me now, running until sunrise, sleeping during the day, feasting during twilight hour. Even if two years is technically not enough time to be considered a long time, it is to me a 17 year old.

How’d I get like this you ask?  I’ll tell you, but I warn you now things always manage to happen for a reason.

It all started 13 weeks after my 15th birthday. Talk about bad omen. Strange things were happening to me in the weeks previous of my change. One, my reflexes increase by tenfold. That’s saying a lot considering I’m one of the clumsiest people you’ll ever come across. My strength was increased but not by an insane amount. And one thing in particular I was always hot, as conceded as it is to say that I’m not talking about my physical appearance, I’m talking about my overall body temperature. It was so hot that a basic thermometer wasn’t able to pick up on it; I wasn’t feeling sick so there was no real reason to go to a doctor to check up on it. But then everything just started to get out of control, quite literally.

It happened on a Thursday, the last day of my miserable 8th grade year. And to top it off with a pretty little cherry my mom decided that she had enough of bright, dry, hot sunny Arizona and was aiming to move to muggy hot, sunny Florida with her ‘hot’ boy toy. Of Corse I didn’t know this until I got home that evening.

 She told me:

“Bella we’re moving.” Simply summarized, she went on and on about how she hated being in Arizona and blah, blah, blah, a whole bucket of crap served with whipped cream. That didn’t bother me though; I was also tired of being in Arizona. I was tired of the bullying, and being an outcast. I thought (how silly of me) that I could start over if I moved with them to Florida, but that wasn’t going to happen; no not on my mom’s watch she, not surprisingly, wasn’t finished:

 “When I say we, I mean myself and Phil.”

That was a first; she always made an effort to include me everywhere she and her boy toy would go. Maybe she’s finally desperate enough to ship me away to some god forsaken land.

“You’re going to live with your dad up in Forks, Washington.”

Yeap god forsaken indeed, what did she tell me? Oh yea:

“You’ll love it up there. The sun hardly shows if ever, so no one can make fun of your super white skin, it rains almost all year, you like the rain don’t you Hun?”

I only hummed at her in reply. Come to think about it I hadn’t spoken a word to her that day and I didn’t change that factor either as I walked quickly around her so I could go down the hallway to my room. I grabbed my green iPod Nano and swiftly made my way out of my room and around my mother to go through the front door that I was standing by just a moment ago. Slamming the door shut I walked, I walked for maybe five minutes before it started to turn into a run.

At that time, as I grew angry or frustrated with something I would get a faint but annoying buzzing noise in my head, and when it stopped it left behind a head splitting headache. I found that if I walked or ran that the headache would go away, but it didn’t that time. So I kept running and I found myself in the forest next to the city of Phoenix, Renee and Phil would come here to camp and would bring me along as well a few times. I believe it’s called Tonto but that’s beside the point.

Something strange happened when I entered the forest. Everything about me changed, I felt everything in myself become alive. The buzzing in my head increased but I kept running, I could hear the birds clearly but there wasn’t any around me that I could tell in the thick over top branches.  My eye site changed as well. I could clearly see the detail in the bark of the trees, in the dead leaves on the floor, it was all so strange. But with all of the other strange occurrences I accepted it without complaining.  I didn’t stop though to marvel at these new abilities that I’ve gained, I actually ran harder and faster, there was something inside of me that was urging me to drive myself to the fullest, something inside of me that wanted an out…


And so I let it.


 In the time between running like a normal human being to running like a mad animal, was and still is a complete blur to me, I can’t quite come up with the right words to use to describe the feeling, besides maybe that I quite literally exploded out of my own skin. To say the change was painful is a complete understatement.

 If I thought my body temperature was hot I was mistaken, I was burning up. The white frost looking fur that magically appeared on my skin was hot as hell, I was afraid that I would die of my own heat. I stopped running at this point, the buzzing in my head stopped and so did the headache.

Turning around I noticed that my clothes where ripped into shreds as if an animal had attacked me, I thought that if I left it there it would be an easy explanation for my disappearance. There was no way in hell that I was going to stick around a forest in one of the hottest places in the United States. I went up to my clothes and tried to remember which pocket I place my Nano in, I decided that I would just shuffle my nose around my clothes not trusting my overly huge paws to do the work.  It took only a moment for me to find it but when I did I was finding it difficult to pick it up without damaging it. So I sat down with a huff, stirring up so leaves around me.  I glared at the Nano debating if I should leave it or try and find a way to bring it with me.

Thumping my tail hard on the ground, the heat and the inability of using my thumbs were getting to me. So I left it, I left my rock, my only piece of sanity. Deep down I knew I could live without it, that I would make it through this new thing just fine. But there was also that little piece of doubt, that little voice that you always tell to shut up, telling me it was going to be one hell of hard and long journey ahead of me, but I accepted that. And I ran northwest towards what I hoped was the Grand Canyon.

It took me only 6 hours to get to my first river, and seeing that was heaven. I jumped in it and splashed around awkwardly as I tried to understand how to properly do the doggy paddle. It wasn’t so hard with my massive paws it just felt a bit uncomfortable at first. I spent a good ten minutes just swimming in a circle, occasionally diving down a foot or two to scare the native fish. After deciding that I was indeed much cooler I swam to the bank and shook all of the water from my fur and continued my journey to the Grand Canyon.

I would occasionally jump back into the water loving how icy it felt to my burning skin, I didn’t stay as long as I did the first time around, I knew that in about 2 hours the sun would be setting and I would have to rest and find something to eat. The thought of eating turned my stomach. I knew in my condition I couldn’t just walk into, say a burger joint, and expect to get fed. No I was going to have to find some food out here. And the only thing out here besides trees, dirt and rocks were the wild life. And by wildlife I mean foxes, mountain lions, snakes, and other ‘wonderful’ reptilian species.  But I could live off of that right? That one guy on TV did it all the time, what was his name Bear Grillisk or something? Whatever back to my point, I needed to learn how to hunt.

And hunt I did, I won’t bore you with the gruesome details, but know that I ate and I ate well, and very messily. Oh well it was something new to me so tough luck on my part. Killing my prey was easy, seeing how I’m a 10 foot sparkling white wolf, okay maybe not sparkling, but I was white as hell. I just let my instinct kick in and I was off. The only bother was the blood on my fur, I found it revolting. I found it easier to wash it off at the river but I knew if I wanted to go north that I would have to learn how to eat cleaner. It was the end of twilight hour as I finished cleaning myself in the river.  I was tired and had a full belly, what other reason did I need to find a spot to sleep? I nestled myself at the base of an old sycamore tree, it wasn’t very comfortable but it wasn’t really uncomfortable either but I slept, and I slept for a long time.


This routine lasted until I got to the Grand Canyon. Stupid me I forgot how populated that place was during the summer months.  Because of this I had to switch up my sleep routine. So now I was sleeping during the day in an indent along the canyon walls and exploring the place at night.

I don’t know what’s so great about the Grand Canyon during the day. During the night is when all the animals come out to play. Play? Well not really, more like hide and seek from Bella and her appetite. I’ll admit, even if it is a bit disturbing it did taste pretty good, I could always go without the blood but that’s a part of life.

Through my short journey so far, I’ve come to realize that it’s much easier and comfortable to travel at night. It was easier to slip past very populated places even though I am completely white in the shadows. And in the forests it was easier to hunt as well.

I went west from the Grand Canyon across Nevada and into California’s Sierra mountain range. There was plenty of tree coverage and hardly any people in the higher altitudes that I kept at. I headed north from there, it took me a week and a half to reach California’s northern border to Oregon. I decided that I would be more comfortable in colder climates.

I stayed about 2 months in Oregon with no problem of staying hidden from everyone, the reason I stayed was because the weather was a very nice difference from Arizona and the wild life there was much tastier. I moved up to Washington a week later staying close the eastern border as I was making my way to get closer to Ontario, Canada. I wouldn’t be staying in Ontario but I knew there was providence north of it were there was hardly any people. That way I could walk around during the day and swim in the bay whenever I felt like it.

It took me along while to make it up to that providence. Mainly because the Canadian bored is filled with people and cities. I had to be very careful moving around. I had to be tactical with my movements, something I was never great at, but maybe being a wolf would give me some advantages with that part of myself.

It took me 3 months to get to the northeastern part of Alberta. Mainly because of some heavy snow fall during the third month, the snow didn’t bother me at all, but finding food was the difficult part during the storms.

It took me a whole month and a half of slow moving to reach the border of Nunavut. It was here that I spent my two years of solitude. Within the first year of my residency there I became one with my wolf form, and because of that I was able to communicate slightly with wolfs that I passed by as well.  Most of the packs were frightened of me and my appearance. Who wouldn’t be?   

There was one pack that took me in; the alpha female circled me one day. Sniffing and checking me out, I knew she could tell that I wasn’t a normal arctic wolf or a wolf at all, but she wanted me to follow her and I did. I guess at the time she could tell I was a young wolf and in need of guidance, she took me to her pack and communicated with them. At that time I didn’t know at all with what was being ‘said’ to me. But as time passed and I became more in tune with the beast within me I started to understand, started to follow orders given to me by the older wolfs, mainly by the alphas. The female alpha has the same shiny coat that I have and the alpha male had a more cream fur coat. And at times the alphas would allow me to play with the newborn puppies; it was a way for them to recognize me as a part of their pack and family. I was considered part of their family and I enjoyed it.

That year passed without anymore interruptions. There were of Corse arguments among that pack as to who should be the new alpha, and many even wanted me to be it because of my size and youth, but I refused every time.

Towards the early middle of my second year with this pack the Female alpha confronted me, her wise spiritual voice always helped to calm me down:

“Adah” the name she gave me, she explained that it meant beautiful addition, and that I was a beautiful addition to her family.

“Although it is not uncommon for a black arctic wolf to be born, it is a terrible struggle for them to survive in a place like this one.” The alpha male explained to me a while back when I asked why all arctic wolf were so light in color, that the lighter the fur the easier it is to catch your prey, the dark you are the harder it is to blend into your surroundings, that was the reason why this pack did not consist of any darker wolves, they have perished of starvation, or left on their own in hopes of a better place.

I nodded my overly large head to confirm that I understood what she was referring to, she continued:

“I feel that this pup has a high potential to be great in his years. But if he were to stay here he will surly parish, I am asking you, as your alpha, to journey with him when he is old enough to leave the pack”

I nodded again to confirm that I understood what she had also said, and what she was hinting at.

“You will accompany him 6 moon spans from now” 6 months, wonderful “and from now until then you will become the pup sitter” I whined at this new information, but stopped immediately when I received a growl as a response.

“Quiet Adah, you should be proud that I want you to be the pup sitter that is a very valuable job in this pack, must I remind you who it is that are our packs future?”

   I shook my head no. I knew that being the sitter was probably the most honorable position you could get besides being a beta*. As the sitter the alpha was putting the pup’s lives in your hands. It would be your responsibilities that nothing would hurt the pups. You were in fact acting as their guardian. So I guess there really wasn’t anything to complain about right? Pshh riigghhtt…


   They were crawling all over me, biting my ears when that could climb to them, pulling as hard as they could on my tail, they were even pulling my fur. It was cute at first, but it’s already been at least two hours. And the things they were doing to me were starting to make certain parts of my body tender. It was as if I was an indestructible unfeeling gigantic teddy wolf for them to play with! It was maddening and the thought that I was going to have to do this for 6 months was a maddening thought all together. I love the pups, I really do. But their TEETH! They are all so sharp it actually hurts! Of course they couldn’t do any lasting damage. It was a feat that came to a surprise to us whole as a pack. Any time I would get a scratch or a cut or any sort of damage to myself it would heal right before everyone’s eyes.

One of the elder wolfs, who recently came back from going on a journey to search for better lands told me about my fast healing. Four months after being assigned pup sitter.

His old wispy voice made it impossible to believe that he could ever lie.

“I have seen others like you young Adah, but they are not in tune with their inner wolf as you are. But they know how to revert back into their human form. Something you must learn before you lose your human self altogether.”

I never thought that that could be possible. The thought of changing back never actually crossed my mind at all. I don’t understand why. I just felt, and still do, so at peace with myself and everything around me. I had nothing to worry about, nobody here judged me, no one here bullied me to do things for then that I didn’t want to do, no one laughed at my abnormal pale skin. Why would there be any need to change back?

“I found these children of the moon on the western border of Washington, close to the city forks where there are hardly any people residing there. An ideal place to be, there are dense forests and a plentiful food supply.”

Forks Washington, the place my father resides in. it seemed as if no matter what I did I was going to have to go to forks anyways… joyful.

“That’s where my father lives.” I replied in my best attempt to actually speak.

“Good” he replied a thoughtful look in his eye. “If you could reconnect with him once you have your body in control you could live with him as initially planned. It would give the alphas a piece of mind if you would try so this way you would have a place where you won’t be helpless and alone in your human form.”

The elder wolf walked away most likely to tell the alphas of his telling to me. He left me in the same sitting position and left me to my thoughts. Why would he, Charlie my biological father, bring me in after my sudden disappearance for so long?  No doubt he’s already moved on by now. How would he react if I just showed up on his front door step, stinking like I haven’t had a proper shower in months and with a black arctic wolf at my side? Oh yes he would defiantly NOT have a heart attack at seeing  his supposed dead child and if that didn’t get him to have a mild stroke I’m sure my ‘companion’ would do the trick just by site.

I huffed at that thought. Because of my deep musing I was slightly startled by four not so little and slightly heavy pups ramming into my side. Trying and failing to get me to roll onto my side. But I gave them the wanting affect and dramatically rolled over onto my back. I was once again tackled by the chaotic 4, one black Ciar and the 3 cream pups, Sandy, Mocha and Skye. I surrendered myself to them so that they could do whatever they wanted. Strangely though, Ciar the most active of the four stretched out and let out a large yawn as he made himself comfortable on my chest and fell asleep. The other three pups started whining at him, but they only received a swish of his tail in response. If Ciar were ever to be human I bet he would be just like me when it came to sleeping. If I was tired I would sleep regardless if it was the right place or time. And there was nothing anyone could do about it. But being on my back was an uncomfortable feeling and I didn’t like it at all, so I rolled over. Ciar slid right off onto the cool ground, and got up annoyingly. He sat close to my maw and spoke to me.

“Mother says we will be leaving in two moon spans just the two of us. Do you know why?”

Ciar, as energetic and lazy as he was, always had such a great observation skill that his brother and sisters lagged. It made him sound so much older and wiser then he really was.

“She wants you to live. And having dark fur lessens that chance by a lot where we live” I replied

“But why would she make you go with me? I am quite capable of taking care of myself.”

“It’s not just you who she’s trying to help. Have you not noticed my size Ciar? I am much larger than the polar bears and not only that but I tower over our own alphas, with your observation skills I am certain that you have notice that something is not right.” I was getting a bit defensive, I didn’t fully understand why but I felt the need to defend the reason of leaving myself.

“I have, and out of courtesy I did not ask. But…” he drifted off. He seemed uncertain of how to ask or if he should ask. Instead of completing his question he once again stretched out on his tummy. And just watched what was happening across the field from us. Regardless I answered his open question.

“I was once human Ciar, still am.” I told him about my life. We would be traveling together soon, so why not, I’ve known him his entire life but he knew nothing of me. We spent the rest of the next two weeks just talking and answering questions.  And before we knew it, it was already time to leave the pack all together.

I promised the alphas that I would try to reconnect with Charlie my father but I didn’t promise that everything would work out perfectly. They understood of Corse, because even in the world of wolves embracing a lost pup was highly impossible.

We said our goodbyes and wishes were given, with one finally good bye and thanks to the alphas we made our way southwest towards Washington.

Because of the summer season, we made it across Alberta in no time, I took us only two moths even though we were going at a leisure pace. With Ciar by my side the trip was quite fun, he was the friend I’ve always wanted and finally had. He was my new rock. Rather he knew it or not, I had a deep connection with him and I would even consider him to be my own adopted little brother.

When we finally made it into Washington State he went off on his own just a bit ahead of me to become familiar with the new scents. He found a lizard commonly known as a western skink. I had seen some similar to these in Arizona but never bothered with them.

“Adah look! Look! It’s a lizard! Do you see it?!” he started bouncing around me in excitement, I didn’t blame him to him we were in a completely different world. And seeing a lizard was not something common where we lived.

“Yes Ciar I see it” I continued walking the thought of a possible cold shower was sounding very nice, I wanted to find this pack of supposed werewolves so I could change back to being a human, it’s been a long while.

We spent another 2 weeks traveling south west until we got to a highway. We got to that highway around midafternoon and there were many cars on the road at the time. So Ciar and I stuck to the forest nearby until very late at night. We crossed over the highway and continued west for another 4 days before we reached the next major highway. We waited until night fall again and spent our time cooling down by swimming in the nearby rivers. We crossed that highway as well and continued out journey west. It wasn’t long before my enhanced smelling could pick up the sea salt that drifted through the air. I looked over to Ciar to see him sniffing the air as well, noticing the familiar sent of ocean water. He looked at me with his bright bronze eyes and his lips rose to show a set of pearly white teeth and took off towards the ocean. I laughed within myself and ran after him, catching up to him easily. We passed by two small towns before we reached the water. We stayed at the coast for a couple hours maybe, just soaking up the cool salt air as it whipped around our furs.

“This feels almost perfect Adah… “Ciar commented softly with his eyes closed and head tilted up to the sky.

“Almost Ciar, almost…” I replied just as softly.  I sighed and opened my eyes and looked at Ciar’s black silhouette against the rising moon, “Come on, I think were only a day away from forks, let’s hurry and stick to the coast as much as we can for now. The elder told me the moon children lived close to the beach”

“ K let’s go!” he sprinted ahead of me with much enthusiasm, I let him go ahead of me for about 15 feet before I started running after him.

The sun started rising as we came across a saltwater river.  Ciar had slowed down considerably and I decided that it was time to eat and sleep; I wanted us to be at full strength when we met these other ‘werewolves’. I didn’t know what to expect, and I wasn’t going to put either one of us in danger.

The sun was in the midst of setting, Ciar and I decided it was time to go find these supposed moon children. We treaded lightly, fully alert of our surrounding. The last thing Ciar and I needed was to be attacked by surprise. We traveled north for about 3 hours before I started feeling a slight pressure in my head. It was the slight pressure that I was familiar with that usually signaled the beginning of a migraine.

Every five feet or so the pressure would push on my brain a little harder, but I shoo lot off, a migraine was not something I needed at the moment. So concentrated on pushing that feeling away, and surprisingly it went away pretty fast. There was no longer a pressure on my head which made it much easier to concentrate on my surrounding. The first thing I noticed as we continued our caution forward advances was the particular scent in the air. It wasn’t a putrid smell but it wasn’t a very pleasant one either. It tangled between the natural wet forest scents. It was off setting and it made me even more paranoid of my surroundings, but I forced myself to continue on. I could tell my Ciar’s posters that he too could sense the difference in the air.

 Ciar and I stopped at this point almost simultaneously. We were surrounded by sky towering redwood trees, unidentifiable tall bushes and damp dirt under our feet.He let out a whine of discomfort, his eyes shifting from side to side his ears back and tail between his legs. I caught a sound to my left it was the sound of quick running, and it sounded powerful for every time it made contact with the ground a distinctive double thump would hit the ground followed by another two thumps. Whatever was coming was powerful and it had friends. I heard another 2 set of powerful running coming from my right and the front of me. Just as I completed my observation a dark rusty colored wolf, only slightly larger than me, charged out of the tree line from my left skidding to a halt. The other two from right, blue* and white fur covered his body, to center, red-orange fur covered his body, came into view as well.  They too were also large but much smaller them myself but bigger than Ciar. It was three against two… but in reality it was three against 1, Ciar was still considered a teenager in basic wolf years and these ones that were in front of us looked much older and a lot more muscle. I quickly threw my body over Ciar lowering myself so that he was hardly visible under my long white belly fur. I let a low warning growl rumble in my chest. It was only successful to bring the third wolf lowered his ears and tail in a surrender motion, the second wolf and first kept their tense and paranoid position. I let out another louder warning growl but I was given the same result. A tense moment later the first wolf relaxed out of his stance which was soon followed by the blue wolf.

It was obvious that the first wolf to confront me was the alpha of this ‘3 man pack’. He backed up into the woods along with the red orange wolf and disappeared from site. I didn’t relax my stance when Ciar began to push up on my upper belly asking to be let out. I wasn’t letting him so I pushed down on him as a sign of no. The blue wolf looked at me curiously but I didn’t waste my time on him as I was greeted with the sound of human footsteps coming from the directions of which the two wolves disappeared from. The alpha was the first to come out of the tree line he had dark tanned skin, bulging biceps and pecks along with an ultra-defined stomach and body. He was tall about 6 feet 7 and had a tribal tattoo on his right shoulder. The other one had a more reddish tan to his skin. He was much shorter than the alpha, he stood about 6 feet, he looked younger then the alpha and his muscle definition was considerably smaller than the alpha.

The alpha walked up to me. I subconsciously lowered myself more on to Ciar; he whimpered and scooted back to my lower belly and tried to make himself as small as possible, shaking slightly. The Alpha Spoke:

“I am in no means here to harm you or your pup. How about you phase back and we can talk.”

I shook my head no. I had no other way of telling him that I didn’t know what he was talking about. He continued

“My name is Sam Ulley, I am the Alpha of my pack. I’ve tried to communicate with you though our mind like that all shape shifters, that’s what we are,” indicating the two behind him and myself “have, but I got no response back, in fact I couldn’t hear anything coming from you. Do you speak English?”

I cocked my head the left just a bit and lost my aggressive stance, but made sure that Ciar was not visible. I nodded my head answering Sam’s question.

“Alright some progress,” he muttered but I could hear it clearly. “Do you know how to phase back?”

Again I cocked my head to the side, what did he mean by phase back? I think he understood my confusion and explained lightly.

“When I say phase back, I mean can you return to your human form.”

I shook my head no.

“Okay, how long have you been in your wolf form then?”

At first I didn’t know how to reply to him, after a thought I hit the ground with my paw twice. Just like the big furry horse I felt like. Maybe if I do well he’ll give me a carrot while we’re at it. I snorted at the thought.

“Two?” he asked. I nodded my head in response.

“Two Months?” I shook my head no.

“Two…  Weeks?” Again I shook my head no.

He gasped as realization dawned on him “two years?!” I nodded my head yes.

“That’s unbelievable, “he whispered more to himself “I’ve never heard of someone surviving so long in their wolf form without it completely destroying you human way of thinking”

I was so into my conversation with the alpha that I forgot about the other wolf, who I might add was no longer to the right of me. Once again I was on my guard lowering myself to the ground. The alpha assured me.

“There is no reason to feel tense, I sent him away to get some clothes, are you a male?”

I shook my head no.

“I thought so,” he continued “only a female would feel the need to protect a cub in such a way.” He paused to think “Is he to a shape shifter?”

I repeated my earlier action.

“Good that works out much better, I will help you shift back if you like, and then we can talk face to face in a literal sense.”

I nodded my head that was of course the reason for me to be in this god forsaken town.

“I will warn you now, when you do manage to phase back you will be stark naked. One of the flaws when it comes to phasing back and forth is that you will shred your clothes. Also when you do manage to phase back for the first time you will most likely be in a lot of pain, your muscle memory is used to you being in this form, changing back to your human form will cause your muscles to shrink and reshape. And you might not be able to become a wolf again for a good few days.”

 I bobbed my head up and down a couple of times.

The blue wolf was on his way back, I could hear his paws dully hitting the muddy ground. As the blue wolf entered the clearing I spotted a bundle of clothes tired to a rope hanging from his mouth, and swung it to the alpha. Sam then spoke.

“This is Jared, the newest to my pack; he will tend to your pup and his needs if any.”

I moved myself off of Ciar and told him that the furless red one would be his sitter, and that he would take care of Ciar.

Ciar didn’t like it, he whimpered again and made his way to Jared and lowered himself to Jared’s feet waiting to follow his new sitter.

“Paul, the one still in his wolf form will stay here with me as we help and watch over your transformation” Sam spoke up. ”Jared will be taking your pup to our lands where he will be safe and fed. Your transformation may take a few days to complete”

With that being said Jared turned around and walked a few paces, Ciar followed behind slowly, he looked back at me a couple of times before catching up to Jared. I heard him say “goodbye Adah” right before he disappeared into the woods.

I felt a stab in my chest, he wasn’t just saying goodbye to me, he was saying goodbye to the only form that I have been his whole life and one that I figured that he came to love as an older sister.

A sense of realization hit me. I was going to be human again, super white, and a complete outcast. Why should there be any reason to leave this structured easy way of living. Why go back to a world where I’m bullied? I don’t exactly know, but there was a little push inside of me that wanted to be able to walk on two feet and to be able to go to a store and buy some potato chips. Man when was the last time I had a bag of chips to myself…

“Okay white Wolf” Sam interrupted my chip fantasy “first things first, you have to fully relax your body, and think back to how it felt to have arms and legs. Also if you can try to remember how your toes and fingers moved.”

Arms and legs, arms and legs. I concentrated on the feeling of my awkward arms and long legs, but as I did I started thinking of my hands and the joy of having thumbs. I was reminded about my iPod that was left in the forest close to where I used to live, and I started to think about how long it was going to take for me to get back the 5,000 songs that I bought.

Not once during my musing of my iPod did I realize that I sat down, nor did I realize Sam as he was trying to get my attention. It wasn’t until Paul who nudged my shoulder with his head did I recognize these things.

“I thought I lost you there for a second” Sam laughed “ but before you concentrate I want to stress that the first time you phase back you cannot afford to lose your concentration.”

I nodded my head and started to concentrate on what it felt like to walk to run to lose my balance. I lost my hearing and my sense of awareness as I concentrated harder, I felt something shift in me, I could feel my muscles becoming tense, and remembered what Sam told me, to relax myself.

And that’s what I did. I started to feel my body shrink in size. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling that was coming over me to a point where it was painful. I could hear a girl screaming in the distance. I didn’t realize it was me who was screaming until I felt two arms wrap a shirt around my now bare chest. I had tears running down my cheeks. I knew this because I felt my face with my now human hand. I heard Sam whisper to me.

“You did very well. It took you only five hours, I was just about ready to call it off for the taking you to my house now so you can sleep and take a shower in the morning. We need to talk to the elders to see if anything like this has ever happened in the records so we can find a better way to help you… sleep now, your pup will be with you when you wake up.”

Before I could even come up with something to say blackness took over my vision.


A/N Please tell me how you like it :] or any mistaskes  that you noticed.

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