This is a Twilight slow moving (realistic) slash Alice/Bella fic.

"I ran harder and faster, there was something inside of me that was urging me to drive myself to the fullest, something inside of me that wanted an out…And so I let it."Wolf Bella, Shiftier Quileutes,Vampire Cullens. Follow Bella as she battles to become apart of society again after an unthinkable change happens in her life.You wont find anything like this elsewhere, I guarantee it. **RATED R FOR SAFE REASONS**


5. Secrets Not so Secret

A/N GUYS! I am SO SO SO SORRY! I completely forgot that I had this story published here as well until I just recently got an email! this story now has 8 chapters! So I will post it bi-weekly to give me enough time to finish the 9th chapter. Again I am so so so so sorry for the excruciating long wait. Onto chapter 5 then! :D


Chapter 5



We were walking slowly as we passed the first row of trees. Ciar was doing what he did best and started investigation the smells around us until we got to the stream.


"This is where the three-wolf pack's territory ends. The other side of the stream belongs to a different pack." I figured if I used familiar terms that he would understand the importance of not crossing the stream.


"Don't go there. Okay." He confirmed.


"Did you find answers Adah?" Ciar asked. He laid down behind me and I used his large frame to support my back, we were facing the water.


"Maybe," I sighed "I have more questions than I thought I could have." I told Ciar everything that Sam told me, the vampires, the imprinting and I stressed on the awakening blood that Seth was more than likely experiencing. "What if my mom is like Seth's mom? What if my mom's mom didn't know about the blood line? What if I'm a part of a different pack? What if!-"I was cut off by Ciar as he stood up quickly and moved to my right side.


"Adah stop!" he shook the loose dirt out of his fur and too sat next to me. "Maybe your mom was never told. Just like our pack the pups are never shown until they're old enough. Does that mean they don't exist?" he tilted his head waiting for an answer. I shook my head no. "During winter season we don't see other packs, but does that mean there are none out there?" I shook my head no again. "Think like we are home, and it is winter season. We are with this pack, so other packs are not close. They were afraid when they saw us remember, they don't know where other packs are in winter season either."


"You're right." I patted him on the back "when did you get so smart?" I rubbed my face into his shoulder. He blew air through his nose "I had always been smart silly Adah." He then liked my face.


"I know you over grown puppy." I slung my arm around his back and continued our conversation.

"What about Seth though? That feeling I had? If he is a wolf will he follow me around? Will I be an Alpha? Did he and I imprint?"


"Silly Adah!" his hackles rose in amusement "you've been an Alpha since we left home!"


"Oh." He was right of course, he listened to what I told him, ate when I allowed him and let him explore when I allowed him, without his usual whining that he would do while we were at home. I didn't get to finish my train of thought due to Ciar.


"Adah… did you hear that?" his ears were trained to the other side of the borders moving slightly trying to pick up the sound again. He was fully alert of his surroundings now. I focused all of my senses to the direction Ciar was talking about, but I knew that I wasn't going to be able to hear as well as I did as a wolf. I was able to pick up on very quick foot fall and the reselling of leaves, but it disappeared as fast as it came. The lively forest, I noticed, had fallen quite as they too seemed to try to find where the sound had come from. But as soon as the sound came it disappeared leaving myself and Ciar in wonder as to who or what exactly was on the other side of the creek.




I've been in this same hotel room for two days on the same bed with the same sheets meditating in the same position. And I have yet to come up with how these events will play out. Every outcome was the same. Everyone's future was blank. I knew deep down that it wasn't a bad thing. It's just that I've looked so far ahead in everybody's future that there's no more to see until other events happen first.


I sighed, I was getting nowhere. Maybe a change of scenery would help me and if not, I would go home defeated.


I figured it was about time to go to the beach and let it do its magic. It was late for the usual human perhaps, but for me the night would forever be young.


I purposely unmade the bed and rolled in it a couple of time for the visual effect. Once I grabbed my bag I flipped the 'do not disturb card' to 'room service' and left.


It didn't take long for the receptionist to check me out and run my card; it took even less to reach the parking lot of the beach. My shoes were left forgotten in my car along with my bag as I made my way to the 20 foot cliff made from the erosion of sandstone. The salted air circled and danced around me as it played lightly with my hair.


I took an unnecessary breath of air and gracefully sat down looking out towards the darkened ocean.


There was no reason for me to be filling this way over such a silly vision that had no harming affect to the coven. There was no evidence that this girl would out us to the world, or even if she was going to be an enemy or a friend. But the only time I could ever see her was when she was alone with her dog, and away from Sam and the other two Quileute wolves; which was becoming less and less.


Edward on the other hand, has been indecisive to come after me, unfortunately for Jasper, Edward has been coming up with a way to get into his head to see if I've told him anything at all. To his disappointment there was nothing.


I sighed. With my enhanced eye site I could tell that it was becoming lighter out. But it wasn't dawn just yet. My thoughts as of late worked the same as the earth around the sun. Always revolving in a unending circle, there would be points were I thought that I knew where all of this was going, like the earth getting closer to the sun, but then it would lead me astray into a vast amount of unanswered questions once more like the earth moving away from the sun.


It's an unnerving feeling not knowing what possibility of associating with the girl, and it sent unpleasant shivers down my spine.


My thoughts on this vision were done as I watched, as the sun came from behind me make the water sparkle so gently as if it were blinking the sleep out of its eyes. It was time to go back home and to explain everything to the family. If they felt that they needed to leave for their protection then so be it. I knew that even if I were to leave, that I would come back to see this girl and who she is, there no doubt about it.



We heard the rustling of leave again to the right of us; Ciar was able to rotate his eyes to the general direction before I was able to look myself. And then it came again from the left, Ciar also beating me in recognizing the sound as well.


The downside of being a human had such a disadvantage especially when in danger. The sounds seemed to be playing with us, going right to left and back, toying with us our ability to spot them. My heart beat speed up when the sound stopped again. What exactly was living on the other side. Were they monsters like Hollywood portrayed them to be or would they look like normal people who hide within society and lured us off alone and confused just to drink our blood to satisfy their thirst?


"Adah… let's leave, I don't like being here." His tail was between his legs and his ears were flat on his head. "Please Adah." he whined.


"Yea…" I said taking another close look around wishing to see some sort of movement or to hear something but I was also afraid of what monstrosity could end up showing up sent chills down my spine once more reminding me once again I was in my most vulnerable state as a human. "Let's go then." We walked off. Ciar would look back to make sure I was there and looked back farther as if to make sure nothing was following us.


We made it back to the house without any problems, once we had once again passed through the forest line Ciar's tail and ears went back to its carefree position and he wondered off into the night smelling the ground for a trail to follow.


I made my way over to the beach where the drift wood had permanently dug itself deep into the earth and sat down. Ciar blended in quite nicely with the darkness surrounding us as he ran in tiresome circles chasing nothing in particular. The sound of the waves crashing filled my ears as the wind played with my hair every so often. The stars were out but not as brightly as it would have been in Canada.


I could hear talking in the distance but I made no attempt to listen to what was being said. Moments in silence passed before it was interrupted.


"Bella?" it was Seth, "what are you doing out here?"


"Hey Seth," I turned towards him as he made his way to sit next to me. "I'm just enjoying the outdoors; I'm not much of an indoor person anymore."


"I hear ya, lately its becoming too crowded here, I feel so confined and almost like I don't belong here anymore, you know what I mean?" His brows furrowed as if it were the first time he admitted this to himself.


"I know exactly what you mean. " I replied, still looking at him. "Have you lived here your whole life?"


"Yeap, born and raised. I've never really left the rez for more them a day to be honest. I feel like there's so much of the world that needs to be explored but I have no ability to go and do that. Like it feels like there's this thing inside of me just wants to go out and run all the time." He looked over to me and laughed " man I'm ranting like some whining kid, don't listen to me haha".


"No, no, keep going" I laughed back " I want to hear what you have to say."


"You're joking right?" he stopped laughing suddenly.


"No why would I be, should I be?"


"Well, all the other guys here just make fun of me, saying that I just have wistful dreaming and stuff, I don't know, something happened to them and they just all… changed. I don't know how to explain it. And sometimes they disappear for days at a time and none of the adults seem worried about it at all."


"hm." Was all I could reply, I already knew why but I couldn't tell him. "maybe when you're their age you can go out for days at a time and roam the area outside of the rez?"


"Maybe, I don't even know…" he looked over at me. "So how did you get here? I don't see any new cars hanging around."


"To be honest I ran here," I laughed, looking over at him to gauge his reaction. He scrunched his face together.




"You know left foot in front of the other just at a faster pace" I broke it down to him.


"I know what running is oh so smart one. But how is that possible. Didn't you come up from somewhere north or whatever?" he threw his hands up in exaggeration.


"Yea or whatever haha" I laughed back.


"No really, didn't you?"


"Yea I lived in Canada, you wouldn't believe me if I told you how I really got down here. And I'm not sure if I'm aloud to tell you actually." I said regretfully. What if he really didn't have the gene in him and I ended up filling his head with silly wishes like the other wolfmen have said to him….


"Says who?" he asked defiantly.


"Says Sammy boy." I giggled at the nickname I just gave him.


"Man… he's always telling other people not to tell me stuff like he rules me or something. He doesn't own me and his not my older brother or my dad. I just wish someone could be straight with me for once."


"I could tell you Seth, but like I said, I highly doubt that you would believe me ha… and it's not like I'm breaking the rules because I'm not a part of your tribe or anything, and it affects you as well… and what's the worst they can do if they find out? Nothing…" my mental rant wasn't in my head as I thought it was.


"Bella are you okay?" he stared at me, highly confused as to what exactly I was saying.


"Yea I'm fine, but you on the other hand, I'm not sure on how you're going to feel after I tell you this haha." I looked at him wearily. Ciar came by as sat at my feet panting heavily as he tried to calm his body down. I gave him a loving rub along the back of his soft neck.


"Try me." Seth dared


"Okay, so you know all of your tribes legends don't you? About how everyone here is a decedent of wolves and what not…"




"Well it's true. There are people here on the reservation that can change into a wolf… and so can I. It's how I was able to get here by running. Ciar here is pups from my pack up north… are you following this at all?" I looked at him slightly nervous as to what his reaction maybe.


"Yeah… sorta. So you're a wolf, but you're human and Ciar is a wolf who is really just a wolf? Right?"


" Yeap basically. I don't think its in my place to tell you who else in your reservation is also a wolf too, because it's not my place to say."


"I respect that." He said. He went quite for a moment; you could tell he was connecting the dots and how everything started to make sense to him. "Thank you Bella, for being straight with me. " He yawned.


"You're welcome Seth, being left in the dark is frustrating. Why don't you go to bed and sleep on what I told you. You might just end up thinking it's all a dream,"


"I've had dreams." He interrupted, standing up and stretching. "Dreams that I'm running in the forest, care free, and I can smell the wet ground and trees better than ever." He yawned again. "They're amazing dreams Bella, I wish I could share how real they are to me with someone." He started walking away and stopped and turned around. He looked at me as to decide on a thought. He then came up to me and gave me a brief hug and headed back to the direction that I would guess would be his house.


"Hey Seth," I called out




"If you have one of those dreams again tonight, I'd love to hear about it."


Seth smiled his boyishness showing completely, "I definitely will, goodnight Bella."


"Goodnight Seth." I smiled back. The fillings I had for him were definitively not romantic. If Seth and I really did imprint it was the platonic, protective one that same explained to me.


I continued to stare out at the ocean, the drift wood was making my bum numb so I situated myself in the sand next to Ciar, we stayed there until the sun rose and watched the water sparkle its way into awakening.


/end chapter

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