This is a Twilight slow moving (realistic) slash Alice/Bella fic.

"I ran harder and faster, there was something inside of me that was urging me to drive myself to the fullest, something inside of me that wanted an out…And so I let it."Wolf Bella, Shiftier Quileutes,Vampire Cullens. Follow Bella as she battles to become apart of society again after an unthinkable change happens in her life.You wont find anything like this elsewhere, I guarantee it. **RATED R FOR SAFE REASONS**


3. Alice


All this time, I had the perfect life. A lived the perfect lie with the perfect family. I had everything someone could ever want. The perfect model sister, the perfect athletic brother the perfect gay musical brother the perfect logical father and the perfect loving mother. And to top it all off I had the perfect caring, lovable boyfriend.

By far, nothing in my 110 years of living could make anything less perfect, and if there was any chance of disruption I would know. But when she came along, I had no warning about the magnitude of her arrival would mean to my family. But there was something about her that not only intrigued me, but my supposed gay musical brother as well.

The piano melody in the back ground stopped suddenly. “Alice! Can you please stop singing that obnoxious song?” My musical mind reading brother, Edward yelled out from the house foyer. I heard him clearing where I was sitting in the back one the largest rocks littered in our backyard.

“I apologize Edward, I forgot only you were allowed to be the musical one of the family” I spoke back to him as if he were only merely feet from me and not in the house. I couldn’t allow him into my head, not yet, not until I figured out who this girl was and why she was in my visions. At least not until school started, which unfortunately wouldn’t be starting for a good month. Just another 720 hours of singing ever possible song known to man. I had hoped after the first week he would stop snooping, but he knows I’m hiding something from him and so, Edward being Edward keeps his internal ear open for a slip. ‘You’re not getting anything from me Edward so fuck off’. I thought to him knowing he would hear it. The melody continued where it had left off.

As joyful as it may sound to have such special powers of being able to read someone’s mind like Edward, or like myself where I can see the outcome of someone’s decision or a sequence of decisions. In truth it becomes overly annoying when we start using it within our family.  

Jasper, my current boyfriend, has the power of empathy. He can feel and manipulate anyone and everyone’s emotion. Emmett, my athletic brother was giving extra strength, even though it could be because of his anatomy before he was charge. Rosalie Emmett’s wife and my sister was gifted with absolute beauty. My mother and father, Esme and Carlisle, have no given gifts. My father has amazing control over his thirst for human blood. And Esme emits warmth into our cold bodies just by being a mother we all lost. It wasn’t actual temperature warmth, just figurative warmth.

Jasper was our rock, he was the sole reason no one in our family ending up killing each other over something silly. Speaking of the devil, it looks like he is the first to return from the family hunting trip.

“Alice?” his soft southern accident broke me from my musing.

“Over here jasper” my focus on the forest ahead of me didn’t waver as he smoothly sat down next to me.

“I could feel your emotions all through the house, very different emotions you’re switching through. And none of them seem to relate to each other. Is everything alright?

I couldn’t help but to giggle “oh jasper, there’s a reason why I consider you to be my favorite.” I rested my head against his shoulder

“Would you like me to help you sort this mess out?””

“No, not right now, these emotions are so refreshing to have again, makes me feel alive to some extent.” I sighed

“Alice, you are very much alive. I have never in my 130 years of living seen a human who smiles as brightly as you do.  And no human has ever made me laugh as much as you do.” He would have kept going but I stopped him.

“Jasper, no matter how many times you try to charm me with your southern accent, you’re still just my brother and boyfriend. Not my mate, you do know this right?”

“Alice I have know this a while decade ago, that it’s the ladies who capture your attention so easily.”

“Jasper!” I hit him lightly on the chest “that’s not true.”

“Oh it is very much true, even Edward has a hard time trying to control his manly parts with all of the vivid images that I imagine would be in your head. I can feel his spontaneous arousal and yours when a lovely looker is on the TV” he responded with a smug smile.

“Well that’s Edwards fault for snooping through my head” I scoffed and crossed my arms.  “He needs to stay out of my head, it’s come to the point that I just might leave for a decade or two.”

“But you don’t deny the thoughts!” jasper exclaimed with an added laugh.

“Jasper please.” I begged him, right now if I did or did not like women are not the important things here; it was finding a way to get rid of Edward.

“Have you tried to distract Edward to keep him out?” He suggested, changing the topic feeling my annoyance.

“Like what?”

He carved into the boulder that we were sitting on, ‘Carlisle and Esme’ I cut him off before he finished.

“Jasper! You are the most brilliant and most wonderful person and boyfriend anyone could ever ask for!” I kissed him soundly on the lips and jumped down from the boulder and danced my way into the house.

It was time for some fun.

Three days later

“Alice, stop, please just stop with those thoughts!” Edward yelled as he was coming down the stairs.

“No Edward, not until you stop snooping my thoughts! “ I yelled right back.

“What’s going on in here?” Esme came from the garden in the front yard. If Edward were human his face would have been red with embarrassment.

“Esme!” I greeted her with a smile, “Edward here is just learning a valuable lesson of privacy, seeing how he’s been reading my thoughts for the past month” I sent a glare in his direction.

“iI this true Edward?” she had her ‘no funny business’ expression on.

“Yes! But she’s been hiding something! Why else would she be singing the spice girls and thinking of you having...  Never mind” he was losing this battle and he knew it. Not to mention he couldn’t even look Esme in the eyes without being reminded of the sex thoughts that I have been planting for him between Esme and Carlisle. The thought of sex between two people never bothered me as much as it did my prude of a brother.

“You know very well that if Alice is going through all of this trouble to keep you out it must be personal, so stop right this instant”

“Yes Esme,” he submitted “but it’s a vision she’s hiding!” he gave it one last try to prove that he was doing right.

“Is that true?” Esme direct to me.

“Yes Esme” I confessed “but it not a major concern for the family for another  few weeks, and maybe not even then! But I won’t be able to know until I can think out different possibilities that would change such outcome. But due to Edward I can’t get a private moment.” I didn’t know why I felt so defensive about the whole situation, I mean, it was only a new girl who was at the reservation, but still she was so white compared to the rest of the residents and there was no explanation of her arrival and why I saw her all together.

“Edward, leave your sister alone, you know very well that she will share everything with up when the time is right” Esme ordered

“Yes Esme, I will leave her alone,” he replied and waited until Esme returned outside to her garden. “so, who’s the girl?” he smiled knowingly.

“Edward, you are ridiculous.” I shook my head and took a breath of unneeded air and went through the same door Esme did just a minute ago.

“Esme, I’m going for a drive to clear my mind,” I said as I walked past her towards the garage.

“How long will you be gone for?” she asked, not looking up from her planting.

“I don’t know yet, but I will be back before school starts.” I reassured her.

“Okay, be safe Alice,”

“Always am.” I replied turning to send her a smile. I made it to the garage and stopped to take in my handsome car, a charcoal 911 turbo S Cabriolet Porsche that was a gift to me from Emmett after he wrecked my blue Nissan Fair Lady trying to see how well she could take sharp turns which ended up disaster.  I will most likely end up trading my Porsche back to get the Nissan 350z just to keep the kids in high school persona, but once we graduate again I’m getting my Porsche back.

I sat in my car and didn’t bother with the seatbelt as I sped out of the drive way heading to the main highway.

I was heading south on interstate 101 at 300 km per hour when I thought I saw something white in the forest line, but because of my speed when I looked back again I was well away from what I saw.

I had decided that I would be spending my alone time in a small town in northern California called eureka. It was as cloudy and overcast as it was in forks on a good day all year round. There was a beach there just west about 20 minutes.  The only way that you could actually get down to the water was to walk down an overly used 9 floors of stairs. Or you could get down the easier way and jump, not that any human would survive the fall.

I didn’t slow down until I crossed the California border 5 hours later. It was nice to see vast green plains without any forests. It made everything see less claustrophobic. Not that a vampire could feel this confinement. But it did give a sense of the ability to just breathe, and relax. It made it feel like I had that much more room to just think.

We all had our own place to go when the world be tried to live in became to much for us. Mine that was closest to home was here. Edward usually went to Brazil; jasper would go to the Deep South. Emmett would go to Alaska to wrestle with the bears. And Rosalie would go to japan to race and mod cars. Esme and Carlisle had their own private island that they would escape to as well.

I made it the Holiday Inn Express that I would be staying at for the next week in 3 hours.  I entered the room to be greeted by a queen sized bed a really small shower close to the door, a miniature refrigerator underneath the small counter.  A large dresser and a large flat screen TV in a TV cabinet. Tossing my keys on the small desk close to the window I laid on my back staring at the ceiling.

“Time to meditate.” I said to no one, and focused in on my third eye in hopes to see who this mysterious girl was and why I saw her at all.

'This was going to be a long week.'

(a/n) Hope you all enjoyed! sorry for the short chapter, but it was just an insite on the other side. I would love to see what everyone is thinking, and also if you write regardless of the subject matter i'll take a look at it as well.

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