Change Happens

Louisa's dad has just been given a life changing oppertunity - to own 25% of a resteraunt! This sounds like it will resuly in more money, and a better way of life. Theres just one tiny problem....
Louisa is in Kent. The house and resteraunt is in Cumbria.

She has only just started Oakmoor Grammer School, and is very close to her new friends! She's adimant about staying in Kent.....Will she go? Will She Stay? Will she?

Find out now!...


2. Chapter Two Chapter New

   Not realising that the time had gone ever so quickly, I decided to undress, slip on my warm, cotten nighty, carefully embroised in warming colours of deep reds and lavender purple. A lave hem was curved round the neck, and the short sleeves puffed out a little, tightening at the end, with elastic. The bottom was pretty and flowing although beacuse I had been given it over two years ago, a small amout of the stitching was starting to become loose at the bottom, making it fray a little.At first, I had thought it to be an attractive frock for the summer as it was so pretty and gently made, however my Grandma (who purchased this for me) confirmed it was a nighty, and back in the day as she called it, it was considered very rude to wear a nighty out and about, whereas now a days, you somtimes see people getting away with wearing their bright pyjama bottems as comft jogging bottems or such.

                    I was so bust thinking I didn't even remeber when I finally fell asleep....

   The next morning, I began my morning routine of checking my bags were packed for my new secondary school (OakMoor Grammar) and showering. Followed by dressing in my rather stiff, but satisfyingly warm school unoform, whick consisted of a deep blue pleated skirt, allowed to be at the most a home work planners length ( 15cm ) above the knee, a pure white blouse,  inky black stocking, knee high plain socks of the same colour or thin, black tights. Also, you has to have a light grey sweater or tank top jumper in the same colour, and last and yes least, because of it's awful heaviness, a emerald green blazer. Why they chose emerald I don't know. Personally, I would have chosen a more brown and dark orange theme, as the school name consists of the word Oak. Anyway, moving on to breakfast.

   I had the same bowl of shreddies, and this time they were a little more dry than my usual, mosit ones, however I decided if I was going to be dry and cold about my uniform, then surely someone should pay me back in not exactly the same way, but in similar context. Sipping down some fresh orange juice, I stood up, pushed my chair in, grabbed my bags and bade my way to the bus stations, after wishing my parents and siblings a brief good bye. Usually, I say a little more to them, however because I was in a hurry, I didn't. Not this time. 
   Unexpectedly, I was called back into the kitchen my mum, and sighing, I took a seat. "Yes Mum?" I said, fidgeting on my chair. 
"Louisa, you know how you dad has always wanted a buisness of his own? To own and cook in a five star resteraunt?" She begn slowly. 
"Mmm," I nodded, looking vaguely into think air, not exactly paying attention.
"Well he has been offered twenty five percent of a resteraunt! It's in Cumbria! Up North! We are moving to Cumbria! Four weeks Lou! Four weeks!" She gasped exitedly, clasping her bony hands together, as if she had just won the lottery of three million pounds. My expression? Like I had just been caught up in torrential rain, walking home from school. I was not moving. No. No. No.

   "What's up? Arn't you happy Lou? It's a life chnging experiance after all!" Explained my mum, a concerned look spread across her face. Putting on a pretty, fake smile I confirmed that it would be lovely and that I simply couldn't wait,. but I had to get to school. Mum beamed at me, and told me that I was her little sweetie, and eveything was going to perfect. Really? Louisa thinks NOT!

   Walking to school, I got soaked to the bone, as heavy rain started pouring down from the clouds. Just to ice the cake, my so called 'waterproof' bag obviously forgot to be waterproof and leaked, making all my school work wet and soggy. The cherry on top was when I noticed my secret crush Luke zoom past on the bus, and I tripped waving, falling face first in a puddle. The shame was undescribable. In seconds, a steady stram of blood came pouring from my nose. I never usually got noseblees, so this one must have been a big one. I tried using the back of my hand as a stopper, to reduce the amount of blood dripping onto my uniform. I just about made it to school without anyone seeing me in the horrid state, and rushed to the medical room.

   Taking one glance at me, the medical assistant grabbed a tissue, and tried to get the blood stains out of my clothes. No such luck. The blood stained, and the bleeding, despite the decreasment in blood, was still a fairly large stream. No matter how hard the school nurse tried to stop it, iot wouldn't, therefore, they she made the decision to send me home as soon as she could. A cold flanell was pressed up against my nose, and suddenly, a searing pain travelled from my head all the way down to the end of my red, sore nose. Falling face first has resulted in me bruising and cutting it badly, and personally, due to the pain, I thought it may be minorly broken. However, to save my thoughts, the nurse confirmed it was just badly bruised. Phew, I though to myself. I haven't got to go to the hospital after all!

   After a few minutes, I heard a noisy car pull up outside school, and a teacher led my to my mum. The next thing I remember was a cold compress against my nose, snuggeled into my sea of blankets on my bed, and drifting away to sleep. Prehaps I bumped my head to?.....  

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