One shots (Larry Stylinson, Girls, Boys, and much more)

Okay, here I just write one shots of some stories I just write okay?c;' Write in comment if you have questions love. c:



4. Trust.

''Today is a year since I tried suicide..'' Wrote Dannie down in her diary.

She looked around in her room. 

- (1 year and 1 month ago) -


Dannie laughed in the school hall with her friend. ''You are gonna come too eat dinner with us tonight, right?'' Asked she. Her friend nodded.

''How is it going with you friend Charlie?'' Asked her friend. 

''Oh, fine.. He is great. He is sweet, beautiful, lovely. I can't image he could hurt anyone.''

-Same night-

Dannie looked at her new computer. She turned it on and logged on a chat with Charlie.


Dani'girl: Hey Charlie ;)
Charlie'90: Hey Dannie!

Dani'girl: How are you? I got my own laptop today! I'm going on holiday soon!

Charlie'90: Oh, where? Near me love?;)
Dani'girl: It's in New York..

Charlie'90: I live there.. Wanna meet?

Dannie looked up from her laptop. Should she?

Dani'girl: Okay :) 

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