One shots (Larry Stylinson, Girls, Boys, and much more)

Okay, here I just write one shots of some stories I just write okay?c;' Write in comment if you have questions love. c:



6. Live While We're Young

I woke up in my parents new house in England. We had moved from USA to England, so it was kinda new for me.

''Ugh, I don't wanna up..'' Mumbled I down in my pillow.

I could hear my brother yell at my mother from the other room.

I sighed and looked around in my new room. There was clothes on the floor, cd's and many other things.

''Good morning sweetie. Get up and go ready for school.'' Came my mother into my room.

''But I don't want to..'' Mumbled I. My mother came closer to my bed where I was.

''You need to. Do it for daddy. His job is important.'' Said she. I tried to smile.

''Okay. But only for dad.'' Smiled I. My mother smiled big and walked out again.

Qucikly I got my new jeans on, a t-shirt, and my new shoes.

I walked into the bathroom and looked at my red hair.

''Hmm... Ponytail.'' Said my brother.

''Out Justin!'' Yelled I and closed the door.

My brother was kinda right. I putted my hair up in a high ponytail.

I putted more makeup on.


At the school


I walked up to it and looked around. There must be over 700 people!

Slow I walked up to the door into the hall, but someone hugged me from behind.

''What! Who.. IS.. What!'' I was confused and looked at a girl on my age with blond hair.

''Sorry, I just like to hug people.'' Smiled she. I was kinda confused, but I needed friends.

''uhm, okay. I'm Hayley, new girl at the school.''

The blonde girl looked suprised first, then angry, then happy.

''Well, hello Hayley. I have seen you before.'' Said she.

''Where?'' Asked I. People started to walk inside.

''You gonna get a nice school year. I promise.'' Said she.

I just nodded.


The end of the school year.


''Seth, stop following me!'' Laughed I and tried to run away from him.

''But I want a kiss!'' Yelled he and in the same time I felt.

He jumped on me and kissed me.

''You know Monica is getting mad.'' Said I and got up on my feets again.

''What so ever. I'm happy you started here.'' Said he while smiling.

I just nodded.

''Well, I haven't been that easy, but yeah. It's fine.'' Said I.

''With all the problems with Monica, I understand.'' Said he.

We were walking down the hall now.

''I can't believe you are moving.'' Mumbled I.

Seth was moving to Australia in the summer vacation, and I wasn't moving with him.

''Hey, Hayley. Don't be sad. You are going to visit me, you promised.'' Said he.

I sighed.

''Well, I'm moving back to USA again, so I don't know really..''

Seth stopped and looked me in the eyes.

He pulled me close into him and pressed our lips together.

''You remember our first kiss at the beach party? After that you promised me we were gonna move to Ireland after our education.''

I blushed and nodded.

''So, we are gonna see each other Hayley.'' Said he and kissed me fast again.

I nodded.

''Come on! We are gonna get late to Monica's party.'' Said I.

Seth smiled and we started to run.

''Wait!'' Said I then.

Seth stopped and looked at me. ''What?'' Asked he.

I looked down, then at him again.

''We could maybe just.. Go to the beach? Having fun. Like we did once.''

Seth sighed. Then he nodded.

''It's our last school year and summer together, so why not?''


At the beach


''Look at the waves!'' Yelled I happy and ran closer to them.

Seth was just behind me and ran after me.

We could hear a beat from some loud music, and we danced a little bit to it.

''Hey! It's live while we're youn!'' Said I then after a little bit.

We loved that song. Everyone did listen to it in school and sang.

''Hey girl I'm waiting on ya', I'm waiting on ya', come one let me sneak you out! And have a celebration, a celebration!'' Sang Seth and lifted me up in the air. I couldn't stop laughing.

''Let's go crazy crazy to we see the sun, I know we only met but let's pretend it's love!'' Sang he now and set me down on the sand again.

''You are so stupid Seth.'' Said I when I was finish with laughing.

He just smiled and pulled me close into him.

''I can't believe I'm gonna move.'' Said he then.

I nodded.

''Let's enjoy the time we have.'' Said I. He nodded.

After some hours my mother came to pick us up.

''Hey honey. And hello Seth.'' Said she and smiled.

''Hello Mrs.Mayne!'' Said Seth and smiled.

''Hey mom.'' Said I and hugged her.

We talked a little bit then left.

On the way home live while we're young started again.

Seth and I sang the song. My mother smiled.

''I'm glad you got some friends here.'' Said she.

''Yeah..'' Mumbled I and looked at Seth. 

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