One shots (Larry Stylinson, Girls, Boys, and much more)

Okay, here I just write one shots of some stories I just write okay?c;' Write in comment if you have questions love. c:



1. Gryles, Larry, Elounor



''What was all that?'' Asked Louis, Harry while they were on their way too bed. ''What was what?'' Mumbled Harry while taking off his pants. ''You and Nick... Here tonight at the award..'' Said Louis and and looked at Harry. ''Nothing.'' Said Harry and was now naked. ''But.. Harry I-'' More couldn't Louis say before Harry kissed Louis. Louis could feel tears streaming down his face. ''I love you.'' Mumbled Harry into the kiss and lied Louis down in the bed. ''But, I love Nick too..''     2

''Okay, fine.'' Said Louis. ''Uhm. Just.. Come when you are ready.'' Said Eleanor in the phone. Eleanor was truly in love.. In Louis. But he didn't feel the same way. ''Louis, please don't go!'' Yelled Harry from the window. Louis turned around. ''I just.. Can't..'' Said he and walked out too his car. He started it and was about too drive over too Eleanor, but then he saw a paper in the car.. What? ''Harry'' stood there on it. He opened it. ''Call me. Nick xox''
    Louis read the sentence over and over again. What did Harry even answer too it? Louis decided just too drive over too Eleanor. -At Eleanors- Louis walked into her house. It was really big for only her and her birds. Louis was about too knock on the door but Eleanor opened it. She was about too hug him, but then she remembered she was the only one in the relationship that was in love. ''Hey El.'' Said Louis and walked by her and over too her couch, and got a text. ''I love you boobear. Harry xo''   4
  Louis didn't know the answer. He was just so.. Broken. ''Uh. Want some tea?'' Asked Eleanor then and tried too light Louis up with no luck. ''No.. I want sleep..'' Answered Louis and was about too cry. Eleanor kissed him and then pulled away. ''It's gonna be okay.'' Whispered she and walked out of the room. Louis just set down in the couch.. Why him? Why? He took his phone up and clicked on the twitter app and tweeted.. ''@EleanorJCalder my girl :) love you'' And then he got a message..   5
  He looked. It was from Harry.. ''Uh...'' Was there standing in it. Not more. Then Harry tweeted something.. ''I love you. Xx'' Louis thought about RT it or something, but since the management had said they couldn't tweet each other Louis did nothing, but just cried... And he cried himself too sleep. -Morning- ''Good morning. New day at work.'' Smiled Eleanor and set down in the couch. ''What?'' Mumbled Louis and opened his eyes. ''Elounor moments you know.'' Said she. ''Fuck Elounor.'' Said Lou




''LOUIS!'' Yelled she and tried not too laugh. ''I'm sorry.'' Mumbled he. ''It's okay. It's not your fault.'' Smiled she and looked down at her phone. ''Oh.. I  got a text from the management. Turn on the television.'' Said she and looked at Louis. He took the remote and turned it on. ''So Harry..'' Said a woman voice. Louis looked up. ''So what?'' Smiled he. ''You are here today for say something.'' Said she. Harry nodded. ''I just wanted too say that.. I love Louis Tomlinson.'' Smiled Harry.




Eleanor and Louis said nothing. ''Go on tumblr. Now.'' Said Eleanor then and threw her laptop at Louis. He opened it and was about too go in on tumblr, but then he saw her background. ''Us 2?'' Giggled Louis. Eleanor blushed and walked out. Louis was now on tumblr, and he typed in ''Larry stylinson'' in the ''search''. He scrolled down.. ''LARRY IS REAL!'' ''HE JUST CONFIRMED IT!'' It was crazy. He looked in the Elounor tag. ''AS A FRIEND GUYS!'' Louis just wanted too scream he loves Harry too.




-Later that day. Meeting with the management them all- ''So Harry. Was what that about?'' Asked Liam while looking at Harry. ''I just said I love him.'' Smiled Harry. Louis blushed and looked down. ''But why?'' Asked Niall. ''We-'' More couldn't Harry say before a girl said the boys could go in and talk with the management. ''Boys.'' Said one of the men in it. ''Yes?'' Asked Niall. ''This is really serious.'' Said a woman now. ''Are one direction gonna.. Stop?'' Asked Zayn. ''Yes.'' Said a boy.

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