One shots (Larry Stylinson, Girls, Boys, and much more)

Okay, here I just write one shots of some stories I just write okay?c;' Write in comment if you have questions love. c:



2. Everything on two weeks.

It was a cold night. I looked at all the cars from the bridge. 

''Do you wanna do it?'' Asked a voice. I looked behind me. My friend Alexander stood there. I didn't know what too answer.

''Just do it. It's one jump and you are free for all the pain. All the memories. All the hate.. But be care full. You can't just come back.'' Said he. He was right.

I can't just come back, but I can be free from all the pain. All the hate.
''I don't want too live..'' Mumbled I. 

Alexander looked at me. ''Then do it.'' 




Monday. Monday, I really loved Mondays. They were just a new start of a great week with friends and my lovely family. 

Quickly I got out from my bed and walked happy out too my own bathroom.

I looked myself in my mirror. 

My brown curly hair wasn't so pretty anymore.. My eyes didn't shine like they did before. My teeth? Eww, too much party. I looked down on my foots in shame.

''Honey, why aren't you ready?'' Came my dad into my bedroom. I closed my bathroom door quickly and turned the water from the shower on. 

''I'm ready about 5 minutes!'' Yelled I. I could hear my dad's sigh, and then the door that was slamming. 

''Come one Eleanor..'' Whispered I too myself in hope for I would look myself in the mirror and tell myself I'm beautiful like I did before. 

I looked in the mirror, but I just saw a ugly face. I sighed and walked out from the bathroom, took my jeans on, a t-shirt and a hat. It looked pretty awesome.




''Eleanor Bloom too the office now.'' Said a voice. I looked at people around me.

''Vanessa, what is happening?'' Whispered I too my bff that was standing at her locker.

''You tell me hoe.'' Said she, slammed her locker in and walked away.

I was so confused.. ''NOW!'' Said the voice again.

Quickly I ran up too the office. ''Yes?'' Said I and set down in a chair.

''Do you know what is on facebook?'' Asked the teacher.. I looked confused around.

''Nope.'' Said I then. The teacher looked at me, then on her screen. She turned she screen over too me.. Shit it was me too a party! Omg, no.. No. No, not that tape.. please no..


I had seen this tape before. It was the nerd Gemma that had filmed it.

She said she wouldn't show it too anyone if I stopped hating on her. 

''I.. I don't..'' More couldn't I say before a new tape started. Me flashing boobs on a tinychat. Holy shit, that was pretty old!

''I don't know what too say..'' Mumbled I while tears came in my eyes.

''We can't have you here on the school anymore.'' Said the teacher.

I looked at her then ran out from the room. Everyone laughed at me. Everyone whispered at me. Everyone threw food at me..


:Friday night:


I looked on my tumblr. I had lost a lot of followers after that tape.

But the worst thing was.. It was all over the internet. No one liked me anymore.

I threw my laptop on the floor. ''FUCK EVERYTHING!'' Yelled I.

Then my phone rang. ''He.. Hello?'' Said I.

Every phone call had been ''Slut, hoe, ugly, eww'' and stuff. Just fucking shit.

''Hey hoe, I just-'' I threw the phone away. I couldn't handle more hate.

I took my backpack, threw a lot of clothes in it and then ran out from the car.

It was raining so much. But then my little sister om 5 came out.

''What are you doing Boo?'' Asked she. She looked sick.

Of course she looked sick, she had fucking cancer.. She was going too die about 3 months. But mommy and daddy didn't tell her it. And I didn't.

''Boo is going too visit her friend Alexander..'' Whispered I and walked closer too my sister.

''I'm freezing boo..'' Whispered she. I took my jacket off and gave her it.

''Remember.. Boo loves you.'' Whispered I with tears in my eyes, kissed her and drove away. Was I really going too visit Alexander? Maybe I should call him.

I took my phone up.. Contact list.. ''Cutie'' Stood there at his number.

I sighed and called him up. ''It's Alexander?'' Said his voice..

''Hey it's Eleanor.. I thought about. Can I visit you?'' Asked I. ''Uhm, yeah.'' Said he. I said 'okay'. 


:At Alexander's:


I knocked on his door. He lived alone. 

''Hello Eleanor.'' Said he and opened the door. 

''Hey.. Thanks for having me.'' Said I and walked in.

''You welcome. I guess you didn't have any places too go really.'' Smiled he.

''Nope. Everyone hates me.'' Said I and giggled nervous.

''I don't.'' Said he and hugged me.

''Nope.. Nope you don't..'' Whispered I.




I looked out from Alexander's bathroom's window. 

''You ready too come out from the house?'' Asked he. I had been sitting there for hours since I came.

''No..'' Mumbled I.

''Okay.. I'm at my school. You know where it is, and just call if you need something.'' Said he and left. I could hear him close the front door, and his car starting and him driving away.

That was when I started crying. I cried. I really just.. Cried.

Tears streamed down my face. No hope was left from no one. Not even my mom or dad had tried too call me after I left.

I stood up and threw Alexanders stuff on the floor. Quickly I left the bathroom, took some of my clothes on and left his house.


:At the grocery store:

I walked in. Looked around.. Then I walked down where some bathroom stuff was. ''paper blades..'' I mumbled and looked at them. I took some up that was in a pack and walked up where I could pay.

''5$'' said she. I payed her and walked back too the house.. Into the bathroom.

I started too cut that day. Just.. I just wanted too take the pain away.


:Friday (1 week after the friday she left her home):

''Today it's one week since I left my home..'' Said I while eating a pizza with Alexander.

''Yup. And 1 day since you started too cut.'' Said he. 

''I don't cut!'' Yelled I. He took his hand around my wrist. 

''Do this hurt?'' Said he. It did hurt.. As fuck!

''Yes!'' Yelled I. He let go from my wrist and waited for me too show him the scars. So.. I showed him them.

''Stop, okay?'' Said he. 

I just nodded. But I didn't want too stop. Why should I ?

:Friday (two weeks after she left home):


I set on the floor again. I looked at my legs. Scars any where.

And the hate had just got more worse.. Now they all wrote.. ''Kill yourself.''

I started too cut on my arms. Just fell the pain.. I just wanted too feel it.




''So do you?'' Asked Alexander again. I nodded. 

''Then.. Let's do this together.'' Said he and took my hand. 

''Are you serious?'' Asked I. He nodded and kissed me on the check.

''You ready?'' Asked he and was getting ready too jump.

We would land on the cars and die. Or would we? We just hoped..

''I'm ready. Take the pain away..'' Whispered I. 

''WAIT!'' Yelled I. Alexander let go off my hand.

I took my phone up.. Called my mom up.

''Mom? Can I talk too Stylin?'' Asked I. I could hear my mom saying something but then I could hear my sisters voice.

''Boo? Where are you? Styl miss you.'' Said her weak voice.

''Listen Stylin.. Boo is at Alexander's house. But you shall know that.. Boo loves you. And we are gonna see soon. I promise.'' Said I.

''Boo gonna say goodbye?'' Asked she.

''Boo gonna say goodbye..'' Answered I with a low voice. Then the connection was gone.

I logged on my twitter app.. ''So. Now you are gonna get your wishes come true. Bye.'' Wrote I.

I threw my phone away, then took Alexander's hand.

''I love you till the end off time.'' Said I. 

Then we jumped. I looked at him while jumping.

I could feel a pain in me. The pain was 5 seconds then everything got black.

Was I dead? Was I alive?

''I love you till the end off time, hundred billion years..'' Said I voice in my head.

I opened my eyes. I could see Alexander by my side in an ambulance.

''Let go off the pain..'' Whispered he. I couldn't. But now it was too late..

Everything got black. I could hear a heart monitor stop.


Game over.

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