One shots (Larry Stylinson, Girls, Boys, and much more)

Okay, here I just write one shots of some stories I just write okay?c;' Write in comment if you have questions love. c:



5. ''A thousand years.''

I woke up at 6am. Today was a new day, a new day in my life. I couldn't wait to see my bestfriend Caitlin at the school and the boy I like.

''Good morning honey, ready for school?'' came my mother into my room. I yawned and nodded.

She smiled, and I could smell the bacon and eggs from the kitchen.

Since my brother died when I was 12 my parents always spoiled me. I missed my brother, but we all knew that was what he wanted.

''Brumm.. Brumm..'' Said my mobile from my bed. I took it up and the name ''Caitlin<3'' stood on the display. I said to my mother that it was Caitlin and then she left.

''Hey Caitlin. You woke me up!'' Said I and smiled, even I knew she couldn't see me.

''I know I didn't wake you up. You always wake up at 6am, and I just woke up. 5 minutes after you like normal.'' Said she. I couldn't stop smiling anymore now.

''You know me to well! But why did you call?'' Asked I then.

''Do you need to go to that family event in this weekend?'' Asked she then.

I sighed and my smile faded slowley.

On Saturday was the day my big sister Danielle was getting married, and I couldn't just blow that off. I knew Danielle wanted me at her wedding.

''You know it's Danielle's wedding, I can't leave her at it! Unless someone die, or..'' I couldn't say more before Caitlin cutted me off.

''But El is having a party this weekend! A big one you, and you know it. It is her sweet 16, and everyone is coming and-''

Now it was my turn to cut Caitlin off.

''I'm not coming to that party. No matter what.'' Said I.

I could hear my mom yell 'breakfast!' from the kicthen. I sighed again.

''I need to go now Cat. We can talk in school about it.'' Said I and turned my mobile off. Breakfast was one of the only times me and my mother and father was together.

Fast I got into some shorts, a t-shirt. I could deal with my hair and makeup after eating.

I walked down the stair and sat down at the table.

''Good morning cupcake, slept well?'' Asked my dad and started to eat.

I shrugged on my shoulders. ''I guess.''

My mom smiled and started to eat too. I looked at all the food.

I wasn't really hungry, but I ate something.

''So mom.. Are Danielle coming here today or tomorrow?'' Asked I.

''Today. She is here when you are home from school.. Oh, honey you need to hurry up if you need to get your hair done and all that.'' Said my mother. I looked at the clock. 06:58am! The bus was driving at 07:05am!

Quickly I ate my food and ran upstairs to my room.

I sat my brown curly hair in a ponytail and I didn't put much makeup on.

Quickly I took my phone and school bag. On the way down stairs I turned the mobile on and got one message.

It was from the boy I like! I smiled big and stopped.

''I'm standing outside at your house. Wanna follow with me down to the bus?'' Stood there. I looked when he had sent it. Almost 20 minutes ago!

I sighed and just answered ''to late?''

I started to walk down again and I could see a boy outside.

''Bye mom and dad!'' Yelled I and ran outside.

''Hey Hayley. You look good today and-'' I could hear on his voice in many hours, but then I remembered the clock.

''We need to run!'' Said I, took his hand and we started to ran.

We could see the bus, we ran faster and got on it.

''Good morning.'' Said the bus driver.

We couldn't say something, and I could still feel Seth's hand in mine.

I blushed and did let go off it.

''Good morning Boo!'' Could I hear someone yell. I looked and saw Caitlin.

I could feel a push from someone and it was because the bus started to drive again. I sighed and walked down to Caitlin.

''What's up?'' Said I and smiled.

''Not so much. You and Seth are dating, hu?'' Said she. I blushed.

''No. Listen, I'm not going to the party.'' Said I then. Caitlin sighed and took her iPod up from her jacket and some headsets.

''C'mon C'mon with One Direction or As long as you love me with Justin Bieber?'' Asked she. It was her two favorite songs.

''Hey there Delilah with Plain White T's.'' Said I.

We both smiled, and she started the song.

We fell asleep in the bus, and we woke up from a big slap in the face.

''Ouch! That hurts!'' Said I and took my hand up to my cheek.

''Sorry, but you was really dead.'' Said the boy that had slapped us.

The boy was Harry. He was our best friend.

Caitlin wasn't awake yet, so me and Harry just left.

''So, you are coming to the party?'' Asked he. ''No.'' Said I short.

He was about to say something, but Seth cutted him off.

''Can I talk with you Hayley?'' Asked he. I nodded.

He took my hand and we walked into the boys toilet.

''What do you wanna talk about?'' Asked I and leaned up at the handwashes.

''Do you wanna be my date on Saturday to Eleanor's party?'' Asked he.

I wanted to say yes, but I needed to say no. I opened my mouth.

''Yes.'' Came out. Yes? Yes? I just told Harry and Caitlin no.. And..

Before I couldn't even think more I could feel a kiss pressed on my cheek.

''Okay, I'm gonna pick you up at 8pm. The party starts 7pm, but I'm going to a wedding that day and I'm home at 7pm, so..'' Said he.

What wedding? I wanted to ask him, but he was gone before I knew.

I sighed.

After school

''Bye!'' Said I and got out from the bus.

I could see a black BMW outside from our house. Danielle was here!

Quickly I started to run home and I stormed into the house.

''Dani!'' Yelled I. I could hear her heels walked closer to me and I turned around and saw her. I hugged her.

''I missed you! Can't wait to the wedding on Saturday! But I need to.. Uh, this is kinda emberrasing.'' Said I.

Danielle looked at me.

''What?'' Said she. My mom was now in the kitchen now.

''Seth from the school invited me to be his date to a party on Saturday, so I need to go early at the wedding, but I just.. Wanted to know about it was okay.'' Said I nervous and looked at her. She had a big smile.

''It's okay. Liam's brother needs to go early to, you two can maybe go home to his house together? You can change there and that. Plus you would get a new friend!'' Said Danielle. I couldn't stop smiling. She was right.

''I love you sis!'' Smiled I. Danielle smiled.

''I love you too. Now, let's get something to eat.''


Saturday at 6pm.


There was many people at the wedding. It had been a great wedding, really.

Danielle was beautiful and her and Liam had already danced wedding dance.

I looked at my mobile. 5 missed calls from Caitlin and a lot of messages!

''Oh no..'' Mumbled I and got up from my chair and walked outside.

I took my cigarette up from my little purse, and started to smoke while calling her up.

''Hey Caitlin. What is so important?'' Asked I.

''Girl, you know that Seth is at the party too!'' Answered she.

''Already? But he said he would go to a wedding and come home at 7pm! Unless the wedding was blowed off..'' Mumbled I.

''No, no I mean.. At the wedding! Liam is his big brother!'' Said Caitlin.

At I blew the smoke out I started to cough.

''What! I'm gonna hang on!'' Yelled I and hang on.

I turned around, but bumbed into someone.

''Seth!'' Yelled I.

''Ready to go at my house? I have your party dress there. Danielle gave me it.'' Said he. I was speachless! He took my hand and we drove home to him.


Saturday at 11pm.


''Stop it Seth!'' Said I while I was laughing so much.

Seth stopped making funny faces and looked serious.

There came a slow song..

''A thousand years..'' Mumbled I. It was the song.

''May I have this last dance?'' Asked he.

Yeah, I was the last dance. Why?

Well, people was starting to getting really drunk, and if we didn't leave now it would go so wrong.

''Of course.'' Answered I. He took my hand and we walked out to the dance floor.

Me and Seth were only the people on it. It was so romantic.

''Biip, biip.'' Said my phone. The moment was ruined!

It was my mother.

''Hey cupcake. Having fun?:) Daddy and I are staying at the wedding, so can you sleep at Seth's house?'' Stood there.

I answered 'yes :) love you!' and took the phone down in my pocket. Now it was turned off.

Slowley Seth took his one hand around my waist, and the other hand in my hand. I did the same.

We were dancing (wedding) waltz.

I looked in his beautiful green eyes. He was so beautiful.

''You know Hayley.. I really like you.'' Said he while dancing.

I blushed. ''I like you too.'' Smiled I.

We danced and people was whispering around in the room.

The song ended and people yelled ''Kiss! Kiss!''

Seth and I smiled big. He took his hand around me and pulled me close to him.

''Kiss me..'' Whispered I.

Slowly our lips got connected and we kissed.

This was perfect.



This story was to a English essay and I didn't gave it to my teacher, because it's to long (kiss my ass teacher btw)
so, I just wanted to share it with you! Sorry for mistaken writing some places.

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