When two worlds Collide

My name is amy and I am currently 19 and on the hockey team for Great Britan. I'm a ordinary girl for my age. I go shopping and to the cinema but their's one thing about me that isn't ordinary. My Boyfriend is in the biggest boyband in the world.


2. So what the name of your band?

Amy's POV

I went home quickly and headed in my room. I choose to wear a pair of leggins and a long top since it was meeting him for dinner and I never wore dresses. I quickly headed into the shower and applied a bit of make up but not too much. Before I realised it was 5:30pm. I ran downstairs and put on my ballet flats before heading into my car. I wasnt sure where he lived so I typed his address into the sat nav and it came up a quick route.

I was listing to the radio and "what makes you beautiful" by one direction came on. I started to quietly sing to myself the catchy chorous and before I knew it the women had said on the sat nav "you have reached your destination"

I headed out of the car and towards the front door. I took a deep breath and knocked. About 30 seconds later A boy with short brown hair came to open the door. "NIALL,THE GIRL YOU WOULDN'T SHUT UP ABOUT IS HERE!"  I blushed quickly at this and looked at the floor "Hi i'm Liam" Liam Said

"I'm Amy" I said

"nice to meet you amy,oh and come in"

I headed inside so I was standing the hall of the house. "so what do you do for a living" Liam asked

"im on the hockey team for great britain"

"oh wow"

Before I could say anything else Niall came in

"Hi Amy"


"I see you meet Liam"

"Yeah" I think Liam got the message and headed out of the door

"we're having spagetti Bolgainse" Niall annouced

"Oh wow" I muttered

we continued to talk for what seemed forever, I learnt that he was in a band and he was raised in Mullianger,hence the irish accent and he hadnt had many girlfriends before and he liked to eat food alot.

we had just finshed dinner and were casually talking about his singing carer when I asked "what the name of the band your in"


THE ONE DIRECTION. AS IN WORLDWIDE 1D. I couldnt control myself and then the darkness suddenly surround me.

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