When two worlds Collide

My name is amy and I am currently 19 and on the hockey team for Great Britan. I'm a ordinary girl for my age. I go shopping and to the cinema but their's one thing about me that isn't ordinary. My Boyfriend is in the biggest boyband in the world.


1. Introductions to him

Amy's POV

"DEFENCE AMY!" my coach shouted at me "FOCUS"

"i am" i muttered as I was being pleatled by hockey balls.

We finshed practice around 4pm so I headed back home. I placed my hockey stick in its bag and headed throught the alley way to my flat. I was listing to old school music, queen to be exact, I was singing along to all the words and I was walking back. I only let in 1  goal today,it was time to celebrate. I was in my own thoughts when I acciendtly walked into him dropping my gym bag and my hockey stick."I'm really sorry" I said quickly

"its okay" he said with a sweet irish accent. I knelted down and then my ipod slipped out of the pocket and landed onto the pavement. He knelted down and and helped me pick my stuff up.

"so have you just been to the gym or something"

"no,ive been to work"

"oh what do you do?"

"im on the under 21 hockey team for great Britan"

"wow, what postion do you do"



Niall's POV

I was truly shocked. well she didn't look like the kinda of person who would stand in go and attack people to be honest. But she looked truly amazing

"im not trying to be rude or anything but would you like to come to my house later for dinner or something"

"Errrrrrm yeah that would be nice,i got nothing planned anyway"

"thanks" I gave her my address and headed off.



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