A 'princess' in a tower

Young sisters, Anna and Isabelle were living a perfectly normal life until one day, something happened which changed both their lives forever.


3. Moving out

Anna's P.O.V

Days had now passed since my sister has been gone missing. I never really realized how much of an impact she had on my life, but now that she's gone, it feels like something from my life is missing. Like I'm not complete. Countless pieces of furniture had been loaded out of our house, after all, dad did say we were moving, yet he left the place secret, unknown. A mystery.

Just as the last table got wheeled out through the door, I felt something. A feeling of guilt, I somehow felt like my sisters disappearance was all my fault. I felt like I didnt look after her enough. I thought she might've ran away because of something I said, or maybe perhaps did. 

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