A 'princess' in a tower

Young sisters, Anna and Isabelle were living a perfectly normal life until one day, something happened which changed both their lives forever.


1. Little did I know

Anna's P.O.V
I paced around all four corners of my room, I had just received life-changing news from my parents, my younger sister, Isabelle had been kidnapped at the mall.. I've seen these types of stories before, on TV, in movies, in books, I'd have never expected it to happen to me, especially with one of my favorite people alive. My brian was overwhelmed with emotions, I didn't know wether to be sad, angry, just move on and pray that she'd be found, I just didn't know.

I could hear the arguing of my parents echoing through the wide, spacious hallways of our house, all I could seem to hear was the word "trust" being repeated in many ways, as in "trust issues." I sighed and shook my head. I realized that soon enough, they might decide I'd  need a baby sitter. Little did I know what I was in store for. Little did I honestly know.

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