A 'princess' in a tower

Young sisters, Anna and Isabelle were living a perfectly normal life until one day, something happened which changed both their lives forever.


4. A 'princess' in a tower

Anna's P.O.V
I stood there, tapping my foot on the cold wooden floors of what was our old flat, engulfed in my thoughts, when "Anna! We're leaving now, make sure you have all what you need" I heard my mother call. 

I rushed upstairs, grabbing my few suitcases, waving goodbye to my childhood room, full of memories, I was here since I was a baby. After coming back from the hospital, I stayed here, first words, here, first steps, here, everything from getting a new bed to a new TV, here. Yet again, I heard my mom call, "ANNA! IF YOU DON'T COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW I'L-" I cut her off by appearing downstairs, suitcases in hand.


After every final thing was emptied, we made our way into our car, an old, smelly Volvo. I took a seat, near the back. I glanced over my side, expecting to see Isabelle there, but soon remembering she's gone. Maybe just for now, maybe forever. I sat there, hours passing, staring out of the window at what seemed like a forest full of trees.

When I saw something. A long, straight, pointy castle, rather like Rapunzel's. "Mom?" I said, my voice barley over a whisper. "Yes, dear?" 
"I-is this the house?" My question was answered as dad pulled over right infront of the strange tower.
"Yes, it in fact is." I heard her say, "Why, don't you like it?"

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