This is a Niall Horan fanfiction about a girl who is going through a hard time and is just looking for love pleas read this I hope y'all like it!!!


3. Meeting the boys

Nialls POV

I finally have a girlfriend and the boys are going to be so jealous. Ohh i really hope they dont start liking her. Well here we go i stepped out of the car and like a gentleman i open the door for her and led her to go meet the guys my heart was racing... what if they dont like her??? What if they embaress me?? What if one of them falls for her?? I guess it was obvious i was nervous because Kelly grsbbed my hand and kissed me on the check and said everything will be alright. Oh how i loved her smile... Right as i pushed through the door all the guys ran over and started asking who she was i intoduced her and she just stood there with a smile plastered on her face she is so adorable. I told them that if they try to make a move on my cupcake i would come after them. Harry being himself gave me a cheeky smile and hugged Kelly watching me the whole time. I could see something in his eyes when they hugged thou was it just to make me jealous or does her like her?


Authors Note: Please comment ANYTHING do yall like it? let me know xx.

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