This is a Niall Horan fanfiction about a girl who is going through a hard time and is just looking for love pleas read this I hope y'all like it!!!


5. mall day

Finally, i got to see my favorite boys again ;) i know its only been a day but i texted harry niall and zayn all night! They tweted me this morning and i got so many new followers and tons of questions on how i knew the boys.... a couple of my fellow directioners can be so hurtful but i wasnt gonna let them get to me i was going to have fun today NO DRAMA!! Hooonnnkkkk hoooonnnkkk!!....... they guys were here. I walked outside and Niall came right to my side and picked me up and ran me to the car craddling me. he is so adorable. he sat me down outside the door and opened it for me what a gentelman.I sat beside liam who gave me a quick peck on the cheek as i got in the car then he quickly turned away to look at zayn who gave him a cheeky smile then all the boys laughed except Niall who was driving when suddenlythe laughing stopped and we pulled up to the mall.Louis immediatly grabbed me arm at hanked me and pulled me all the way into the mall right up to my favorite store the then grabbed a whole bunch of random clothes and said " Go Change" while snapping his fingers in a Z formation! sass master! Lol then me and Niall went and ate at the food court stuffing our faces. zayn took me after while i watched him get another tattoo that bradford badboy! Right as i walked out Harry then grabbed my arm and he took me to the coffee lace next dorr and we just talked and laughed oh how i love these boys!<3 Then the day was over just like that Niall drove me home and walked me up to my door and then he leaned in and kissed me only for a second but it was impossible not to feel that spark, Im in love..:)

Authors Note: Hey guys i hope you like it well if anyone is actually reading it.....

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