This is a Niall Horan fanfiction about a girl who is going through a hard time and is just looking for love pleas read this I hope y'all like it!!!


2. Learning more about you

Kellys POV:

I met niall Horan  yesterday and i am still star struck, am i actually super shy but Niall i could just talk to so easily i even asked for his number. I have been texting him all day i think he might actually like me!! buzzz buzzzzz my phone went off another text fom niall it read Kelly i Know we only met but will you go on a date with me? xx. Niall . I texted right back of course maybe you could come over tonight. He replyed actaully i was thinking you vould come meet the boys. It was setteled i was going to meet all of one direction!! I of course said yes and he replied see you at 7xx. I imediatly started to get ready wearing a cute red shirt and while polo pants ;). I spent forever trying to look perfect i even left my hair curly. i had long brown wavy hair that reached my waist and i had pretty tan skin i really hoped they boys would like me. My thoughts were interupted by the doorbell i quickly ran downstairs to see Niall standing there with a boquet of roses he is the sweetest guy in the whole world! He said that the boys were at harrys witch was about an hour away so we could get to know eachother more.

Nialls POV:

When i picked her up she was wearing this stunning purple dress and some hot black heels i think i might already be in love. It was a long car ride so ithought i should ask her about her family when i asked she almost broke into tears she told me that her parents got divorced when she was in middle school and that her om lived really far away and that her dad had disappered about a year ago and to just get away from the sadnees she moved to london. i tried to change the conversation and was telling her about our new album and she seemed really excited and by now i could see we were on harrys street and when we parked i told her Kelly i know that this is our first date but i dont want to introduce you to the  boys as just another girl but as mt girlfriend. She looked at me right in the eyes and before i could say andything she kisse me her soft lips against mine we ended up sitting there in the car for a while when we finally broke apart she smiled and said of course and with that we headed in to see the boys.

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